Hi, my name is Elaine and I’m addicted to crochet. It’s taken a while for me to realise but, in the end, it wasn’t too hard to admit and I don’t want to be cured, nor do I expect a great deal of sympathy from this forum! The main problem I have, however, is that I keep starting new projects before I’ve finished the last one(s). I see a new pattern or a new yarn and off I go again! As a result I have a large pile of UnFinished Objects (UFOs) and Works In Progress (WIPs). Something needs to be done. I thought if I blogged about the progress I’m making with some of these UFOs, maybe I’ll get to finish them. So, here are photos of just some of the projects I have on the go at the moment – I’d be too embarrassed to show you all of them – and I’ll post photos of my progress on each as I go along. I’m sure more will be added over time; this could be a never-ending story!



Whilst this might be a personal blog, I don’t believe I’m the only one here with this condition. Can we help and encourage each other? I could use some support from fellow addicts – both knitters and crocheters. If your WIPs are getting a bit out of control, why not join me in this personal challenge and let’s see if we can make a bit of room in our closets and cupboards.

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Mums are wonderful like that aren't they?  Sadly, my own mum died many years before KAS was born but she would have loved all this.  She didn't knit or crochet but she could certainly sew.  She made most of my clothes as I was growing up and would have so enjoyed making just about anything for the various charities we support at Knit for Life.

I'm with you Elaine and Claire!

I too am addicted to crochet and don't want to be cured! Until recently I didn't have a problem with UFO's, but then I found myself moving onto another projects beflore completing others, as I was avoiding tasks that I didn't enjoy. So I have 4 scarves for my nieces children that need fringes, a small baby blanket in 4ply that grows sooo slowly, and a chunky blanket for my sister that is too warm to work on in summer......... So today is the day I don't start anything new until I have comleted my UFO's!!! Thank you Elaine for starting your blog, your UFO mutual support group has started, I wonder if more KAS sisters will join us?

Even now new yarn is calling out to me to make something for the July Theme........ I must be strong!!!!!

I hear you Christine.  I don't like adding fringes either - perhaps try using a crochet hook to make the knot?  I think that might work for me - anything so long as I have a crochet hook in my hand!!  Do post photos of your finished UFO's and give us some encouragement!

Christine, I would never have thought that you have UFO's.  So just a word of encouragement - GO FOR IT, GIRL!

I have tons of UFO's, both knitting and patchwork.  I sit happily planning future projects as I work, BUT sometimes it all becomes too much for me and I can't resist starting something else.  This is my designated year of clearing patchwork, embroidery and sewing UFO's.  Well we'll see.....xx

I know that feeling Rosamund.  I sit and crochet but all the time I'm dreaming up new ideas.  So much to do, so little time!  Be strong, be resolute, you know you should.  Whenever I do manage to finish something that's been hanging around for a while, I get a great feeling of satisfaction......so I go off and start something else!!

4 more granny squares completed - just 9 more to go!

and I've been working on the other blanket which I'm making as squares but in one long strip.  It will take 5 strips and then I'll join them all together - at least that's the plan.  This is my sitting-in-the-car-on-a-long-motorway-journey project!

Good on you, Elaine.......it seems your public 'confession' is doing you the world of good....lol

Elaine I love that strip blanket and look forward to seeing it finished !!  My weakness for UFO's was socks !! I love the way patterns unfold when you knit them but dear me they were all single socks and no pairs and all the wrong size !!!   Sometimes I made toys but they turned into WIPs. My excuse for knitting them was that I needed a break from squares which I'm sure hits all of us from time to time.

It's amazing just how well this is working - I should have done it years ago!  I've made more granny squares - just 4 to go now and added a couple of 'squares' to the strip blanket.  

Well done Elaine, the crochet squares are looking good and I do like the colours of the knitted strip. :)



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