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At 8:48am on March 31, 2022, Rachel Rebecca Abitz said…

Hi Diana!

Thank you very much!Yes,I have started knitting squares again...Enjoying the different patterns at the moment. We are all fine!Lana will be walking soon...Spring has arrived!Although it has got cooler once more..Hope you are doing fine.. 

At 9:15pm on June 29, 2020, Ada Breeuwer said…

Thank you for sending me this kind words. I was very thrilled indeed! And the doll in the middle on the picture of the Barn I say in the arms of a child in the juni distribution!! That was very, very special to see that the child liked the doll. That' s where we do it for. I liked the blue square of you!!! Blue is my favorite colour... many greetings from Holland

At 3:17am on April 3, 2020, Gloria Grandy said…

Thank you so much, dear Diana.  Anne is going to be missed by many, many people - and I'm one of them ... xo

At 1:08am on February 15, 2020, Pam Ramduny said…

Thanks Diana. Will make some handwarmer when I’ve finished the squares :)

At 11:17pm on September 16, 2019, Athelé Oosterbroek said…

Thanks for your kind wishes Diana! Lovely to hear from you! 

I'm not efficient with getting onto the forum ... but could follow the link to you and your comment. So glad because it gives me the chance to thank you in person for your generous support, making it possible for me to distribute 62 blankets along with 92 beanies and toys to a far flung  and extremely impoverished region in south africa that otherwise would never enjoy such blessings. You are a real live angel. I do hope you got to see some of the pics ... I'm only fairly good at getting them onto Facebook and am still chipping away at getting through the couple of hundreds of pics I took, individually, of each child you received a blessing from Knit-A-Square, thanks to you and Judith Sullivan for making it possible. So grateful. Biggest hugs and love and blessings to you and yours, dearest Diana D. 

At 5:34am on May 19, 2019, Athelé Oosterbroek said…
Thanks for your encouraging comment Diana. Estelle and I always look out for your parcels and so enjoy their contents. Bless your caring hands. Love from South Africa
At 9:01am on January 20, 2019, Diane Burns said…

Wishing you and your family a Happy and Healthy 2019 xx

At 6:01pm on November 19, 2018, Kathy Chantrell said…

Thanks Diana, We get inspiration from each other as your patterns give me new ideas:))

At 6:42am on November 9, 2018, Cille Dahl said…

Thank you for your kind words!

At 4:58am on July 6, 2018, Joy Evans said…

Thank you, Diana!  I live in Arkansas and it is definitely warm here. :)

At 4:52am on April 20, 2018, Athelé Oosterbroek said…

Beautiful work and gorgeous fluffy toys!!

At 4:51am on April 20, 2018, Athelé Oosterbroek said…

Thank you for your lovely warm welcome Diana. I’ve been volunteering at KAS for about four years and have found it to be a weekly joy I look forward to ... the surprise of opening the parcels and being inspired by what I find to join together into the most gorgeous blankets. It is incredible heartwarming and we at KAS are deeply appreciative of communities’ contributions which make this all possible!

bless you and your family

One Love


At 7:48am on March 5, 2018, Sharon B said…

Hi, Diana .... thanks for pointing out that my latest package with blankets had arrived in South Africa.    I saw them there this time, but often miss them, so I really appreciate the "heads up". 

There were a couple of other photos that featured my blankets, although the text had them slightly misidentified.   One said Barbara Bartlett, and one said Sharon Bartlett.   I had to laugh, because people often misspell or mispronounce our last name, and Bartlett is one of the most common.   But the first name mix up was harder to understand.   I think they must have just unwrapped a package by someone named Barbara.... sure hope she got her proper credit.

The volunteers do so much hard work, and seem to do it with such joy.  It really is a pleasure to see all the photos from South Africa.

Take care, and keep stitching!   sharon

At 10:43am on February 25, 2018, Patricia Platt said…

It really is a great feeling. :)

At 7:20am on February 13, 2018, Carol Nishimura said…

Thank you. Looking forward to see and learn new ideas.

At 8:20am on February 7, 2018, Jude Sullivan said…

Of course I will be your friend! I thought you would never ask! Lol xxxx

At 10:05pm on January 5, 2018, Karla Bystrianská said…

It ´ll be my pleasure to be your friend, Diana. It´s nice to read I have inspired someone with my crocheted/knitted things. I think we inspire each other in many ways. I find very useful when I can only see your  beautiful handwarmers, hats, squares etc. and read  your supportive comments. Thank you very much.

At 3:46am on November 21, 2017, Anneke said…

Thank you so much Diana. I am feeling better, it has improved rather well (luckily). xo

At 9:20am on November 9, 2017, Valerie Zalewski said…

She did well. She finished the whole run and shaved almost 20 minutes off her 2015 result. I pledged to donate a dollar for every kilometer se finished, so I owe KAS 42 dollars!!

If your daughter does do the Paris Marathon and wants to spend some time in France, she's welcome to come and stay with us for a while. We live not far from Limoges, about 300 kilometers south of Paris.

Jenny says that she'll do a final marathon in April next year. It's the first Saint Tropez Marathon. I' great because we'll be able to go and see it. After that she'll do semis or relays.

At 9:44pm on November 5, 2017, Valerie Zalewski said…

I just love that blue bonnet. It's truly beautiful.

Thinking of you today....My daughter's running the Marathon again. She almost didn't make it to NY. Her plane was delayed and she didn't take off from Nice until 3 hours after the scheduled time and missed her connection in London.  I don't know if she'll find the energy to finish. I hope so.  She's N° 54772.


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