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Spain wins. Orphaned children win.

Anyone with a deep concern for the plight of vulnerable and orphaned children should be interested in the outcome of this Soccer World Cup final. Undoubtedly the winning team of this international contest will receive massive publicity from all over the world. With a UNICEF ambassador for children on the team and seven others from this remarkable Barcelona club, one would hope that some of the media adulation, should they win, will fall on their extraordinary connection to suffering children.… Continue

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The home that Stefanie built

We arrived through streets that once were the domain of the exclusively white, professional classes during the Apartheid days, and now teemed with school children, all black, in varying degrees of school dress.

At first glance they seemed just like any other carefree group of school children, but there was something mean about these streets, a place you would not wish to loiter or break down in your car. …


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Introducing Dawne

It was always intended to reach a wider audience about the wider issues surrounding orphaned and vulnerable children in Africa and what help we can bring to make a difference. The plight of the children is recognized by some world bodies and governments. However, the solution is not in sight either for the orphans already so compromised by the suffering they endure or for the children yet to be born in decades to come. To continue, click here.

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Encouraging our new members, growing, nurturing and energising our community

Kalai has just written in Cafe KAS that overnight we achieved our 1000th

member, Anne Hart from the UK. Well done Anne and well done KAS!

We have 1003 members today to be exact, but only a percentage of our

members are active in the forum discussions. People are busy and have

so much to fit into a day, so we are massively grateful that you find

the time to knit/crochet, and 'post' of the two varieties - parcels and

words in the forum! And we understand if you… Continue

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A balance for KAS

Hello dear Kasers

There has been a discussion about postage issues in Canadian Corner, which brought to mind reflections which I thought to share with you all.

Hope you are following our South African journey with us although I am already days behind! We have been pretty hectic meeting and greeting and parcel


Firstly I just want to tell you that the warmth and love and gratitude

here in… Continue

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We all take risks to help the children

There has been a long discussion under Kas Inquiries and the UK group

regarding timely notification of the arrival of your post in South

Africa and in response to my request for your trust in this matter in

the last ezine.

As it is such an important issue I am copying in excerpts from my response.

Many of you have some very fine suggestions [about ways to expedite recording of the post and informing you of its arrival]… Continue

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Not just a letter, a powerful tool!

Last week I re-introduced you to the Square

Circle Invitation, which you could use to invite people to join a

knitting/crochet group. This week it's our UPDATED 'Letter of Introduction'.

This letter is on official letterhead and sets out to evocatively

describe the work you are doing for the orphans and children.

It makes it easier for you to present to your school, or community or

local… Continue

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Hello dear Kasers

Firstly, we hope the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics goes off wonderfully well and that the Olympics are a great success all around.

Unusual, but I have a film recommendation for you. It is Invictus directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandela and Matt Damon as Francois Pienaar (the South African rugby captain in 1995 during the World Cup of Rugby).

Now you may be put off by the fact that it appears, at first… Continue

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The issue of duty and greening the planet!

Just a quick note to remind everyone to make sure their parcels are marked NO COMMERCIAL VALUE and FOR CHARITY ONLY. And please, please do not put any dollar value against what you are posting. Ronda has just paid out another US$100 + on a number of boxes that had dollar values placed on them. Because it was across so many boxes she could not return the boxes to sender. What it showed is that just a small value placed on a box and them multiplied across a number of boxes causes the duty to add… Continue

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Starting a Square Circle

Hello dear KAS family

I can't believe the meteoric rate in which new members are joining us each week - it's fantastic. A very warm and personal welcome to everyone who has just joined.

Many of you will not be aware of some of the resources available on the main website, which are there to help you 'spread the word'.

KasCare's (that is the umbrella charity to which knit-a-square and KasKidsTM, the school… Continue

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How we wish we could have been there!

I have just looked to see that we have dozens of new members since I posted about the Soweto Gospel Choir event which happened on Saturday evening January 30th. For those of you who don't know about it, please read this post, it will help explain the evening and why this is such a triumph for KAS.

In Debbie Posmontier's words then, of what happened… Continue

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Gloria Geisheimer

It is with great sadness that we learned of the untimely passing of one of our member's Gloria, from her husband, Kurt. With his permission, I am posting this memorial message in honour of her and the work she did for KAS through her church, Pleasant View United Methodist Church.

Gloria was one of earliest members, writing often in the first months after the Lion Brand publication in February last year. She had soon encouraged her knitting group, the Knit Wits to take up the cause… Continue

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The forum has had a make-over!

With the launch of the official KasCare website imminent, we thought all our websites (and we will have three now!) should be aligned with a similar look and feel. I hope you will get used to the new colours soon, they all tie in with the KasCare and KasKids logos, but we think they still reflect the kaleidscope of colours we create in the children's world.

In addition, Karen and Anne have been working incredibly hard to improve the home page and the way the patterns work. We now… Continue

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What's happening you may ask?

Hello dear members

Eek - it is January 18 already and weeks since I last sent an issue of Square Circle You must be wondering what is happening. Well the good news is that a short ezine is due out this week, and there are some wonderful photographs of the Christmas distributions late last year. While it is no longer news, it is important that you realise your generosity and kindness made many young children very happy when they would have been used to receiving little or… Continue

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Many of you may not have visited the Soweto Gospel Choir thread in the forum, but for a real life example of the power of collaboration you can go no further.

We need 25 blankets for a joint publicity event at the Annenburg Theatre, Philadelphia where the Soweto Gospel Choir (SGC)* will be performing on this coming January 30. The 25… Continue

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Colour our children's world

I was just commenting in the KAS wish list about some of the items including the Scrap Books. It made me consider what these books could really mean to the children.

A great friend of ours, Gay and her husband Jens spent some time in a tiny village on the South African Coast called Hamburg. Gay was there to contribute to the amazing craft sewing organisation that has been set up by the Keiskamma Foundation, to engage women who have been infected or affected by HIV… Continue

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How many orphans?

Happy New Year to you all, although it is already the end of the first week of January 2010. Something we all comment on is how quickly time passes when you are really busy. It is hard to believe that this time last year, the site had only a few pages, about 11 visitors a day, and no squares had yet arrived in South Africa.

A more sobering thought is that many children who are not yet orphans will be orphaned by this time next year. Unicef has published a quote that " somewhere in… Continue

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End of 2009, looking forward to 2010

Dear KAS community,

Thank you all for the year we have enjoyed together building and growing KAS and wrapping blankets and lovingly-made warm garments around our charges, some of the 1.4 million orphaned and abandoned children in South Africa.

There have been so many highlights for 2009, apart from our achievements of landing over 50,000 squares and 3,500 garments in South Africa which is just incredible!

They must include going from 3 members, (Ronda, Zanny and… Continue

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World Aids Day

Today December 1 is World AIDS Day. In our case a day to reflect on how truly this disease has impacted on the children, predominantly in southern Africa, introducing them to a world without one or both of their parents.

We should also think of the grandmothers (go-gos), who too have been so sadly exposed to the outcomes of HIV/AIDS, losing their children. For those of us who have children, this is an unspeakable grief. Their grandchildren, orphaned as they are, must be of great… Continue

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First KasNews Update

Hello dear forum members

It has been a busy week in the forum. Anne, Jeanne, Karen, Kyla and I have been in non stop communication to work out the best way to ensure that this incredible site is easier, clearer and more user friendly for all of you. There are some limitations, but Karen has been talking to Ning and we are trying to resolve those.

Anne has posted some great MUST READ forum guidelines, I so ask you to read those as it will help enormously if we post to the… Continue

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