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At 3:23am on October 17, 2017, Patricia Underwood said…

Thank you Diana for all your kind comments. This truly is a supportive community.

At 5:57pm on September 28, 2017, Kathy Chantrell said…

Hats are my favourites to knit most. Good luck with teddy. Very fiddly to sew up and do the face but the end result is worth it to know that a youngster can have someone to love & cuddle:))

At 6:13am on September 28, 2017, Kathy Chantrell said…

Thanks Diana for your lovely praises. I love making  hats,handwarmers & squares and mixing the colours :))

At 5:02am on August 27, 2017, Sharon B said…

The last online order was from Cut Rate Crafts.   I got Sweet Roll cakes for $3.39 each.   In my local JoAnn's store they are $5.99 unless they have a special sale.  

I have ordered from all sorts of online stores when they have sales, especially if they have colors that aren't available locally.

Silly me, I never thought to check Amazon for yarn.   Must make a mental note to try that in the future.   But for now I have more than enough to keep me going for the next year (or 2 or 3 or ... )

Love the hats you've been making.   Great colors, textures, and those big fluffy pompoms are so fun!   Keep up this beautiful work.

At 4:31am on August 27, 2017, Sharon B said…

Hi, Diana .... Thanks so much for recognizing my Big Pink Hearts Square.    It was a big square, so it really dominates the blanket, doesn't it?    I just hope the child who gets it feels the love. 

I'm always amazed at how the blankets come together.   They come from all over the world, all different yarns, all different knitters/crocheters, and it all works together.

I just got a new shipment of yarn from an online order ... so there will be more warm blankets in the future!   YEAH!

At 5:54pm on August 26, 2017, Kathy Chantrell said…

Thanks Diana,

I have sent the blanket to KAS along with the teddies'

Best Wishes 


At 4:00am on August 23, 2017, Kathy Chantrell said…

Thanks Diana,

Unfortunately I don't think KAS will accept it but Knit for Peace will be able to supply it to another country so one child will benefit from it and that is what counts:))

At 4:51am on August 15, 2017, Sharon B said…

For a beginner, your work is perfect!

I doubt it would be a waste of yarn!    But, of course, you have shops available that sell similar yarns, so you could probably pick up just one small skein somewhere and give it a try.   

I know that people find them very difficult to work with, but for me they aren't that bad.   I think of it as Braille knit/crochet... just work by feel rather than sight and it seems to go well.   Adding a thin yarn alongside seems to act as "training wheels" and in my mind, that is because it helps you "feel" the stitches.

I hope you give some a try, but either way, your work is wonderful, and we definitely want to see more.

Keep stitching.    Hugs,   Sharon

At 3:50am on August 15, 2017, Sharon B said…

Hi, Diana .... No kidding , I will gladly send you some of the fluffy yarn.    I have several small cakes of fluffy yarn in a pretty turquoise blue, an olive green, and a bright red.    I didn't find these particular yarns all that difficult to work with, and they are really soft.   These also have a little white puff every so often, so I call them marshmallow yarns.  

If there is a way that you can securely send me an address, I'll get them mailed to you in a day or so.

At 3:19am on August 12, 2017, Christine Johnson said…

Hi Diana, lovely to hear that the pattern worked for you. At first I couldn't think which pattern you were referring to and now I see that it is the very easy beanie. A long while ago I was asked if there was a way that beginner knitters could make a hat with no shaping and that was the outcome.

Thanks for your generous compliments as always. As I type your lovely pictures are coming before me, always so very neat and well made. I'm especially liking your hand-warmers as that's what I'm doing at present. Always looking for ways to use up odds and ends they are ideal and the variety is endless. I have so many squares (other people's mainly) to mail  that I'm trying not to add to the problem for a while. Perhaps I'll make some hats for a change!

At 4:09am on August 11, 2017, Sharon B said…

Thank You so much for letting me know about my big square showing up in a blanket.    It is such a thrill to see our work in a complete form.   That square really dominates the blanket, so I hope some child (probably a boy) likes the "toy" he got.

At 10:13am on August 8, 2017, Bev Jeffery said…

Aww, thanks Diana, you are very sweet.....but really, everyone creates such lovely things for 'our' children....I'm just tellin' it as I see it.  :))

Everyone is sooo lovely here on the  KAS forum, it gives me such a boost to my day. Thank you for being a great friend. xo

At 1:37pm on June 18, 2017, Barbara Henrickson said…

Thank you! I got her address.

At 11:17pm on June 10, 2017, Kathy Chantrell said…

Thanks Diana. I will have a look again. Sorry but I have corrected my instructions. I used 5.5mm needles

At 7:15pm on June 10, 2017, Kathy Chantrell said…

I can't see a picture Diana unless I am looking in the wrong place. Totally agree with you I couldn't concentrate whilst watching tennis:))

Best Wishes


At 4:14am on June 10, 2017, Kathy Chantrell said…

Thanks Diana, I'm looking forward to seeing your trio. So pleased you like my twisted rib pattern. Love the thought of keeping the youngsters warm:))

At 2:16am on April 28, 2017, Kathy Chantrell said…

That's great Diana, Thanks soo much for liking it. I hope you like making it as much as I did:))

At 5:07pm on April 18, 2017, Kathy Chantrell said…

Thanks Diana,

Stripey was very challenging but I was so glad I persevered:))

At 3:57pm on January 29, 2017, P. Jeanne Haessler said…

Thanks for your good wishes for 2017, the very same back to you! I hope you have a wonderful year ahead of many interesting and fun challenges and good times of love, laughter and hugs with family and friends.

At 9:14am on January 23, 2017, Kathy Chantrell said…

Thanks Diana, The yarn is two different balls of  variagated by Lakeland:))


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