Christmas is a time for making memories – and for reminiscing about old ones. Perhaps you have a favourite memory of an event or a loved one that you would like to share by placing a decoration on our memory tree.

There are so many children in South Africa who will have too few memories to treasure. If we can help Ronda and our volunteers to share our warmth and love with even more children, we may help them create a wonderful memory about the time they received a beautiful blanket from KAS.

Please join us in decorating our tree in honour of a loved one who will be missed, or an event or happening that makes you smile – or even laugh out loud.

If you wish, say a few words about the event or person whose memory you are celebrating, in the discussion below. Add a link to the favourite Christmas song of your loved one if you choose. Please make a note of "Christmas Tree" in the message area of PayPal.

Share the memory of an event and purchase a ball or light a candle in honour of a special loved one for $7 each. Your loved one's name will appear on a ball on the tree or a candle will be lit.

Through our memories, let's send a little light into a child's life!

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This discussion is going to be so much fun.  

Thanks Andrea, for making good Christmas memories for the KAS children.

You're welcome, Amy! I hope we get some fun memories.

Andrea, what a perfectly wonderful way to remember someone special. Thank you!!

Please light one candle in memory of my dear Mother and Dad.  They would be so supportive of Knit-a-Square if they were still with me, so I appreciate this opprtunity to remember them in this way.  My Mother was a very talented knitter, crocheter, and seamstress.  My Dad was a clergyman with a tremendous desire to help everyone, but especially those less fortunate.

I would also like one red ball in memory of a brother who left us way too soon.  He loved Christmas but he would always make us laugh by pretending he didn't.   His favorite expression was, "Bah, humbug!" which he would say just before giving us one of his warm and loving hugs.  Please just write "Brother" on the ball.

I will go now and make my donation and I'm looking forward to reading about the memories of others ... xo

That's beautiful, Glo. Thank you for taking the time to remember your mom, dad and brother. I can see where you get your talent from now!

Oh Andrea, how beautiful the candle and the ball look on our tree.  I love them.  Thank you!!!  xo

What a gorgeous tree. I love the KAS Star at the top.

I would like a candle in memory of my Dad and a red ball in memory of my Mom (Kay). Both of them loved Christmas and we spent almost every one of them together. My father's name was Harold, but starting December 1 each year, we would rename him Hark (for Hark the Herald Angels Sing). Mom baked endless goodies for us each year. There was always 'room for one more' at the Christmas table, so when I was a student nurse, I would bring several of my classmates who did not have Christmas off, home with me to share the feast.

Here's a link to White Christmas for Mom and to Hark the Herald Angels Sing for Dad

Thank you Andrea for creating this beautiful tree! My parents loved Christmas and I have very happy memories of their smiling faces on Christmas morning as they watched their children opening Christmas presents. I would love to have a ball with both their names on .... Des & Joan. Wonderful parents.

would also like a ball for my grandparents..... Tom & Ivy who loved being a part of the chaotic household when all the family gathered together at Christmas.

Thank you, I will now make my donation.

Thank you Anne and Chris for sharing your special memories. 

Anne, I love both those songs (actually, I love most all Christmas music).  I can just imagine the fun and laughter at your house when your Dad's Christmas name came into play :)

Chris, I completely understand grandparents who like to be part of the chaotic household at Christmas.  For many years, my grandmother and her sister would be part of our chaos ... and they loved it!

Our tree becomes even more beautiful with the addition of each Christmas memory ... xo

Please would you light a candle for our Mum - Rosina who died in 2010 - as each year passes since that time my brother and I realise just what a wise woman she was. She guided us beautifully, but also allowed us to become who we are.

She was totally selfless, and, after being comatose for several days, when she briefly opened her eyes and spoke 2 days before passing, she asked, "Are you alright?"  That was our Mum, selfless to the very last!

Pam, thank you for sharing this very special memory of your Mum.  Sounds like she was a wonderful woman indeed ... xo

Please light a candle for my sweet daughter Caitlyn who went to heaven after being here with us only 8 days.  I'm so looking forward to the day when we are reunited again!  I made a donation through Pay Pal.

Joy, your memories of Caitlyn are incredibly special, I'm sure.  Her candle will be a beautiful light on our tree and a child in SA will be warmed because of it.  Thank you ... xo



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