Hi Everyone.

I would like to thank you all so much for your suggestions for themes for 2022. I have compiled a list, including as many as possible.

January- All creatures Great and Small -  From the smallest bug to the tallest giraffe. Colours in PJs, stripes or patterns of  animals. Appliques, embroidery or intarsia/duplicate stitching of animals.                           CoM - Pink.  Bev

February- Vivacious variegateds, Stupendous Stripes and Dazzling Diagonals.                   CoM - Purple  Gloria 

March - Educate Me - Numbers, Letters, colours, short words.             CoM - Blue.  Karen

April - Let's Celebrate - Special occasions throughout the year and throughout the world. Easter, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Mandela Day, La Tomatina...to name a few. CoM Red  Bev

May - Under an African Sky - African animals, flora, colours, flag.     CoM - Yellow  Amy

June - Like Night and Day -  Colour opposites.

E.g. Neons/dark, pale/dark of the same colour. Could be done in solid colour squares, stripes, half and half or other patterns. CoM - Turquoise Patricia

July - Things That Move - Cars, trucks, aeroplanes, trains, diggers, rockets and colours representative of. CoM - Orange.  Amy 

August - Give Me A Hug - Hearts, teddies colours....anything that makes you feel warm and fuzzy. CoM - Lavender  Marion

September - Nature's Beauty - The wonders of the four seasons. Colours, flora, Spring babies. CoM- Green.  Karen

October - Under the Sea - Marine life, shells, colours of the sand and sea.  CoM - Blue.  Rebecca

November - What's Your Favourite? Colours, patterns, textures.            CoM - Brown.  Bev

December - Bits 'n' Pieces - End of year where we can use up all the scraps we have accumulated throughout the year and also finish off bits and pieces (projects/squares) that fell by the wayside during the year. 

CoM - Red.  Patricia

Please remember that PJ squares are so important when creating our blankets, so even if you think a theme is 'not for you'  solid colour squares representative of that theme will ALWAYS be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi Karen. My apologies, I have been humming and haaing over doing Animal House in January, as I know Jan is quite often hard to fill, being just after Christmas and all. I'll fill January, unless you really want to....and then perhaps you might consider another sometime from July to Nov?...pretty please???  :))

Righto, put me in for September, Nature's Beauty + GREEN.   No problem X

Aw thanks, Karen...much appreciated.  :))

Hi Bev. I’d like to have Give Me A Hug in August.  I think It’s about time I offered to host a theme!

Thanks sooo much, Marion!!! That would be super!!!  :))

Weeey get in Marion,  you'll enjoy it!    ✔️✔️✔️

Hi Everyone. I have been meaning to update the themes and hosts for forever. I was just hoping you could all read my mind.  :))

I have updated details for 2022 in this intro, so as to avoid too many discussion pages and confusion...mainly for me...haha.

If I have stated anything incorrectly, please feel free to tell me and for those who have not picked a CoM, please let me know so that I can add it to the intro. Thanks so much everyone.  :))

Thanks, Bev.  I guess I was thinking you could read my mind ... hahaha  I was thinking to choose blue for my February CoM but I see Karen has chosen it for March.  So ... rather than have blue 2 months in a row (which wouldn’t bother me at all ;) I'll choose purple.  Not blue, but close ...haha ... xo

Could I have Turquoise for June, and preferably Red again for December.

(I've already started on some Pink squares for January in anticipation of you choosing that for your CoM so I obviously can read your mind!)

I will take yellow.

I will do July Things that Move with Purple.  Purple doesn't seem to have been picked yet.


Thanks for all your prompt replies, Ladies.  :))

Hahaha, you are indeed a mind reader, Patricia....though I think I would have to give you a harder task, just to be sure you can read my mind.  LOVE turquoise for June and yes to red in December.  :))

Thank you so much for putting your hand up for July as well, Amy.  :))  Glo has already asked for purple in March in an earlier reply, but there is no reason why we can't have it again.  :))

Orange works, then.



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