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At 7:16am on March 8, 2021, Pat Zimmerman said…

Thanks you Estelle for showing my yellow, green and white squares made up

into a beautiful blanket. It’s the first time I have noticed any of my work.

made my day.

i am sure this is in the incorrect place but I have no idea what I need to do.

Help !!!

At 6:28am on June 23, 2020, Noortje Pronk said…

Hello Estelle, how nice we became friends. Also I like to tell you that all the beautiful dolls are made by Ada! I like to make the squares and you made already such a beautiful blanket!,, thank you!

At 7:42am on February 15, 2020, Diane Burns said…

Good evening Estelle

Good to have you as a friend, what an amazing selection of blankets you have put together

Regards Diane

At 12:35am on November 28, 2019, Twinge (Jill Lea) said…

Hi Estelle  - A belated wish for a very Happy Birthday - and thank you for your kind comments about my blankets.  Cheers, Jill

At 3:59am on October 23, 2019, Diana D said…

THANKS, Estelle for these beauties you put together. Amazing team work.  

At 4:07am on May 24, 2019, Diana D said…

 Thanks Estelle, that is a great news. I wouldn't either about the content since I have sent 4 parcels , two at the end of March from NY and two more from London in April. Also some hats and hand-warmers went together in one of Jude's parcel . 

Thanks again Estelle.

At 3:53pm on April 6, 2018, Susanne Leverton said…

Hi Estelle. I read on the forum that the KAS camera is old.  I have today posted a parcel of knitting. Included is my digital camera I no longer use. It has a camera to computer lead and also a Aa battery recharging unit. It takes rechargables or lithium batteries.  I bought it New a couple of years ago to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain, and no longer need it as I now use my mobile phone.  Cheers Sue

At 5:03am on January 30, 2016, Heather Mensah said…

Hi Estelle! Thanks for letting me know! I can't  remember what's in it!

At 8:35am on May 12, 2015, Sharon B said…

Yes, I got it ..... Thank you so much.

Big smiles here.     Warm hugs to all the volunteers tomorrow.

At 8:28am on May 12, 2015, Sharon B said…

Thank you so much Estelle.   I have sent you an email so you can try that address.    You are so thoughtful to even give it a try to send the picture.

Many thanks and warm hugs.   Sharon

At 12:43pm on June 10, 2014, Linda Maltby said…

Enjoy your time with the KAS team, Estelle!  We love to hear what is going on and also like to see photos --hint,hint :-)

At 11:56pm on June 6, 2014, Linda Maltby said…

Hi Estelle, as a South African you understand the hardship the children face every day. Thank you for making squares to keep them warm.

If you are interested, the South African volunteer team based in Johannesburg meets every Thursday to open parcels and sort squares.  They would appreciate your help if you have time.  Here is the contact number:  +27 82 655 5150

At 3:36am on May 30, 2014, P. Jeanne Haessler said…

Greetings Estelle from the middle of Canada.  You're a lot closer to the action than I am, that's for sure! Welcome to a worldwide network of loving happy people helping African HIV/Aids orphans and the poorest of the poor. Glad to have you with us!  It's so heartening to know that in this global, often so impersonal world, we're actually making a difference, a REAL difference, in the lives of these children. Check out the Forum, in the header above, for the various discussion threads, and Photos for all the lovely photos of members' work and Groups where you can join groups from countries around the world, not to mention Patterns where you can get inspired with easy level patterns of things the children really need, the right sizes and shapes.


When you click on Discussions, the Featured Discussions grouping (in the Forum section above) shows the most important subjects at the moment, latest challenges, latest news etc. I also recommend the Café KAS Discussion section, which contains the Furry, Feathered and Fishy Companions and Share A Yarn threads. I am so much a Yarnaholic!  Thanks again for helping the AIDS orphans in Africa! 

At 10:20am on May 28, 2014, Gloria Grandy said…

Hello Estelle.  A very warm welcome to you from Nova Scotia, Canada.  We are delighted that you have joined us.

At 9:28am on May 28, 2014, Bev Jeffery said…

Hi Estelle.

Welcome to KAS from over here in Western Australia.

Plain Jane squares, as they are affectionately called, are the backbone of KAS and are ALWAYS our most needed item. This type of square being a garter stitch/single colour or striped square and I think it is single or double crochet  if your preference is for crochet. By clicking on the KASpattern book tab at the top of the page you can also find lots of other patterns provided by our fellow KASers, if you are wanting to mix it up a bit and make other patterned squares as well. 

If you click on the groups tab at the top of the page you will find all the different groups and you are free to join as many as you would like.  :)) 

Please check out the 'Helpful Hints' tab at the top of the page as this may answer many initial questions you may have and will help you get started. Any other questions...just ask...we love to help.  :))

If you'd like to see what other KASers have been making please click on the photo tab at the top of the page....and feel free to add photos of your own work...we would love to see them. Just click on 'add photos' and follow the prompts. 

If you want to see the most active discussions at present, you may like to click on the 'main page' tab and they are listed in the centre of that page...just pick one and click on it. It is a large website, but with so much fun and info.

We also have a theme for every month that you might like to view and participate in, but there is absolutely no pressure to do so. The theme for May can be found here:  

Thank you so much for joining us. We hope you enjoy being a part of our friendly, supportive, community.  :))


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