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At 11:29pm on September 9, 2019, Christine Johnson said…

Hi Chitra,

Lovely to hear from you. I haven't actually made any knitted comfort dolls but I am familiar with the pattern. I can't see a pattern on the KAS site but if you Google you will find lots of patterns and ideas. I believe Pam Johnson has made a lot so if you're stuck she may be able to help.

Hope you're successful as they are very popular,


At 6:17am on December 21, 2014, Christine Johnson said…

Yes, there is a lovely friendly atmosphere isn't there and I enjoy it being world-wide. I was just thinking that you in India asked a question from someone in Australia who referred you me in England and now you have just commented on a toy made in Greece. All so that we can send goods to South Africa - gives you hope for the world doesn't it.

At 1:51am on December 19, 2014, Christine Johnson said…

Hi Chitra,

Glad to hear that you're trying the hand puppet pattern. The ears aren't separate, they are part of the basic pattern. You just sew a diagonal across the corner of the folded head and pull the thread tightly which will cause the 'ear' to curve a little. Allow the corner to be bit bigger than you want the ear to be - hopefully the picture I took some time ago for someone else will show what I mean. It isn't a difficult pattern and once you've made one and got the idea you can easily adapt it to make other animals.

At 11:44pm on September 9, 2014, Linda Maltby said…

HI Chitra, I replied to your question about the hand puppet but thought I would add it here as well.  4 ply will be fine.  Now that we have the Hand-Warmers pattern in the KAS Pattern book children will have something to keep their hands warm and the puppets can be used as puppets.

Looking forward to seeing a photo of your puppet !   Linda

At 1:48am on September 9, 2014, Eva Valentin-Espinal said…

Thanks Chitra! I tend to crochet very tight. Maybe that's the reason. Can't wait to start my next bunch.

At 9:10am on February 5, 2014, Cherry Ames said…
Hi Chitra,
I wouldn't worry too much if it curls a little, just make sure it measures close to 8 inches when it's laid flat. Thank you for your compliments, but I'm no expert, just have a lot of free time to practice :). You sound pretty busy with your physiotherapy, take it easy. Good luck!
At 8:45am on February 4, 2014, Arlene G. said…

Hi Chitra, I am not very good at crochet but I asked a friend on the site who is good at crochet if she could answer your question.  Thanks for the happy comments on my pictures.  I like to knit and it is fun to figure out picture patterns.  I am just finishing a sweater and some plain jane squares right now. 


At 7:58am on February 4, 2014, Cherry Ames said…
Hi Chitra,
Arlene asked me to help you with the crochet question you asked her. I'm presuming you are working in single crochet like the pattern book says to? If so, then make sure you "chain 1" at the end of every row. If you don't, the it makes the corners tighter. Also, on the first row, work the first sc into the second chain from the hook, not the first. Hope that helps! Cherry
At 12:29pm on February 3, 2014, Arlene G. said…

Welcome Chitra from Vancouver, Canada.  There are so many lovely people on this site and they are always ready to help if you have any questions.  I love to look at the photos page for inspiration from other people's work too.  Again, a very warm welcome!

At 4:42am on January 30, 2014, Mary Anne Fellows said…

Welcome, welcome!  So happy to have you here Chitra!  I look forward to seeing your creations and I hope you will stop by and visit us on the forum, as often as your schedule allows :)!!

At 6:30am on January 20, 2014, Linda Maltby said…

Hi Chitra, delighted to be your friend :-)

At 3:32am on January 20, 2014, Debbie Posmontier said…
Sounds like you have a busy life! I did some reading for blind students at college many years ago before computers. It was rewarding work. I am a teacher working with young children who have learning difficulties. That is also fulfilling and rewarding work. I have two grown sons so it is nice to work with children every day. Thanks for writing back! It is such fun to be in touch with people around the world who are knitting for the children of KAS.
At 12:34pm on January 19, 2014, Debbie Posmontier said…

Welcome, Chitra, from near Philadelphia in the USA. So glad you've joined us!

At 6:55am on January 18, 2014, Linda Maltby said…

Hello Chitra, so glad you have joined us. Keeping the children in South Africa warm has brought together a world-wide group of caring knitters and crocheters.  As the name implies, we focus on sending 8” x 8”(20 cm x 20 cm) squares to be made into blankets to provide comfort to the many children in need.

If you are looking for patterns please check the KAS Pattern Book for garments and squares for the children.  We are focusing on children aged 3-9 years old. 

We have monthly challenges that you might be interested in joining.  This month we are focussing on long-sleeved garments for the children to wear during their cold winters.  Click here to read all about it ! 

At the same time we are running a second challenge: KAS Reaches Great Heights for the Children has us making squares to reach the height of Table Mountain in South Africa.  That is 178,000 squares !   Click here to join us by adding your squares and a photo, if possible, to the total.

 If you are interested in joining any of our challenges, please note: Your parcel does not need to arrive in South Africa before the end of the challenge month.  Many of us use sea-mail and find parcels take between 6-10 weeks to arrive. Since parcels are arriving all the time, please use the most inexpensive way to send.  Whenever your parcel arrives, it will be appreciated.

Making the basic square is a wonderful way to relax and help the children.  Plain Janes, as they are affectionately called, are the backbone of KAS.  Since a blanket is created with 35 squares sent by people around the world, squares are needed all the time.

We would love to see photos of your work. Click on the photo option in the tabs above and follow the prompts.

Enjoy !

At 5:13am on January 18, 2014, Pam Antink said…

Welcome Chitra from the UK.  You can catch-up with events and news through our monthly news bulletin : KasSnippets will provide a taster of what happens during a KAS month!


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