Royal Mail are changing their prices with effect from 31st March 2014.  Here are the new ones for Small Packets, International Economy (formerly Surface Mail)  to South Africa:


Up to:                                                          Cost per 100 gms

100 g                   £2.80                                        £2.80

250 g                   £3.65                                        £1.46

500 g                   £5.10                                        £1.02

750 g                   £6.55                                             87.3p

1 Kg                    £8.00                                              80p

1.25 Kg                £9.45                                              75.6p

1.5 Kg                £10.90                                              72.6p

1.75 Kg              £12.35                                              70.5p

2 Kg                   £13.80                                              69p


The maximum weight is 2 Kg and the size restrictions (which haven't changed) are:  no one side can be more than 60 cm. and the overall size - i.e. length + width + depth - can be no more than 90 cm.  Therefore a parcel measuring, say, 40 x 30 x 20 cm. is okay.

Just to complete the picture, parcels should be posted to:


Private Bag X900

Bryanston 2021

South Africa


When you complete the customs form, please show the value as "NIL" and mark the form:  "Knitted squares for charity only"  and "No Commercial Value"

You can find a Customs form (CN22) here which you can print and complete by hand.

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Will let Anne know Elaine, so she can update the prices on the Postage Information discussion.

Thank you for alerting everyone, worth getting parcels wrapped and posted before the deadline!

Thanks Elaine.  I will update these on the International Postage discussion as well.

This is great news - the prices have reduced! Thanks so much for sharing this information.t

I have just posted a batch of Squares, and worked out that the postage was just over 50 pence per square.This is quite high, and I am just grateful that kind people donate balls of yarn. However, having just looked at the lates batch of photographs, I feel very humbled by all the faces of the little children. Is there any other route to get the squares to Sotuh Africa other than Royal Mail ?

I suppose it depends on the thickness of the squares, but I crochet double knitting wool, send 70 squares at a time and send by surface mail and that costs £9.45. I have to say that I put them in a plastic bag, sit on it to get the air out and seal it so that it meets the size requirements. Hope this is some help.

Marion  some people use couriers for large numbers of squares like Knit a LIfe charity but  I think the costs are large. The cheapest method is the surface mail one. I normally send 35 squares some slip ins and a few teddies for £10 surface mail. 

You do seem to have paid rather a lot Marion.  Did you send your squares by 'Small Packets' International Economy (formerly surface mail)?  The packaging itself is also quite important - boxes weigh a lot but plastic post bags are much lighter.  I've never done it, but I do wonder if the rubble sacks available in the £ shops might make good postal bags.  They're cheap and must be fairly substantial.  Mary mentioned Knit for Life which is a UK registered charity run by Pam Johnson and me.  We send large consignments of knitting via a removal company but we receive so much knitting from local people that we're running at capacity at the moment and, as much as we would like to, we can't accept knitting from all over the country. We do lots of fundraising to meet the shipping costs, which are considerable.  When we were sending squares out by Royal Mail, Pam and I calculated that it cost around 20p per square if we sent parcels weighing 2 kg.



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