I just thought I'd start up a discussion on the Australian page about where to get cheap yarns, nationwide and locally, in store and online.


* Okay, so first of all you might have a local wool shop that sells a whole variety of wool and acrylic yarn, cheap and specialty. This is where I get mine, because its a one minute walk away. Here's the site, they deliver Australia-wide: http://www.blacksheepwool.com.au/


* Woolworths, Coles, Big W and K-Mart sometimes have balls of yarn. It's a bit random, I know, but I guess it depends on which one you go to. Point is, if you do your groceries you might come across a 100g 8 ply ball of a soft baby blue for $2 (I did :]). 


* Crazy Clarks, Go-Lo, Dollars and Sense, and any other cheap shop where there appears to have crafty-looking stuff in. For example, I found a bag of ten balls of yarn for $25 in one of them, not the best quality of course but it was cheap, and still good quality for knitting squares. These shops also sell good quality, cheap little pairs of socks, which you could throw into your square package (remembering to take off the labels and tags so our good friends don’t get charged).


* Online yarn sales. A lot of you might not be savvy with the whole online shopping experience, but sites such as eBay always have a lot of cheap yarn. If you find the idea difficult or don't have a credit card, you can get a relative or friend to set up a PayPal account: http://www.paypal.com.au/ Aside from eBay, a simple Google search of the term ‘yarn’ will bring up a whole list of online distributors. The best way to do this is to search ‘Pages from Australia’ as you will be less likely to be charged expensive shipping, with some yarns even having free shipping.


Here’s a list of online distributors having yarn sales at the moment:







Add to the discussion any place you know of with current sales, or any local shops where other KAS knitters could have a look.



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Oh, yes, and this may be a good place for anyone looking to give away some yarn, or the KAS Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/Knitasquare

Hi again,


I almost forgot 2 more really good places for yarn:  Spotlight and Lincraft.


I was actually in Lincraft Canberra on Monday and oh Joy, they had up to 50 percent off selected lines of knitting yarn!


Sadly I couldn't really buy any for myself (as I have about 50 balls of yarn still stored up here to knit), but I did buy some lovely wool blend yarn for my Mother that she really liked, and it was 50 percent off!


Might be handy for anyone needing to buy yarn at present if you have a Lincraft nearby.  I don't know if it would apply to mail orders though, or if it is instore shopping only.





Hi Jypsi,


Good topic!


Don't forget charity stores too, i.e. Smith Family, St Vincent De Paul, Salvation Army, Red Cross etc.  It is a real hit and miss affair, but you can often buy balls of yarn for $1 or less here and you have the bonus of helping 2 charities at the same time.  I go into the local charity stores as often as I can and have found quite a few good balls of both Acrylic and Wool or Wool blend yarns.


Big W and K Mart have the bonus of stocking at least a limited supply of yarn year round, whereas the discount type stores (Go Lo, Reject Shop etc) tend to be seasonal (i.e. they only stock yarn from about March to August).  I got a super good deal at Go Lo here when they were clearing out yarn though, it went from $2.50 a 100 gr ball down to $1!  There wasn't a lot left in the way of colours or quantities by then, but for blanket squares all colours are great even if you can get just 1 ball.  (1 ball is also enough to make at least 1 or 2 beanies too). I grabbed up about 15 or so balls and stored them away in a plastic crate to help keep me going during the spring/summer when yarn is harder to find.


I have also thought about putting up a notice in the local shopping centre, (they have a community notice board here) asking if anyone has yarn they would like to either sell or give away. 


We also  have a Swap time radio show on Saturday mornings that only costs you the price of the phone call to either sell or buy goods.


Garage Sales are also another possibility I am going to check into.


Hope these ideas are of help to other knitters too.




Thanks :D Yeah, I forgot about the garage sales! All great things, and even universities/school notice boards asking for yarn. I'm sure a lot of people have some from finished and unfinished projects. :)
Hi have just ordered some yarn online at iceyarns.com... seem very cheap but am awaiting delivery to find out quality and of course here in Aus there is always Bendigo mills if you want good wool.... not quite as cheap as the discount stores but on a par with Spotlight.

Hi.  I love Bendigo wool.  so nice to knit with but as you say maybe not as cheap as some other places.

Hi Bronwyn

I love Bendigo wool too. I discovered it this past winter, thanks to a fellow Aussie KASer who suggested it. I bought 2.6 kgs. for about $145 which was about half the price of pure wool at my local store and the colours are lovely with quite a large variety. And yes it is nice to knit with. I also like the fact that if I buy more than $30 worth they will send it freight free to anywhere in Oz. (I live in WA)

Happy knitting!  :-)

 i went to the bendigo wool mill and they have  bags of australian wool that are scraps and off cuts from $1 AUS but I think you have to go there  to get them.
And dont forget the local opportunity shops they often have wool and its fun to see what you get.

I go onto Gumtree and look for people throwing out Nanas bits and bobs. Usually when I tell them its for charity they give it to me for nothing. I always go and pick it up to save them the cost. 



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