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You can see photos or our incoming parcels, volunteers sorting all the goodies, the building of many layers of cake, the stocking of blankets, the gogo packets, and distribution packages being loaded into the KAS Van to make children's live a little bit warmer and brighter.

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The last day of January was a busy one in The KAS Barn.  Enjoy Estelle's weekly report.

Opening Day at the KASbarn January 31 2023.
That’s the first month of 2023 done and dusted at the barn. I can’t wait to see the Square Count for January- I think it may be a record.
Ada once again you have excelled yourself. The detail in the doll’s clothing is amazing…   I love the little flowers in the teddies ears, 
each and every one will be cherish by the children.
New small post today but we were spoilt with beautiful blankets and squares.
We appreciate all the squares we received, beautiful pictures and plain squares. It wouldn’t be possible to put these blankets together without the PJ’s, (plain janes) striped and textured squares.
Fabulous yarn, squares - don’t you love the whale - and two beautiful blankets from Amy.
And a couple of squares from Ada - love the Ellie blowing water out of his trunk.
Audrey and Sheldon pleased with what they found in the BIG BOX from Croatia today. Many thanks to your team Andreja.
More beautifully crocheted squares from La Vie Nouvelle Retirement Village.
And the cutest babies jacket, booties and cap.
Lindi, Wandi and Themba were off in the KASvan to Soweto for a distribution at Lesedi Day Care.
I don’t think Themba needs Google Maps to get to Soweto - the KASvan can get there with its ‘eyes’ shut.
Look who’s in the hot seat today. Enjoy the ride Wands.
Today was a day for photographing the blankets on the cake. Once Ronda starts taking photographs its go, go, go for rest of us trying to keep in sync with getting the name of who stitched the blanket together, then another pic of the blanket, whipping it off the pile - sometimes too soon 🤪 tossing to the small blanket pile or large one.
Now what on earth is going on here???
Don’t think that’s the end of the job - folding, packing into piles of 10 then either filling bags with the 10 blankets or adding them to the shelves. Phew! Then one finally feels one’s age.
This is the folding stage….the job gets done even if one of us has hot feet.
A beauty from Liz and Michelle Babcock's Mum.
 Sharon Rains Bedgood's gorgeous squares joined by Rae Logie.
Wandi has become our latest sewing bee and she’s hooked and loving it.
Our first Christmas blanket for 2023. Thanks Wands it’s gorgeous.
Once again Sheldon is loving his Nans work. Thanks for the squares Michelle’s Mum.
fortunately the really truly ones were not in the barn today they would have melted. 

So many bright and colourful blankets. Love all the picture squares.

Wow what a wonderful collection of colour and worldly love!

What fun it is to see a new year open with so many beautiful blankets and squares.   

No new post today in The Barn, still, the Barn was full of activity.  Here is Estelle's report.

Opening Day at the KASbarn February 7 2023.
Although there was no new post it was another busy, happy morning. We are hoping that the Royal Mail who have been delivering post for over 500 years will sort out their problems and we have an influx of UK Mail soon.
It was a morning of sorting and tidying…I know that we’ve only been back a couple of weeks but the volume of squares and blankets that pass through the barn is awe-inspiring.
We welcomed Dawne and Sheldons brother Tyler, they both got stuck into any job that needed to be done, a great help, hope to see you soon!
Vivienne, Elaine, Dawne, Ronda, Audrey, Tyler, Sheldon, Wandi and Lindi...
...Estelle and Themba are there somewhere. 
Elaine has become a regular visitor usually armed with many beautiful squares and she is always keen to help us.
Some of the stunning squares Elaine made to match Amy’s large square. Guess who has itchy fingers?
Wandi and Lindi packed about 200 blankets for next weeks distributions.
Lindi with a smile on her face…even after packing sooooo many blankets.
These are the ones Wandi packed! Last look at the Christmas toys, Sheldon and Tyler packed them away for the next Christmas Distribution…it will be here before we know it!
Decisions, decisions so many to choose from.
Wandi’s blanket of the week squares from Croatia. It’s gorgeous well done Wands.
Liz matched Michelle’s mums beautiful squares perfectly with Amy’s Amazing Whale. What a beautiful blanket!
Carmen from Waterval Village brought 14 lovely blankets, beanies, scarves and hundreds of squares from the West Rand Christian Centre.
Ronda and Carmen with Natti.
Scarves and beanies from. Carmen’s team.
One of Watervals blankets…everyone loves granny squares.

Wow! I can see my  fox together with my hearts in a blanket ! Thank you.

Well a day late and a dollar the saying goes here in the US.  

Here is Estelle's jolly report from The Barn on Valentine's Day 2023.

Opening Day at the KASbarn February 14 2023.
We love ❤️ our brand new mugs and plates for Valentine’s Day…in fact they are for everyday as well but they certainly put a smile on our faces. ❤️
Ronda was inspired to buy these for today.
There must have been a mixup somewhere because we thought Christmas had come again ( so soon) as we also got a brand new microwave - what a treat to warm our sugar free snacks, that’s got something to do with a new years resolution, not too shabby as it’s the middle of February and we haven’t been to W&W boutique for our sweet treats YET.
This is how NOT to take a photograph of a reflective surface 
isn’t that just the best microwave?
Thanks to our generous contributors and supporters for our microwave. 
As there was no new post, a handful of volunteers and plenty to do we all got stuck in and ‘ did our thing’.
Audrey sorting so many different shapes and sizes.
So many beautiful colours….
Please remember to sew in any tails and butterfly one 50cm/20 inch tail to any corner for sewing blankets together.
Looking good I think 
Viv’s 110 blankets ready to go.
It’s great to see the blankets moving off the shelves = so many more children being warm and a perfect position for our microwave!
Another winning combination from Amazing Ada and Awesome Audrey.
We love your blowfish Ada.
Audrey also completed the center panel from La Vie Nouvelle with gorgeous grannies to complete this blanket.
One of Liz’s this week- a soft pastel baby blanket.
Viv about to label the bags of blankets we packed for her distribution.
Sorting, sorting, sorting.
Wandi and Themba went off to do a distribution.

Wasn't sure where to post this, but anyway, just wanted to mention a postage disaster.

Today I had 4 parcels returned to me by the post office. One was sent in December 2021, the others February, April, and May 2022. I am not sure what I am going to do with them. Sadly they are all very large parcels of 3kg or more and I just can't afford to send them by Airmail.

I will contact the Post office on Monday and see if they can suggest anything as I don't think the parcels even left Australia and I paid well over $100 in postage on them.

I am really disappointed that the children have missed out on the blankets etc from these. Both my heart and my head hurt about this.

Oh Wendy honey I'd be in bits about this too.   Simply not good enough to be treated this way.   I'd be complaining too demanding the matter be sorted.   I'm so sorry for you Xx

Wendy, this in incredibly sad news.  Your work, blankets and hand-warmers, are incredible and to think they have been waiting to be shipped to SA is so tragic.

I hope you get some positive news on Monday, if not, I know there are organizations at home that would love to receive your work.

Please keep us posted.

I can understand how you feel, Wendy. I'd be heartbroken if this happened to me. I hope you can find some sort of solution even if it means donating to another charity, as Amy suggests.

Wendy,  Our hearts and heads hurt as well!   I hope a conversation with a postal manager provides a decent explanation, and an offer to make it right!



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