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My name is Jennifer and I am a yarnaholic.


Thankfully my stash doesn't look all that scary in this picture. Okay not quite all of it is here and some of is is hiding behind others but it doesn't seem too bad does it? I'm sure there are many more of you with bigger bundles lurking in your homes.

To the left is 2 baby blankets for family babies, a big pile of squares I'm working on for KAS and my March hats which I haven't posted yet. To the right is a bundle of pieces for a friends wedding present blanket which is cream and light blues. The very front has a bundle of beautiful cotton/silk mix that I bought a year ago to make a throw-over for myself but haven't gotton round to it yet. Front right is one of my hat looms with a hat started on it. 2 of my other sized looms also have the beginnings of hats. I wanted them all to be started for a talk I am doing at the end of the month so that everyone there can have a go at hats, knitting or crochet. No one will escape having at least a little go.


Well I have shown you mine, now you show me yours (if you think you're brave enough)




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Wish you could have heard my laughter when I saw the above!!!
I can't add a photo until tonight when the price of going on line is vastly reduced. I love those great big balls. My little yarn shop (the backend of a haberdashery) has just three like that. You have some lovely colours
I must admit that the colour range is more luck than design. I was given lots of yellows and greens. I have used up most of my lastest blues in my current projects. The bright pink and black was a batch I bought in a local 'cheap' grocery store - Aldi. My stash was very blue and white for a while but it now seems to be quite pink - never gets much smaller, just changes colour. I look forward to seeing your confession later.
my name is jackie and i am a yarnaholic
(whatever you do - do not let my husband see this)
about four years ago we built an addition on the house - his one priority was a wall big enough for his 61" screen TV - mine was a closet all to myself for my yarn
we both got our wish but my closet has grown too small - well no problem there since my oldest daughter recently moved into her own apartment her bedroom closet is vacant!!!
empty shelves will soon hold more and more yarn - the stash shall grow - i will fill the second closet

oh - i better get control of myself - ssshhhh
he might hear me typing

LMAO! My mom had a sewing room at her house as long as I can remember. One whole wall was yarn, sorted by colors and types. She has a yearly group garage sale and somehow the donated yarn never makes it to the sale. Being second generation Yarn-aholic and 4th generation pack rat (that I know of) I have started my own room. Ebay makes it WAAAAY to easy to get boxes and boxes of yarn (mill ends are cheap). I went to the craft store the other day for note cards and came out with 4 more skeins of yarn (colors I didn't have, I swear). I have so many boxes of yarn sitting by my front door, it's making it hard to get in the door. I guess they need to be moved downstairs to "their room", where I have a double wide 15 foot closet just for yarn.
Phew! I feel better. I "promise" I won't buy anymore yarn . . . . today. :D
Hi, my name is Karen and I am a yarnaholic as well. I even have my daughter in-laws Mom shopping yarn sales for me to get it. Is this sick or what?? My husband really has no idea how much yarn I have, but when he does decide to check it out hey don';t even want to go there....He is a divingaholic with all his diving gear stuff so he can't say a word I figure....
Is there ever really any control of oursleves in this area of our life. I figure it could be worse I could be collecting shoes....
Dear Lord above help all of us yarnaholics......
Actually my yarn stash looks very different now. The big green balls are now used up and the 4 bright pink ones are curently becoming squares. All of the lemon has also been used up. My stash never seems to get smaller - it just changes colour. I buy some when I can get a good deal, some people donate bought yarn to me and a few knitters faithfully pass on oddments from their stash so I never know what I might get next. Always interesting.
I do have a sort of rule that I can never buy more than I have used so if I have been given or bought 5 balls, I must use up at least 6 before I buy any more. Theory is that the stash gets smaller but in practice, this never seems to work. Never mind. Plenty there to keep our KAS kids warm.
I found this and thought people would like it....

The Progressive Procrastinations of a Knitter:

Row 1. I'll just cast on, then start supper.
Row 2. I'll just do the ribbing to get through my least favorite part.
Row 3. I'll just put it on the larger needles.
Row 4. I'll just do a few rows to see the pattern.
Row 5. Just to the next increase (decrease) so I don't forget to do it.
Row 6. I'm almost to the underarm decrease- may as well...
Row 7. I'll just cast on the sleeves.
Rows 8-12. Repeat Rows 2-6.
Row 13. I'll just put the sleeves onto the body.
Row 14. Just to the first yoke decrease.
Row 15. Just through the first pattern to see it.
Row 16. So few stitches left, I'll whiz through the neck.
Row 17. Two inches of ribbing and cast off- I can do that quickly.
Row 18. I'll just try it on.
Row 19. I'll just get out the needles and yarn for the next project.
Rep Rows 1-19 for pattern.

This pattern can begin on any Row 1-19; however, the beginning row must end with "then start supper."

A variation of the pattern will produce similar results if Row 1 ends on "then I'll go to bed."

Abbreviated versions include "Just one more round," "Just to the market," and "I prefer to end on a knit (purl) row"

Gauges and swatches are an excellent insertion, but only between the first and second repeat.

Hee hee hee... I found this at http://www.knittingforcharity.org/the_funny_side_of_knitting.html#more (which is a great site by the way)
I have a huge stash. The majority of it is in the basement in very lg plastic tubs, lg amt in my closet, lg. amt in a picnic basket heaped in my diningroom and bags behind the bed in my spare room and a plastic tub full in my living room. I was in Hobby Lobby just to get a skein of the new stripes yarn from I Love That Yarn and found that some of the yarn in the markdown was marked down really low. Got some Vanna yarn for $1 and a sk of I Love that Wool for $2. Already have the wool made into squares. I also make rectangles for HAP to provide afghans for injured American Servicepersons. They have sent 4,117 afghans so far to bring comfort to these injured .
Jan I think that's so cool what HAP is doing; the vets need to know we honour and remember them.
YAA---YarnAholicsAnonymous. It has "legs" or rather I should say "yardage", heh heh heh. My yarn stash probably exceeds Jeni's though I've recently worked through two huge skeins of acrylic. I do keep buying the danged things, they're larger than a soccer ball! Sometimes I think I need to be blindfolded and led past that part of the store.
Hmm, I hope my stash is smaller than yours. I have been trying really hard to get the stash down a bit. Always using more that I buy or am given - it has been working but the stash doesn't seem top be getting much smaller. Honest, i can't crochet any faster than I am.
Yeah I listen to phone meetings and i knit all the time when I am on the phone i knit. At my face to face 12 step program (overeaters anonymous) we aren't allowed to work on hand crafts. I really am addicted to knitting but as long as I am knitting for kAS I feel like it is a business ha ha. I do stay at home and gives me the time to knit at least 2 squares a day



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