My grandmother, Kate, was a 'walking proverb'. She had one for every occasion. 


She also had little superstitions, that guided her behaviour, and to this day some of them have stuck with me.


Other things she said were neither proverbs or superstitions, just sayings she used each time a particular situation would arise and she wanted to make a point.


Since we are such a wide-spread KASfamily, I wonder if 'wisdom' like this is universal, or if each country has its own versions.


Let's share our grandparents' wisdom sayings to see what we can come up with and have some fun.


Please do not list more than one proverb, one superstion and one saying per post so that we all have a chance to 'digest' them.


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It looks  as if no matter where we are in the world the same wisdom was passed on to us. I am loving Life is short ...eat dessert first ! Definitely one to adopt. !  Have we had my grandma's fav.

A stitch in time saves nine?  She was a sewer of course !

Sue, my Grandma always said that one!  She, too, was a sewer.  I still remember her treadle sewing maching sitting under the window in her kitchen! Thanks for the memory :)

I'm not sure if it's been mentioned yet, but no matter.  Like you said, it's interesting to see how the same wisdom comes from all corners of the world :) xo

Yes Gloria, the brown treadle singer sewing machine !

That's a saying that I heard many, many times.My mum was a seamstress and when I was learning to sew I learned on her super Singer treadle machine. After, when I went off to university, she gave me her portable machine as she'd just invested in a brand new electric machine. I've never found a machine that I liked more than the old treadle. It could sew through 4 layers of denim with ease. My present portable has a hard time sewing through 1 layer!!

I found my very  old autograph book recently.... my father had written in it  "Be good sweet maid, and let who will be clever"

Another one often heard  "Take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves"

I like that first one, Grace...what a lovely note and memory.  :))

Yes, definitely heard the second one on more than one occasion.

I've never heard the first one. I think that today we can maybe be both sweet and clever.

Grace, I've heard both of these.  My Grandma used to quote something very similar to that first one, but it's just a vague memory and I can't remember the exact words she.  It's wonderful to think about her, so thank you :)

I'm working on a square in the honeycomb patterna and for some reason, something my mother used to say just popped into my head.  It's not a proverb, and there's not much wisdom in it, and I wouldn't class it as a 'rule of life' (although it could be :).

Mom would say it very often to make us all chuckle.  When eating peas, sometimes it's hard to keep them on your plate ... round and rolling little things they are.  If a pea happened to roll of our plate she would say,

"I'm eating peas and honey, I've done it all my life.  It makes the peas taste funny but it sticks them to my knife."

Thanks for my morning chuckle, Glo...what a cute saying!!!!

My husband gave me a reminder of another saying from my childhood this morning. We were laying in bed, me not wanting to get up and get his lunch together and him in no hurry to go to work (it was 4.30am and rather chilly). Somehow the conversation came around to clothing sizes and I mentioned the range of different sizes I now fit into. Needless to say, after 35 years, hubby sure knows how to press my buttons and made a comment about the higher size. I quickly replied with, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. (He has always had the nickname of 'bones' from his teenage years, but that really isn't appropriate these days). Of course, he laughed, knowing he had achieved the reaction he was after!

That's another one, Bev, that I've often heard. Our politicians here in France, vying for attention before the upcoming presidential elections, should take heed. There's too much muckslinging around.

One that my grandma used to say was: You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.  I took it to mean that you can't dress up something inferior to make it into something superior.

Or there's: The apple never falls far from the tree.

Two goodies that I have both heard and used over the years, Valerie.  :))



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