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At 5:05am on August 20, 2013, Ute Sadler said…

Hi Valerie has emailed me the teddy pattern that you were interested in. I will try and attach it for you.  I have found if you open it up, you can enlarge the print on the page, and hopefully you are more computer literate than me and will be able to print it out.  If not I will try another way.  Let me know how you get on. Uteteddy%202.jpg

At 5:17pm on July 20, 2013, Karen Bennett said…

Happy Birthday Valerie - hope you're having a lovely day. x

At 12:12pm on July 20, 2013, Bev Jeffery said…

Hi Valerie

Happy Birthday....I hope its a wonderful day for you.  :))

At 5:38am on July 11, 2013, P. Jeanne Haessler said…

Too busy being Yarnaholics I think Valerie, lol. :) Hi Friend!

At 7:20pm on June 29, 2013, Gitta Seyfert said…

Thanks Valerie :) I am looking forward to the owl pattern :)

At 6:03am on May 24, 2013, Gill Watson said…

Thanks Valerie!  People have been very kind welcoming me.

At 3:48am on May 7, 2013, Monika Hazelwood said…

Thank you, Valerie, for the pattern!

At 6:30pm on May 6, 2013, Gitta Seyfert said…

Thanks very much Valerie. Hopefully, I will find time to try your pattern this week :) Have a great Monday :)

At 5:05am on May 4, 2013, P. Jeanne Haessler said…

Thanks Valerie, I'll go check out that 2 loop pattern over in Patterns!  :)

At 5:54am on April 6, 2013, P. Jeanne Haessler said…

Valerie that's really cool to hear about the granny square purse...and of course lining it would be easy and then just fold the corners...I love the idea.  Were you starting with an 8" square or bigger?  Like a 10" or 12" square? Just wondering. It's a lovely creative idea.

At 3:54am on March 22, 2013, Maria Wells-Burr said…

Thank you very much for your encouraging words Valerie. I am presently working on square 15, so I'm nearly half way into my first Kas Project. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to know that all these squares help to keep the children cosy and warm. I also love all the cuddly toys I have seen in this Forum, although I never tried my hand at making them myself. I have started a Blog here and will keep everyone updated from time to time, as I progress and I will definitely put up a photograph of my finished work. So glad I found this site, which has given me a whole new purpose in my life and I hope my enthusiasm continues. Usually, picking up my knitting needles is a seasonal thing for me...I get them out in winter, knit a couple of jumpers and then put them away for the rest of the year, but this Community has definitely kindled a little fire in me, to spurn me on in working for this wonderful cause. All the Ladies here are a real inspiration to me.

At 9:32pm on March 21, 2013, Pam Antink said…

Hi Valerie,  I'm being a bit of a thicko today, I'm not sure where the word regroup comes from in your message - please point me in the direction of it! Thanks Pam

At 10:55pm on March 18, 2013, Pam Antink said…

Excellent Valerie - the lessons will also prove to be an attraction.  Elaine gave several crochet lessons at Yours Live - and it was very popular!

At 4:13pm on March 13, 2013, P. Jeanne Haessler said…

Thanks for the info Valerie.  I had a black and white "tuxedo" cat for 14 1/2 years called Princess and Vincent, who is grey and white like Grisou is, helped me get past her loss.

At 11:41am on March 12, 2013, Linda Maltby said…

Hi Valerie, your cat sounds delightful !   So nice to have a helpful cat. My 2 are also willing to help me when I lay out the squares.  Lexus usually sits on them and Pixel checks them out and picks his favourite....he really does !   He stays on that square until I acknowledge his favourite and then he walks away :-)

At 12:10am on March 4, 2013, Pam Antink said…

Yes Valerie, indeed, Juanita who joined today came via Knitting Paradise!  For years most people have come via a search engine, but more and more it is through books, articles and word-of-mouth!  Which is lovely!

At 8:00am on March 1, 2013, JENNIFER JARVIS said…

Hello Valerie,


Thank you so much for your lovely welcome to KAS.  It certainly seems like a very welcoming community and I am looking forward to doing my little bit to help in any way I can.  I have taken a look at all your pictures and you certainly seem to have been very busy promoting it all.  Your squares look beautiful.  I am now knitting some squares of my own.  I only wish I could crochet as well  as I can knit.  My friend did try to teach me, but as she is left handed and I am right handed It wasn't a great success.


Thank you again for your welcome.




At 10:24pm on February 27, 2013, Pam Antink said…

This is a landslide Valerie - much better to develop organically as it is more lasting. Things that start with a big bang often fizzle out.  Please add this news to your blog as every little tidbit encourages others - especially as you had to persevere.  So many people give up immediately when something doesn't happen!  Well done you! Pam xx

At 9:30pm on February 15, 2013, rosamund goodwin said…

Of course you can Valerie, I'd be tickled pink to have a photo of my work in a pattern book.  I see you're still striving to get France knitting for KAS,  Best wishes and well done...Roz x

At 9:43pm on February 4, 2013, Joanna Ostrowski said…

Thanks for your message. I live 50km outside of Toulouse in the direction of the Pyrenees Mountains, in a rural area which changes me quite a bit from my native Big Apple.

I have a complicated existence and very little time but to escape from all that I knit. (I am homesteading) and crochet and I found your group and thought it was a wonderful idea, so I joined. But there are too many notifications too often and I don't have time to read them all.

There was one message from a lady who's flying to SA in 10 days and although I don't have a lot of squares, I may mail them to her (in France) and that will be at least one good thing done. Thanks again for your message.



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