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At 1:40pm on October 1, 2010, peggy Sack said…
Maybe I will have to learn how to make those granny squares someday. I wonder if I teach myself to crochet?? My son works in walmart and everytime he would see someone with yarn he would ask them are they going to knit and most of them say no crochet.
At 10:33am on October 1, 2010, Maureen Stevenson said…
Hi Jeni
Thank you for your reply, I am enjoying every moment knitting for KAS. long may it last, Id be lost without doing my hats and squares and my other little thing I have done. Take care MO xx
At 9:40am on September 29, 2010, Maureen Stevenson said…
Hi Jeni
Thank you for your reply, I really enjoy helping SA orphans, and an extra bonus is making new friends. I’ve always enjoyed knitting, Did it for my children when they were little, and I now Have a Granddaughter called Jessica who is 9 months old, and have done loads for her. she has enough to last her till she is 2yrs, so looked for a charity who needed all sorts of help and couldn’t resist Knit a square for SA orphans, if my little bit of help keeps a child or teenager with warmth and comfort it makes every thing worth while. Also once again thank you for your help regards to knitting loom for hats, have taken your advice and have done 2 over the weekend and they look really good. I wont babble on anymore but thank you for being my friend. Mo x
At 9:38am on September 25, 2010, Maureen Stevenson said…
Hi, I wonder if you could offer some advice please. I have just purchased a knitting loom, unfortunately there are no instructions on what wool to use, I have mainly DK, so would you recommend that I triple this, or double it, I did a practice run on the smallest one it came out ok, but I agree that the 2 middle looms are best, also if you use Arran is that single or double, also what length is best to make the hat to.
Do you know of any pattern books for the knitted loom that you can recommend please. Any help would be appreciated.
Mo x
At 8:18am on September 25, 2010, peggy Sack said…
As you probably saw on the blog I finished my first hat from the loom it looks so cute. I am so excited I was able to finish it with just looking at a book granted it was easy but it feels like such an accomplishment easy or not.
I will post it soon
At 4:44am on August 23, 2010, Julia Dee said…
Thank you for your comments on my blankets Jeni.....the current one is just "evolving" as I am using up bits of wool I have left from this batch. By the way I love the pictures of all the hats on the stairs !
At 6:07am on July 14, 2010, Mandy Stott said…
Hi Jeni,

I am a knitter (beginner level only) but I think I could manage squares. Do you need to use particular wool and sized needles? Where do you send your sqaures to?

At 4:25am on July 14, 2010, Deborah Butler said…
Thanks Jeni,
I'm a knitter. My lovely Nan tried on several occassions to teach me to crochet, but I always failed hopelessly.
At 4:16am on July 11, 2010, Julia Dee said…
Hello Jeni..glad you liked my last blanket. My train tickets have arrived so really looking forward to meeting you and Diane in Edinburgh next month.
At 5:33pm on July 7, 2010, Donna Robinson said…
I knit and crochet, how about you?
At 5:31pm on July 7, 2010, Donna Robinson said…
hello, ho do i join uk group?
At 8:32am on July 7, 2010, Lyn Atkin said…
Hi Jeni - I just joined the UK group. I've knitted nearly all my life, but my crocheting skills are very basic. I'm just finding my way around the site and working out how it works. I have an insane amount of spare yarn and this is the perfect way to use it up. Is it OK to use cotton as well as wool for the squares? Thanks!
At 1:16am on July 7, 2010, Christine Milsom said…
hi Harrisons mum I knit and crochet, I hadn't planned to stitch the squares I just wanted to make enough for a blanket.
regards Chris.
At 10:37pm on July 6, 2010, Angela Deakin said…
thanks for the link! Wasn't there supposed to be 5 new lists though? Sorry,I'm feeling particularly dense at the moment as myself and my 2 children have all come down with a virus with flu like symptoms - daft for July!! It's a very good excuse though to stay in and knit some more squares on the diagonal which I am finding particularly addictive at the moment!!
At 10:15pm on July 6, 2010, Priscilla Morley said…
Many thanks for your message, I do hand knit and crochet too but not in any very spectacular way, but I really like investigating different techniques. Knitting a square is a great way to try things out. I only recently found KAS and I think its a fantastic effort. What a great way to use up all those oddments of wool and energy at the end of the day. I will join the UK group and try to get some others into KAS
At 7:11am on June 27, 2010, Julia Dee said…
Thanks for your comments on my blanket Jeni. I hope we can get to see the Soweto Choir in Edinburgh.
At 8:54am on June 25, 2010, Elizabeth Millard said…
posted my first 9 squares today. Feels good to be helping.
At 6:08am on June 24, 2010, Elizabeth Millard said…
thanks a lot for your comments, I just wnt to start being involved so I will send my squares tomorrow. As I was browing through the site I noticed the pattern for the little jumpers, I used to knit similar jumpers for Oxfam years ago. My husband always commented when there was a report from Africa on the TV that we would see a child wearing one of my jumpers. We never did but who knows when I send some over maybe this time!
At 6:58am on June 23, 2010, Elizabeth Millard said…
Hello again

I have a number of crochet squares that I make for blankets for local OAPs. These measure 8x8 and are made in the Afhgan style, which means that the cast off stitch is in the middle of the last side. As they are premade I have sewn the short end into the fabric so there is not an end to sew the sqares together. Can these be sent or should I start making new ones. Hope you can help if not who can I ask please.
At 10:33am on June 22, 2010, Prfungi (Pam) said…
Hi Harrison's Mom, thanks for the lovely welcome. I knit and crochet - I've been receiving the Newsletter for a few months now and I'm overwhelmed by the work the KAS team & volunteers - I hope to be able to contribute a good few squares as part of my stop smoking plan - wish me luck!


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