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At 12:18am on January 26, 2010, Harrison's mom said…
Hi Tess, yes definately a few more stitches next time. As with all knitting patterns, your presonal tension will affect the size of the work a bit. To sort the one you have done, you cane either crochet round it, pick up some stitches along the side and knit a few rows onto the side, or send it as it is. The ladies in Soweto don't always get perfect 8 inch squares so learn to work round the few odd ones to make them fit.
Have you knitted for long? I have knitted since I was about 6 but don't really knit anymore. I learnt to crochet last august and have been addicted ever since. watch out, making squares can be very addictive - especially once you recognise a square on one of the childrens photos on an ezine. I recognised some squares, my eyes filled up and I had to print the phot out. it is on the wall in my office so I can see 'my' little girl with the smiling face and cozy blanket every day.
I am from Glasgow in Scotland but have family in Australia.
At 12:40am on January 14, 2010, Julia Dee said…
Hello Jeni
Thank you for your comments on my blanket....love your new silver one as well. My next effort is going to be made up of all the colours I have left of my Aran wool as very luckily someone has given me a large bag full of DK wool in lovely bight colours that they did not want whilst having a clear out during being snowed in. I reckon I can knit a few jumpers out it all for the children.
At 9:31am on January 1, 2010, Debbie Posmontier said…
Dear Jennifer,
Package 2 arrived today with 2 more lovely, soft blankets for the Soweto Gospel Choir event. Thanks so much for your contribution and for the lovely note. I agree with you that this project has given us all a new spring in our step...and something to look forward to after the holidays are past.
Best wishes,
At 8:34am on December 24, 2009, Debbie Posmontier said…

Package 1 arrived safely today with 2 lovely blankets! Thank you for wrapping them so carefully and a big thanks for all of your hard work.

At 11:28pm on December 18, 2009, Helen M. Flagg said…
Thank you, Jeni, that's lovely!
At 4:48pm on December 18, 2009, Helen M. Flagg said…
Hi, Jeni! I have really enjoyed looking at your beautiful blankets! You crochet so beautifully; I am really envious! I know two crochet stitches,
which I have incorporated into squares, but I can't follow a crochet pattern!

I feel "connected" to your Scottish group even though I am in the U.S. in
Texas because my mother was a Duncan and claimed the Robertson clan.
My husband and I have traveled to Scotland and love it! He fell in love
with Edinburgh! We traveled up into the highlands and down to Glasgow.
I would move into Culloden Castle tomorrow given half a chance!

Thanks for all your KAS contributions.........they are so lovely!!
At 5:25am on December 18, 2009, Melissa Langer said…
hi jeni
thank you so much for your sweet comment on my red squares.

happy holidays to you and yours.

:) melissa
At 12:01am on December 17, 2009, Julia Dee said…
Hello Jeni

Thank you for your comments on my jumpers. It is a good way of using up odd bits of colours to do some extra designs. As my " bits of balls" bag grows and the colour range grows I can look forward to doing some squares with motifs or multi coloured strips.
At 3:50am on December 9, 2009, Linda Maltby said…
Thanks Jeni. Glad you like the blankets. I have been crocheting for many, many years and I am discovering new and wonderful patterns in my quest to make more squares !
I particularly like Granny squares....they come out the right size and square.
I love the colour combinations you use, they are lovely. Your blankets are going to look great on stage !
At 11:19pm on November 5, 2009, Julia Dee said…
Hello Harrison's Mom

Thank you for adding me to your friends list. Can I be an "Adopted Scot" and join your group ? I only live five miles from the Scottish Border near Coldstream...and I think Hadrian had it right when he made the Border Hadrians Wall. I am working hard now so I can retire to St Andrews in a few years time...it is my place to be.

Keep knitting

At 9:30am on November 4, 2009, Julia Dee said…
Hello "Harrison's Mom" !
Thanks for your comments on my little vest tops. This was really lovely wool to knit with , it would be nice if related children got them I did them in different sizes. I am very envious of all your crochet work. One day I will have to see if I can do it, I have just always knitted.
At 6:59am on November 3, 2009, Jackie Renee Johnson said…
Thanks for your comment on my first squares. It seems so amazing to me that people all over the world have commented on them. I mailed them a few minutes ago, so they should be on their way soon.
I love your granny squares. I haven't crocheted in a long time, but after seeing your work, I might have to start again.

Thanks again,

At 5:21am on October 28, 2009, Susan Muir said…
Hi Jeni,

I'd love to be a Scottish member. I'm a bit of a slow knitter so it ttakes me a while to knit the squares, hopefully using chunky wool will help. I'm going to try knitting a go-over and see how I get on. I'd really like to learn to crochet as I understand it is much easier and quicker than knitting. I noticed you get your wool from a shop in Holmlea Road, do you live near there? I was brought up in Clarkston so I know the area. Susan x
At 4:12am on October 20, 2009, Julia Dee said…
Hello "Harrison's Mom" !
Thank you for your lovely comments on my first efforts. The wool was some I already had oin the house and was a random blended colours so the hard work about them working together had already been done for me. I am now working on a blanket with inspiration from all you other knitters with the lovely things I have seen on the site that you have been knitting.

Thanks again

At 4:41am on October 7, 2009, P. Jeanne Haessler said…
I sympathize with Wendy, my squares tend to grow too. Hi buddy, happy to be your friend. It's heading into autumn now here, so I am into wearing coats and hats again, but September was great, we had the summer heat then. Hope your week goes great! Talk to you around the boards for sure. :)
At 4:51am on September 25, 2009, Wendy Clayton said…
Im going to start some quares, seeing your lovely ones has given me inspiration. Do they have to be exactly 8 inches, my knitting tends to come out a bit big. Mind you I could try one and use smaller needles if need be.
Wendy x
At 6:04pm on September 14, 2009, Kalai McDonald said…
Hi Harrisons Mom, welcome to our warm KAS community. We hope you will enjoy the forum and your region's group. You should join the UK Group!

There are lots of great discussions going on in the forum, including the monthly challenges.

We are still continuing our July Challenge - keep a newborn warm, making blankets for abandoned babies, and there have been some great results for the August in Africa challenge - you can see photographs under the photos menu. (Details of both challenges in the main forum). We're also embarking on our September challenge which is also under "challenges" in the forum.

Did you receive the latest ezine? If not you can view it here:


Thanks so much for your contribution already, look forward to being in contact soon.

Happy Knitting!

Kalai & Sandy


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