Hi Everyone.

My sincere apologies for not 'putting this out there', sooner, as I know many of you like to plan ahead........

JANUARY...Bev.....The longest time

Yarn that we have had 'forever' in a hidden corner 'somewhere'. We may have bought it as a bargain or for a specific project and then for some reason it has either been forgotten or we have lost interest in it.

FEBRUARY....Karen...Opposites Attract

Neons and Brights combined (or separate) with all those dull greys, browns, dark blues/greens and black.

MARCH....Glo...What's your favourite?


APRIL...Bev....Night At the Circus

The sights, the animals, the acts, the colours of the circus.

MAY....Amy....Vroom Vroom

Anything that moves, bikes, cars, trains, rocket ships, wagons, helicopters and the like. Colours representative of.

JUNE....Patricia.....The Unforeseen Theme

For those random purchases we make or patterns we feel like trying, just because we want to. One's we end up doing with no intention or by accident.

July....Amy....Go for gold

Olympic inspired squares.  Medal colours, rings/ colours and pics, flags/colours  of competing countries...anything and everything related to the Olympics.

AUGUST....Rebecca Price...Sweets for My Sweet

There are so many bright colours in Smarties and M&Ms as well as the stripes of seaside rock candy sticks and humbug sweets.  The stripes of candy canes at Christmas and of peppermint sweets with their green and white.

SEPTEMBER...Karen....ABC, 123

Plain Janes (solid colour squares) in paintbox colours, Letters, short words, numbers, appliques depicting short words. e.g. dog, cat, fish, car, sun.

OCTOBER....Gardener's Delight....Susan D.

Let's re-create our KAS garden from 2019 in riotous colour (pjs), flower pics and appliques.

NOVEMBER.....Anne...Put on a Happy Face

Animal faces, people faces, emojis. Musical instruments, notes, colours of instruments or songs with a 'colour' in it. 

DECEMBER....Patricia...Better Late than never

Completing squares/blankets that weren't finished during the year, during specific themes. Creating squares from all those leftover 'bits' of yarn/balls/skeins that were started in earlier themes.

Sometimes a photo can say so much more than words can express.....
Please remember these joyful faces as we knit and crochet in the year ahead.
We have the ability with our love, imaginations, needles, hooks and yarn to brighten the lives of vulnerable children in South Africa, as we make and send squares, blankets, hats, hand warmers and toys to Ronda and her wonderful team of volunteers to distribute to the children.
So let us bring JOY to as many children as we can in 2020!
Thank you, Chris. Your inspirational 'umbrella' of JOY will certainly set our 'ideas wheels' in motion.
Thank you so much Everyone, who will be able to host a theme or two....it's gonna be FUN!! I can't wait to see the creations crafted for 'our' children.
Hey Santa!! That's our yarn!!

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Cheers Bev - some super ideas to inspire us all ❤️

Wonderful and inspirational ideas!!

These are great!

Great themes, Bev. - Looking forward to them. I haven’t been able to do any crocheting or sewing since May. I thought I’d wrenched my shoulder when I was helping my Mum which was affecting my arm and hand, but it turned out to be a nerve in my neck which was causing a problem. I’ve been having physio and it’s much better.  I’ve been crocheting a couple of rows every day for the past couple of weeks and it’s going well, So I’m thrilled! I’ve been lost without it.

I can only imagine how frustrating this must have been for you, Marion. I get cranky if I've been busy and not been able to knit for a couple of days. Thank goodness  they were able to get to the bottom of the problem.

I was only thinking, a week or so ago, (when looking through some of the old postings in the Blanket Room) that I hadn't seen you or your crafting for a while. I had forgotten that you had mentioned some time back that you were suffering with shoulder probs.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and good health in 2020.   xo

Can't wait for the new year to get started on these amazing themes.

Bev, faces are not my thing, but if no one has stepped up yet to do the November theme, I would be glad to take a run at it.  Surely if I start now, I can be ready by November.

Oh wow, Anne, really??? That would be GREAT!! Thank you, so much.  :))

Hi Bev, I have not been on Kas website for quite some time, but this morning had an email from KasSquare Podcast! What a lovely surprise! I listened in to Sandy MacDonald talking about the early days of Knit A Square, and how reminiscent it was. I am one of the really early Knit A Square people from those days. I have sent numerous parcels over the years, but then my friend passed away who was crocheting squares with me, my husband had health problems, I got macular degeneration in both eyes, and we were up against it with life in general. i stopped sending my squares because Australia Post increased costs so much, and at the time $66.00 quoted for my parcel stopped me in my tracks. Our finances weren't stretching too well at the time. I cried as I brought my box of squares home again, and put them in the cupboard. BUT I still have the box, and am going to repack it and send to South Africa. COVID19 has closed borders, but not closed hearts. I am still able to knit with 8ply wool and come what may, I'm sending to my favourite place - Knit A Square. The cupboard is bulging with crochet and knitting squares and they have to go off to where they are needed most. Thankyou to the KASPodcast email to bring me back into the fold.  Kind regards Jeannie Killer, Bargara, Qld. Australia.

What a fabulous message and personal sentiment. ❤️

Sending you love - what a moving testimony.

Hi Jeannie. Soooo lovely to see you on the forum. Sorry to hear of the passing of your friend, it is always that extra bit special when you can share a purpose, cause or interest/passion with a friend.

It sounds like you have certainly had your share of trials. I hope that your macular degeneration is under control, as much as is possible......and that hubby is doing ok, too.

Before you get your packages ready, it may be an idea to check with your post office, as to whether they are posting to South Africa, yet. I think there may be restrictions on which countries they are sending to and whether South Africa are accepting parcels from Australia. I know my house is inundated with squares and toys at the moment, as I haven't inquired at my post office, here in West Oz, as yet..

Take care, stay safe...and most of all...welcome back.  xo



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