Christmas is a time for making memories – and for reminiscing about old ones. Perhaps you have a favourite memory of an event or a loved one that you would like to share by placing a decoration on our memory tree.

There are so many children in South Africa who will have too few memories to treasure. If we can help Ronda and our volunteers to share our warmth and love with even more children, we may help them create a wonderful memory about the time they received a beautiful blanket from KAS.

Please join us in decorating our tree in honour of a loved one who will be missed, or an event or happening that makes you smile – or even laugh out loud.

If you wish, say a few words about the event or person whose memory you are celebrating, in the discussion below. Add a link to the favourite Christmas song of your loved one if you choose. Please make a note of "Christmas Tree" in the message area of PayPal.

Share the memory of an event and purchase a ball or light a candle in honour of a special loved one for $7 each. Your loved one's name will appear on a ball on the tree or a candle will be lit.

Through our memories, let's send a little light into a child's life!

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I would like a red ball named Stan for my dad and a candle named Lily for my mum.  My parents were the best, simple, loving and generous to a fault.  I have one Christmas memory from when I was about 6 years old. My parents always gave us our presents on Christmas morning saying that Santa had left them by the bed. I woke up and just saw a pillowcase at the end of my bed. I ran crying to my mum, saying that I'd been good but Santa hadn't left me anything.  In fact my presents were all in the pillowcase. I'd thought it was just a pile of dirty washing.  There were always lots of books in my presents but also lovely, lovely tangerines. These were a luxury at the time as there was still rationing in England at that time.

I'll make the donation right away.

Oh, what a special memory, Valerie.  I can just imagine the sinking feeling that "little Valerie" must have had ... and the elation and when she discovered that Santa had been there after all.

Your Mum and Dad had a wonderful way of making Christmas special.  Thank you for honoring them with your donation ... xo

Valerie, I loved your story!  I think I will go now and check my laundry basket just in case Santa made an early stop at my house.  Failing that, I guess I'll just wash the darn stuff!

Oh isn't this fun? I love seeing our tree fill up, and reading everyone's memories.

May I share a little story? My Mom was a bit of a psychic, especially when it came to Christmas. I know she never peeked, but she always managed to guess what was in a few of her parcels.

One year, when I was a teenager, Dad bought her a pole lamp for beside her favourite chair. We smuggled it into the house, wrapped it and hid it at the back of my closet where she would never notice it.

After all the gifts were opened, Mom asked where her last gift was. It didn't seem to be under the tree! With straight faces we asked what she thought was missing. She told us she didn't know, but she knew it was something long and skinny, and she really hoped it wasn't a fishing rod!

So, while she didn't know exactly what the gift was, she knew it was still in hiding and what shape it was.

I'm laughing just reading other people's memories.  Here goes for two people that always made my Christmas. I would like a red ball for my dad, Rudolf, and a candle for my mother, Angel(a).  I  just realised yesterday how both their names related to Christmas.  The neighbours knew that Christmas was coming when my Father would put out the life-size Nativity scene which he had made, on the front lawn.  My Mother would begin her Christmas baking in November and every evening the house was filled with the smell of baking wafting up to the angels.

Oh, what lovely Christmassy names your Mother and Dad had, Mili :)   Thank you for sharing your wonderful Christmas memory of them ... xo

I shared this song with you last year and a friend has asked me to share it again this year.  It was written by my brother, Doug, and it's sung here by Paul Eisan.  Some of the photos that accompany this video are of my family.

What a lovely song, Glo!

I would like two  candles for Mum and Dad, and a ball for my son Corin. I had trouble plus with the donate button so I paid the rent instead I hope that is OK. The memory tree is a lovely idea.

Thank you ! I have now managed to donate through the button yay ! It's always good to give Ning a rest before trying again, so KAS has won twice, for much needed funds.

I sent a Christmas donation to light a candle for "Fuzzball".  He shared 17 1/2 Christmas trees with us through good times and some dark days indeed.  He loved Christmas and the tree and decorations.  He will be missed this year.  I hope this lights a bright spot for a child - he loved the little ones. 

the tree photo is great! 

Only one candle left and up to ten balls to decorate with names. Let's get our tree decorated before Christmas!



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