Christmas is a time for making memories – and for reminiscing about old ones. Perhaps you have a favourite memory of an event or a loved one that you would like to share by placing a decoration on our memory tree.

There are so many children in South Africa who will have too few memories to treasure. If we can help Ronda and our volunteers to share our warmth and love with even more children, we may help them create a wonderful memory about the time they received a beautiful blanket from KAS.

Please join us in decorating our tree in honour of a loved one who will be missed, or an event or happening that makes you smile – or even laugh out loud.

If you wish, say a few words about the event or person whose memory you are celebrating, in the discussion below. Add a link to the favourite Christmas song of your loved one if you choose. Please make a note of "Christmas Tree" in the message area of PayPal.

Share the memory of an event and purchase a ball or light a candle in honour of a special loved one for $7 each. Your loved one's name will appear on a ball on the tree or a candle will be lit.

Through our memories, let's send a little light into a child's life!

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Please name two balls for me: Lucija whose name day is Dec. 13th and Slavko whose birthday would be Dec.31th.  May their lights continue to shine.

I would like to light the last candle for a very special lady who passed away 2 years ago, Joyce Williams (Glenrose Friends). She loved KAS and although blind, she crocheted beautiful colourful squares and blankets for the children, bringing a 'little light' into their lives.

Christine I remember Joyce from your reports such  an amazing lady !

I would like a ball for Rachel, a friend who is battling with a very bad attack of cancer for the second time in 2 years. I hope it will help her to fight. 

I just sent off the donation of 10$, but forgot to mention that it was for the Christmas Tree.

I've added my grandparents, Paul and Helen, to our tree, the only grandparents I've ever known. Every year, they would make the almost three hour (and sometimes longer) trek to visit us at Christmas. My grandmother wouldn't add bows to the parcels for fear of squishing them. It was my job to add the bows once they arrived and my sister's job to place the bowed parcels under the tree.

Even after my grandfather passed and my grandmother moved in with my mom, Christmas was a big thing for my Nanny, asking what little "prezzie" Santa could bring and calling her grandsons her "sweeties." She passed in 2013, a few days after her 97th birthday. I continue to miss her every day and especially at Christmas.

I am a little late to the Christmas tree, but I would love to add a name, Charlotte, for our new granddaughter who arrived safely on December 28th....and a ball in memory of my Mum and Dad, Lionel and Freda and my hubby's parents, Lawrie and Betty.  (3 in total)

Congratulations on your new granddaughter!

Thanks Andrea....she is divine....and thankfully not a crier, like her father was (as a baby)

Congratulations, Bev - being a grandma is just the best!

Thank you Lesley. I think after having three sons, my hubby might just be a little bit besotted by this new addition to our family.  :))

Many congratulations Bev. Charlotte is my daughter's middle name, named after my favourite (late) Aunt, so an important name in my life too.

Thank you Patricia.  :))

What a coincidence,Charlotte's middle name is Patricia, which was my late mother-in-law's middle name. My MIL was a big part of our lives, always 'there' for us, especially when I went back to work and they would go to her house before and/or after school....they adored her.



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