My grandmother, Kate, was a 'walking proverb'. She had one for every occasion. 


She also had little superstitions, that guided her behaviour, and to this day some of them have stuck with me.


Other things she said were neither proverbs or superstitions, just sayings she used each time a particular situation would arise and she wanted to make a point.


Since we are such a wide-spread KASfamily, I wonder if 'wisdom' like this is universal, or if each country has its own versions.


Let's share our grandparents' wisdom sayings to see what we can come up with and have some fun.


Please do not list more than one proverb, one superstion and one saying per post so that we all have a chance to 'digest' them.


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PROVERB: a penny saved is a penny earned  (Yikes! in Canada we don't even HAVE pennies any more. My grandfather was a bank manager in a small village from 1902-1912. He must have taken that proverb seriously.  He instituted special accounts for children and allowed them to open an account with one penny and make deposits of one penny whenever they had one).


SUPERSTITION: Never put a new pair of shoes on the table, it's bad luck  This one has stuck with me.  I get a queasy feeling if I forget and put new shoes on the table

SAYING: Whistling maidens and crowing hens are sure to come to no good end  I heard this one frequently as a little girl because I learned to whistle at a young age.

Anne, what a fun discussion!  I don't know where this would fit in, but my grandmother (and her sister, my great aunt) did something very strange (at least to me) when they poured themselves a cup of tea.  They would pour, then quickly take a teaspoon and scoop up the little bubbles on the top of the tea, pop them into their mouth and say, "That's money!"

I don't like tea, never drink it, and so perhaps that's why I don't have lots of money ... hahaha

My grandmother did the same thing, Glo.  I don't think it works very well.  She never got rich.

Anne, it´s funny, but my granny used to say the same. Never put a new pair of shoes on the table.../but the reason was something like they would be uncomfortable for you/.

Uncomfortable shoes sounds better than bad luck, Karla.  Back in the days of leather-soled shoes, sometimes new shoes would have a squeak.  She would tease that they hadn't been paid for.

My grandmother had the same superstion as yours Anne, as did my mother. I must admit that I'm not superstitious, but would sometimes tease my grandmothrr and mother, just to see their reactions!

Superstition: My grandmother used to throw a pinch of salt over her shoulder if she spilled any and my mother did the same. I think of them both when I accidentally spill salt, but I don't like to waste any or make a mess by throwing any over my shoulder!

Proberb: A stitch in time saves nine.

This proverb is one that I have lived by all my life. I have always felt that by spending a little bit of time sorting something out straight away, it can save a lot of time and effort later!

Saying: "Always wear clean knickers when you go out, you never know when you could be hit by a car"!  Of all things to say, but all five  grandchildren remember her and our mothers saying it!j

Years later when I was a nurse working in A&E, the number of ladies who were admitted as emergencies who apologised for not wearing their best knickers, was surprising; and men apologising for 'going commando' and not wearing underwear under their trousers! So I often thought of my grandmother :))

Oh Chris, salt, stitches and clean knickers were all in my grandmother's repertoire too.  I'm not so good at the stitch in time thing, but I do wear clean knickers (does anyone wear dirty ones??).  My grandmother threw spilled salt over her left shoulder (something about it going in the devil's eye), and I confess, I occasionally do too.

Glad to know you wear knickers Anne!

Certainly my grandmother meant putting fresh knickers on each day, which of course we always did. But believe me, having worked for years as a nurse in child health in the community, with children who had been removed from their families, often children rarely changed their  underwear and it was hard work for the foster carers to try and change this behaviour! 

Christine,the saying about clean underwear /and socks/ was widly spread in our sociaty, too. When I was young I used to hear it very often. By the way what´s A and E?

Hello Karla. It is interesting to learn that we have some sayings in common.

A&E is an Accident and Emergency department at a hospital; I was only working on A&E for a short while as part of my training.

Always wear clean knickers!
My mother used to say wear clean knickers in case you get run over so of course we always wore clean knickers anyway and thankfully we didn't get run over.
Those of you that know me know that John and I were involved in an motor accident on the M3 last year. As the ambulance men immobilised me at the side of the motorway and took me to the trauma unit at the nearest hospital my mother's words came flooding back to me. As I said a silent thank you prayer that John and I were both in one piece the nurses were cutting my clothes off me but they managed to 'slide' my trousers off. Of course I had no fear because ladies I was wearing clean underwear so I hope my mother was looking down on me realising that I always took notice of what she said! Xx

So glad you listened to your mother Jude and of course you were ok after your accident! Do you remember any words of wisdom from your grandparents that you can share with us?



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