I remember as a child that cars started to have go faster stripes on them, so I looked it up for this month’s introduction……..


In 1964, the Shelby Daytona Coupe would use the converse blue with white stripes and would compete in the 1964 and 1965 24 Hours of Le Mans.[5]

Road cars and "go-faster stripes"

The first road car to implement racing stripes was the 1965 Ford Mustang GT350.From the 1960s, stripes have sometimes been applied to road cars as well as racing cars. Such cars as the Renault 8 Gordini had stripes fitted as standard.[ They are sometimes referred to as "go-faster stripes" on road car.


Of course, our squares will not go faster or feel warmer due to stripes, but they do look lovely.  Here are a few examples of striped squares that have been done in the past.  Remember that stripes can be in a wide variety of thicknesses



Many animals have striped bodies.  If you enjoy making toys any of the following would fit with the theme and make an interesting toy – or theme – for your to knit or crochet:  Tiger · Zebra · Bumblebee · Striped Marlin · Okapi · Mackerel Tabby Cat · Chipmunk · Skunk.  Maybe you can use a picture of one of these animals to inspre the colours you use in your stripes? A while back we did. month inspired by sweets - many of those were striped - like the candy canes we get at Christmas for on our trees.  There are so many striped inspirations once you start looking.


Of course, striped knitting does have one drawback – you have ends to sew in where you change from one colour to the next.  This is why many people prefer to use variegated yarns – you get the striped effect without any ends – sometimes the yarn does the work to make the square almost look like a fairisle pattern.  I would like to point out that the diagonal squares and the mitred squares look particularly good in variegated yarns.  Or in stripes.

 I can't wait to see all the lovely stripes wee are going to make this month





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Those striped squares are gorgeous! And the yellow gold is such a nice bright colour - I can't wait to see them in blankets.

Thank you ✔️.     It's Patons Fab Dk + is pretty soft.   I have to say the blanket I've knit in it is beautiful and it's very soft X

I love them all Karen :))

I agree with Chris. All is beautiful

Lovely work, Karen. Are those PJs from the new pattern book?

Oh! Now I've just read your post in the Let's Talk Shop discussion.

* * *   I should perhaps have noted after this photograph that the first of the yellow PJ's (on the left) is Square 1 The Basketweave Square from the 35 Squares Make a Blanket booklet available for FREE from the KAS Shop now - why not pick yourself up a copy - it is full of an amazing selection of knitting patterns/stitches for 8" squares. * * *

It is a lovely square and a great gift for the blanket makers to have all these lovely patterns and for the book to be FREE as well makes it even better - thanks to the designer who donated her time and patterns!!

Great collection, Karen.  Bright and full of texture for little fingers.  Lovely!

Your variegated squares look DE-LISH, Karen!! Can't wait to see your blanket.  :))

Lovely bright yellow in your textured squares and your hats. You are soooo neat!!

I love the yellow - such a bright and jolly colour.  Great patterns - I see later on you point out that they are from the FREE pattern booklet in the Shop.  Well done.

2021 August Theme - Va Va Va Voom Variegateds and Spectacular Stripes.

Well, I'm only six days late for August...I'm practically on time....haha.
Nine variegated squares knitted in Birch yarn.

Now I just need to knit a couple of August CoMs and I am ready for September.  :))



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