We have been around for a little more than a year now. During that time, we have developed a ’lingo’ - we have a tendency to say things that a lot of people in the general population don’t understand.

Words have entered our vocabulary that are peculiar to us alone - words that we toss around in casual conversation that only another KASer understands - words that cause non-KASers to look at us as if we were speaking another language....which of course we are!!

Thanks to Karen for suggesting this category - which promises to be a lot of fun.

I will start off with the ones I can think of in the first post. Feel free to add your own definition of KASISMS I have included ..... and add to the list as you think of more. Hope the list will grow and grow

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KASISM - any word that has a special meaning understood easily by another KASer

KASer - member of a special group of people who knit or crochet for the sole purpose of keeping orphaned or abandoned children in South Africa warm

non-KASer - anyone who doesn’t “get it” yet - who doesn’t understand the importance of what we are doing

KAS-friend - people who are not officially KASers, but who generously give of their time to make squares and donate them to us

KAS-men - a rare breed of courageous men who readily admit that knitting is NOT exclusively a female occupation - have discovered the pleasure in this hobby - and are unabashedly proud of making squares for our kids.. Haven’t met one of these guys yet - but I expect they are most particularly loveable!!

FALL-INS or SLIP-INS - items of a non-knitted nature (like school supplies, teddies etc), which for some reason beyond our control, seem to find their way into the boxes of squares we are packing up to mail.

GO-OVER - a roomy, warm out garment designed to go over whatever other clothes a child is wearing on cold winter days and nights, Does NOT mean “move from here to there”, as in “GO-OVER to the other side of the room”

SLIP-OVER - a very soft, stretchy, tank-top type of garment which can be worn next to the skin as an undergarment or over t-shirts etc. on cool days. Does NOT means “go visit the neighbour” as in “I think I’ll SLIP-OVER to Hilda’s for a cuppa”
DROP-INS, another descriptive word for FALL-INS or SLIP-INS
I came up with this one the other day...

KAStashbuster - any KAS project that uses up your stash or remnants of yarn.
PLAIN JANE SQUARE definitely a KASism

I’m just a ‘plain Jane’ square
Nothing fancy, nothing grand!
Just a ‘plain Jane’ square,
Made by a loving hand.
You think I’m not important?
Well, think again, my friend!
‘Cause many other ‘plain Janes’
When they’re joined end to end
Will keep an orphan warm at night,
Wrap ‘round them on cold days,
And tell them that they’re loved
In, oh, so many ways!
KASism terms for non-knitters - contributed as a blog by Roger McDonald (aka Tim Whitsun) way beck in May/09

• knotta – When I try to knit, I knot. That makes me knotta lotta use as a knitter. Consequently, I’m knotta knitter.

• thumbler – I don’t knit, I’m all thumbs and I fumble. Combine those and I become a thumbler.

• gritty – Everyone else gets the knitty. I only get the gritty.

• knitocrite – I claim I knit, but I get my daughter to do it for me

• knitterfeit – My hand-knitted clothing really comes from charity shops

• subknit – I’m not quite a knitter, but I’ll put this forward anyway

• knitten – I can tease a ball of wool into knots, but I can’t knit

• knitmare – my attempts at knitting cause bad dreams

• kneanderthal – my knitting skills are pre-historic

• knitch – I’d love to knit but it makes we twitch

• knystery – I don’t know how they do it

• knix – My knitting skills are zero, zilch, nil, nought, knix.

• kni-twit – When it comes to knitting, I’m a total twit

• knitless – When I try knitting, I’m entirely witless, which makes me knit less, turning me into a knitless

• knither – Knitting is great for some people, but it doesn’t get me into a tither. So I’m happy to be a knither.

• kneither – I ‘m neither knitter nor crocheter. I’m destined to remain kneither.

• knite – My dream of knitting soars like a kite, but my skill lies firmly on the ground
I love making the plain janes..........when i look at the pics, I can just go ahead and assume that I see some of mine!!
Hey Diane - that lovely thought inspires another KASism

KASattiude - a positive outlook on life that let's you believe you can do anything - including changing the world with an 8" square!!
i just love what you do with words
you really have a gift - you leave me smiling all the time
knester - the gift of making pople smile makes you a jester but you do it from home - your nest - therefore a knester
Linda Maltby has just coined a new KASism - I love it! KASister - someone who shares our passion for this organization and with whom we share patterns and ideas.
I love this!
I see we now have KasPoMs - KAS Pattern of the Month.
And Sandy coined the word KASCuddles for our knitted and crocheted baby sacks. Thanks, Sandy!



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