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At 11:52am on September 9, 2022, Kathryn Dagnia said…

Hi Bev - thanks for your lovely welcome!  I am a new knitter and have started my first square many times - more holes than wool :( practice makes perfect and I will get there in the end :) :) looking forward to sending my squares on!

At 4:54pm on August 3, 2022, Kathy Chantrell said…

Thanks Bev, 

Now on the next lot. Love using the loom which some are knitted on. No sewing.I am not the best of sewers.

At 8:12pm on July 12, 2021, Diane Burns said…

Hi Bev, thank you for your kind comment on Rachael's blanket, would be great to see it wrapped around a child, Diane

At 6:32pm on September 29, 2020, Kathy Chantrell said…

Thanks Bev,

Really enjoyed making these. I am well thanks hope you and your family are also:))

At 7:19am on April 4, 2020, Aldina De Garba said…

Dear Bev, thank you for your mail and comment!

I am working an little with my collegues from the school (we are teaching in a secondary school) and we are connected with KAS Croatia.

When all this situation with cOVID ends we will have few blankets and a lot of toys to send you.

Stay safe!


At 3:21am on September 18, 2019, Athelé Oosterbroek said…

Thanks Bev! And Estelle and Andreja and all who welcome me to the forum. I'm blushing because I know I'll only actually come on here when I get an email saying someone has specifically addressed a comment at me  ... because otherwise I don't get to get on here and with my work I just don't have the time/space ... looking forward to one day retirement in some distant future and the pleasure of wandering around the forum and getting t know y'all. Till then I have to rely on the wonderful ladies who share my odd facebook posts on the forum. Thank you SO MUCH!! 

At 9:47pm on August 27, 2019, Sheila Douthwright said…

Thank you for the warm welcome and yes I do know Gloria...small world.  

Just yesterday we spent time together making items to support KAS goals!

At 12:57am on July 25, 2019, Kayoko Komatsubara said…

Hi Bev, thank you for the warm welcome and helpful information to navigate through the forum. I'm still figuring out how this platform works, but already excited and imagining my squares travelling the long way! 

At 9:41pm on July 10, 2019, Naomee Guest said…

Thank you so much for the kind welcome.... I am so looking forward to becoming part of this wonderful group....  I have been knitting for many years, mostly for hospitals and orphanages and heard about your organization from a friend... I have now decided to help add to your stash... The blankets are so beautiful and cheerful....  I will try to mix colors and patterns.

Thanks again............ naomee

At 1:26am on April 26, 2019, Susan Phillips said…

Bev, thank you for the warm welcome.  I'm hoping to get some square done over the summer to send off. 

At 8:56am on April 25, 2019, Edith L Burton said…

Thank you so much for answering me . I will check all of the web sites you sent

At 8:32am on March 27, 2019, Estelle McLeod said…

Wow Bev what stunning squares. 

At 12:03am on February 15, 2019, Lucinda Monks said…

My mum left South Africa in about 1970, so the country she knew has changed a lot. Her school did support a nursery in a township, they would knit blankets for them in lent!

I did read about the April mass distribution - doubt I'll be able to contribute to that, but may be able to help restock the shelves.

I've shared on a local craft group too, in case anyone wants to add a square or two.

My four year old is fun and hard work in equal measure! But wouldn't have it any other way, she's also very loving and kind, and watching her develop her personality is amazing.

At 10:44am on February 14, 2019, Lucinda Monks said…

Thanks for the welcome Bev. I've been following KAS for a while, hoping to actually start making squares soon. (I am currently knitting a blanket for SANDS that I want to finish first!) A lively 4 year old means I don't get to concentrate on patterns etc so easy knits I can do without thinking too much, or while on the phone to my mum, are perfect. I also have quite a yarn stash of odd balls to clear. So good to hear that "PJs" are welcome as that's what I'll be doing! May take a while to build up a decent parcel, but I'll get there!

At 10:31am on February 5, 2019, Sheridan Lamb said…

Hi Bev!

Thank you for the warm welcome! I'm planning an event for my graduate school class to make squares to send to Knit a Square and we're opening up to all skill levels and I had a couple questions about the process and some of the details, which I posted on a discussion board, but I figured I would ask you directly as well. 

- The instruction page says that we need light yarn, however the pictures seem to have medium yarn and it even suggests to double up on thin yarn. How strict is the yarn size? Is it okay to have thicker yarn for 35 squares so that it's consistent for one blanket?

- The page also requires certain sized crochet hooks and knitting needles. How strict are these sizes? Specifically for the crochet hooks, it calls for 4.5mm (which is not common or easily found in the US where I am) or US 7 sized hook, which is confusing because the US sizes are in letters here. Is it okay to go with a 4.25 mm or 5mm sized hook?

Thank you! I'm really excited to be involved!


At 4:22pm on January 1, 2019, FAYE RASCOE DUROUGH said…

Thank you so much. I am VERY excited to start knitting and crocheting for these children. I have already been researching yarn that will be nice and warm for the blankets. :)

At 6:12pm on November 14, 2018, Sue Holdaway said…

Thanks Bev, you are a star.

At 10:55am on November 14, 2018, Sue Holdaway said…

Thanks very much for all that - and I thought I’d had a fairly good look around the website!!  I am very new to forums, threads and the like as I don’t do social media generally.  I will be having a better look around.  Everyone has been very friendly and welcoming and I’m really enjoying knitting squares.  I started knitting dish cloths a couple of months ago when I had to keep my knee rested after falling and twisting it badly.  We have lots of cloths now and my technique seems to have improved enough for me to try blanket squares.  Some of the dish cloth patterns are good so will be using them too.  Bye for now.  Sue 

At 11:25pm on September 16, 2018, Kathy Chantrell said…

Thanks Bev,

I am informed that Norfolk has one of the biggest knitting clubs in the country. Hence why I find many different knitted toys there. I am like you I have several bags of stuffing but have only managed to make the simple bears & the Crazy kitten. Everything else is too fiddly. At the moment I am on a spell of hats & hand warmers. 

At 8:35am on August 21, 2018, Sonal said…

Hi Bev,

Thank you so much for the lovely welcome and the helpful information! As a complete beginner, I am very happy to hear about the value of "PJ's" :) I cannot wait to get started and will definitely post photos as I go.



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