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This discussion is for all the news about The KAS Barn.

You can see photos or our incoming parcels, volunteers sorting all the goodies, the building of many layers of cake, the stocking of blankets, the gogo packets, and distribution packages being loaded into the KAS Van to make children's live a little bit warmer and brighter.

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all the news from The Barn!

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Are you ready for a new year full of color, laughter and ideas.  Estelle is kicking us off with our first report for 2023 and it is a winner...from Estelle.

Opening Day at the KASbarn January 17 2023.
A brand new year filled with brilliant colours, thousands of squares, blankets, hand warmers and toys made with love and made possible by all our incredible contributors across the globe and all our loyal local supporters.
We wish you all a happy, healthy and peaceful 2023.
It was a busy, happy morning with fabulous post to open, packing for distributions and enjoying delicious scones from Audrey who is the first to celebrate her birthday.
Our precious Audrey truly is behind all those squares.
We missed Ronda - enjoy the last week of your holiday, it was great to see all the well rested volunteers.
Athelé who has arranged a distribution for destitute people and children who have lost their belongings in fire in an informal settlement.
Looking at the pics of the day I think it’s going to be a bumper year of colour, love and warm children.
36 beautifully knitted beanies from Karen Gordon and a fluffy toy.
20 super blankets from Liz today - love those little cars.
Fabulous Liz - the planes are from Chris Chiplen.
Gorgeous soft one from Ath.Stunning Ath love the blues and yellows, all gorgeous squares and couple more from Chris Chiplen.
One from me thanks for the large square Amy.
A masterpiece arrived in the post today, it’s absolutely fabulous Heather Mensah. Thank you.
Squares and flower motives from Elaine.
Viv was busy during her break - such a lovely blanket you have made and I love the way you joined it.Sheldon is so proud of his Nans creations.Beautiful squares Liz opened from Sandra Evanson. Imagine the beautiful blanket these will make.Lindi packing for her distribution.
My view every time I look up as Viv’s table is directly opposite mine, she never stops smiling.A hilarious impromptu crocheting lesson from Elaine. Super to see you Elaine we value the time you spend with us.I was so lucky to find your box at the bottom of the pile Amy. I adore the Christmas wreath and matching squares, as for ‘ The March of the Penguins’ they are simply the best.
Absolutely gorgeous blanket from Sara and Derek.The Gogo bags are growing most satisfactory, don't you think Wandi?
More to come next week...

Lovely to see the barn open again. So many lovely squares and blankets. Love the penguin and fox squares in particular.

Fantastic news!     It's joyful to see the happy smiley faces busying away opening our mail.    So many fabulous ideas all lovingly made.   Thank you Xx

Thanks to Sheldon and his Nan. It´s nice to see my Fox in this beautiful blanket.

From Estelle:

The following photos were sent to me by Heather Regenass of MISFITS. Goodness just look how busy you have all been enlarging squares and making blankets for Mother and Child hospital in Coronationville. Thank you all so much.

So pretty. Love the little blanket with all the heart squares in.

Thanks for sharing our news so promptly Amy. 

What a busy and colorful day was had by all in The Barn on January 24.  Hope you all enjoy the pictures and report as much as I have.  Thanks Estelle!

Opening Day at the KASbarn January 24 2023.
Another hot, happy day at the barn with no new post but enough from last week to keep us busy.
We welcomed Ronda and Norma back to a barn oozing with bight and beautiful colours and smiling faces.
Liz, Norma, Wandi, Ronda, Lindi, Vivienne, Audry and Themba
Now that it’s almost a full house of volunteers we all wish you a fabulous, creative year. We are blessed and grateful for the support we receive from our generous contributors and donors.
It was a show and tell morning with the volunteers showing us their blankets
which they lovingly made during our heatwave.
It was super to see Portia and Michael bright and early this morning. They brought 63 lovely blankets from Portia’s Gogo group.

The ladies who went to the coast absolutely loved the sea and can’t wait to return for their next holiday. See photos from The Barn 2022:
Miz Viv’s creation made with squares from Milena Korenková from The Czech Republic. Thank you Milena they are stunning and thanks to you too Viv.
Audrey loved joining these from Cath’s latest shipment.
Happy days….Norma thrives on sewing these squares from Clear Lake Methodist Church together. Great job Norma.One of Liz’s blankets using Ada’s opposite unicorns.
A beautiful Angel from Chris Chiplen and is that your snow flake Patricia?
We received the most beautiful blankets and about 700 squares from Michelle Babcock’s mum and family. Michelle and her boys also brought an incredible donation of new toys from the principal of the school where Michelle teaches. These educational toys are going to be loved by the children and their teachers.The six blankets from Michelle’s mum, cousins and aunts. Thanks Michelle and your boys for bringing these 6 blankets plus many bundles of squares in your suitcases from the USA and how considerate of your family for including the colours of our National Rugby and Cricket teams.
Wandi’s masterpiece for the week - that was quick Wands. I think the kitty is from Karla.
Gorgeous colors Ana just love Ada’s tiger cub - one of the 35 blankets she brought in today.
The following two gorgeous soft blankets are from Carol Ross.
Combined effort… Viv and I opened two massive parcels from Milena Korenková from The Czech Republic. Over seven hundred lovely squares. Wow and thank you.
Hat of the day or clown of the day…..whatever!!!  Our super hero, Estelle.
Whew! What a day.

I don't think I've made a snowflake square with that edging, but they are my teal squares just visible at the four corners of that photo. Good to see you all back!

It might be mine - Two Colour Challenge /November 17, 2021/

Definitely yours, Karla! So nice for us all to be in a blanket together.

I admire Viv´s creation made with squares from Milena Kořenková and Liz´s blanket using Ada´s opposite unicorns as well.



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