Hello dear Kasers

There has been a discussion about postage issues in Canadian Corner, which brought to mind reflections which I thought to share with you all.

Hope you are following our South African journey with us www.allfororphans.com although I am already days behind! We have been pretty hectic meeting and greeting and parcel

Firstly I just want to tell you that the warmth and love and gratitude
here in South Africa for everything you are doing is frankly overwhelming. You have
given far more than your time to knit and send, or the money that it has
cost you to post, you have given hope.

I know postage has been an issue for some of you. And I think Dawne (in the Canadian Corner)
provides a positive solution for those of you wishing to remain part of
the KAS community without incurring postage costs you feel to be
onerous, by donating a small amount each month,

KAS is spreading far and wide in the communities we are working in,
Soweto and Cosmo City being the largest of them. We once coined the term
that squares had become the 'currency of hope' and when you are here
and talking to people who are involved on the ground, it is true. The
squares represent far more than themselves.

We have garnered so much enthusiasm for KAS that some of you may have
out-knitted yourselves and ended up paying too much in postage. This is
not a desirable outcome. What is desirable is that we find a balance. A
few squares sent regularly and a small amount donated (even $1 a month
from thousands will make an enormous difference) is going to be far more
viable in the long term for the children and KAS then large amounts in
postage and then feeling that its all too expensive and it would be
better to find another charity. We will send out an appeal to you all in the next day or so and explain how this will help.

The children, sadly, tragically, will be here needing your help for tens
and tens of years to come.

KAS has created a community and communities work out ways to do things.
For those of you wanting to knit your heart out, follow Anne Powell's advice
and approach your church or local community to help. I have just
discussed this issue with Ronda and her words to you are: " Pray for God's
provision and trust that it will come."

For those of you wanting to be part of this amazing international group
of people TRULY making a difference, but finding the costs onerous, take
more time to knit one beautiful item or a few squares and send small
amounts that you can afford, donate just a small recurring amount a
month (we are receiving a few now of $2 and $3 and $5 a month) they all
add up.

Your contributions should always be within your means. But you can rest
assured that no matter what size they are, they are making a difference.

Among our openings in the last 3 days, I must have opened 40 packages
with 3 squares in them. That is about 3 blankets worth. I have an image
in my mind of three children warmed by a beautiful hand made blanket, 12
women laughing and chatting while they stitched blankets together
yesterday in a small communal room and discussed ways to teach others,
Wandile and Lindiwe powering through packages, marvelling at the bounty
on the table, piles and piles of squares each made up of small and large
amounts from hundreds and hundreds of people wanting to help, the
spread of KAS.

It is a wonderful thing that you are doing.


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Comment by Pam Antink on February 23, 2011 at 8:26pm
Sorry Sandy, e-mail IPS tags pinging backwards and forwards between Claranet and BT - hopefully by Thursday BT will have accepted them and I can get back in action.  Receiving, but cannot send out!  Pamx
Comment by Becky Clark on November 12, 2010 at 2:11am
I notice it has been awhile since this thread went up, but I had another idea for raising funds. I've seen some lovely and detailed work on the forum. What about individual members preparing a special piece of knitting or crochet and then auctioning it on their blog or Facebook page? It seems a lace shawl would be a good choice because an awe inspiring shawl can be created with a very inexpensive amount of yarn.
Comment by Susan Haines on May 8, 2010 at 1:34am
Sometimes the company you work for might be willing to pay the postage for squares their employees knit. Not all are knitters or crocheters, but there are many who don't do either that would still like to help, and paying postage for your packages of squares is their way of contributing. Maybe your church group or book club or Girl Scout troop or other organization would like to help, as well.
Comment by Elizabeth Pickering on April 9, 2010 at 10:39pm
I've got a lot of babies clothes that my daughter-in-law doesn't want so I'm sending them to KAS, I've also got about 30 squares to send, I don't know whether to send them in one box or 2 parcels, one for squares and one for clothes, what do you think?
Comment by Ann Glendinning on April 4, 2010 at 6:29am
Sue I was thinking about that too. Even if we sewed 4 squares together it must help a little bit at the other end.
Comment by Sue Gillman on April 3, 2010 at 4:32pm
This question has proabaly been asked one way or another but I wonder if sewing the squares into pairs or 4's or 5's would help at the other end. I know the sewers like to mix the blankets equally so we wouldn't want to sew too many together. However judging by the size of the postal envelope we could fit them in if they were sewen together in smaller amounts. Would that cut the work by 1/4 or is that wishful thinking!
Comment by Anne Powell on April 3, 2010 at 12:31am
I have opened a new category in the forum - Making Monthly Donations to KAS and in that category opened a discussion "Using the Paypal link..." If you hae any problems using the Paypal link on the right of the page, please post in that discussion so we can get to the root of the problem.

Meanwhile, don't give up!! We will make sure if there is any glitch, that we straighten it out.
Comment by Sue Gillman on April 2, 2010 at 8:33am
I find myself unable to donate as my credit card security number keeps gettin rejected. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can solve ths.
Yes i pay extraordinary amounts in postage sometimes but it comes back to this. I joined KAS as I could see the need and work by my own hand is given directly where it is needed and there is a personal satisfaction in that. I like to reach out to other children in the world. I love the KAS community. The hospitals here have a system where you can knit squares while waiting for an appoinment. These blankets are given to chldren in need of them when they leave hopital. [Is this an idea for KAS?]I donate to that too. We have resources here for families and children that are not available in SA. Every child in the wold matters to me. I do not want childen in the world growing up feeling no- one cared -and we do. I do wonder if I hd to pay a joining fee if I would have connected with KAS? Particularly as i have had trouble paying!! Would others move on beacuse of similar problems? I hope thisi doesn't sound like a grump. I am so thrilled to have feedback from Sandy and as always it is an inspiration to do more.
Comment by Mary Kristel Lokken on April 1, 2010 at 3:20am
The link included in Sandy's message doesn't work for me, so I thought I post another one, hoping this one will work:

Comment by Robert Hoddy on March 31, 2010 at 11:53pm
I realise postage is more expensive from Canada and America, but here is what I do in the UK. For every square made I put aside 20p towards post and packing. With garments I am putting aside £1 for every 100g of yarn knitted, as I go along. Like this it doesn't seem so much out of my pocket in one go! (Especially as I am knitting with donated yarn)

Hmm, that made me think, how about if other knitters were to advertise the fact that they are knitting for charity and ask for yarn donations? That would mean they would have more money for postage. You would be amazed how much yarn my charity group is given. Often it comes because a knitter has died and their relatives don't knit but don't want to waste the yarn stash. They are so glad that it will go to help children!

Rob :-)


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