Welcome Everyone to our discussion on Themes for 2021.

Please be encouraged to participate in the suggestion of themes for next year. The more the merrier.

It maybe an old favourite you'd like to revisit...or something we've never done before. All suggestions gratefully received.

If you should like to host a theme...that would be wonderful...and if you've never hosted before, we are here to help and support.

September ABC. 123.  Plain Janes  FUDGE Handwarmers - Sweet for My Sweet Aug 2020 Theme

Training for Gold  July. Go for the Gold.  JULY - Go for the Gold

Basket-weave Square  Monkey, elephant and tiger  The Unforeseen Theme June 2020

M arch 2  Unforeseen - a toadstool  Clear the Decks 2

As you can see, our themes give thought to many different square designs. 

Your ideas please?

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I shall start the 'ideas ball' rolling.  :))

I would like to revisit For The Longest Time....as I STILL have soooo much yarn that I have had for the longest time...haha.

Also I  would like a theme that championed variegated, stripes and diagonals. (not necessarily altogether).

Well, I won't spoil it for everyone, let's see how many more ideas can be shared.  :))

 Hiya I'd still really like to roll with a theme each month.   Off the top of my head I'd definitely pick The Longest Time, and Variegated and stripes.   In the past I've also enjoyed Hearts, Opposites and African colours, leftover use is also a must in my mind.    Could we do animals or food maybe?

I like the themes that take us down Memory Lane - this year's Sweets for my Sweet was a cracker. I get most of my ideas from nature so Seasons is a good one for me. I'd be happy to host the traditional December end of year tidy up theme again.

I like the nostalgia element of biscuits, Rebecca, but surely most biscuits are beige (or brown if they're chocolate coated) so not a very colourful month!

Including bikkies with sweets might work? Here in Oz we have tic tok biscuits, which remind me of something similar we had when I was a kid. It has a pic of a clock imprinted into the bikkie on one side and on the other it has a circle of crispy icing on the other. The icing is usually in light pinks, blue, yellow, from memory....or the hundreds and thousands bikkies. There are raspberry shortcakes, iced vovos, triple wafers, monte carlos, lemon crisps, custard creams, orange slice.....and don't get me started on the Tim Tams....hahaha.

Thanks so much for offering to host again, Patricia and Rebecca.....yay!!

Aha - tried to alter a spelling error and have deleted all my reply....... Impressive!!

re the biscuits - often they are wrapped in bright coloured packs or foils.  Chocolate biscuits are brown not being.  There are pink wafers and also party ring biscuits...... short breads with glistening red cherries on top....... I bet we could come up with some lovely colours and patterns of we all put our heads together :)

How about a challenge just using only two colours in a square, any two colours chosen by the creator, however in any combination, stripes, marled, diagonals, ….

I fancy a trip to Australia now to sample their biscuit range - you have real variety by the sounds of this!   I like the seasons idea, and the 2 colour idea sounds great too, a bit different.    Could we do “Sunshine“, yellows orange + bright colours  maybe, or "In the pink" using pinks + purples?  

I'd be happy to host too. 

Yes, I think we're missing out on the biscuit front over here Karen. The only coloured ones I can think of are pink wafers and party rings - and they're both pale pink!

There are some very good ideas already forming in this discussion.  Thanks so much for posting Bev.

I looked in the archives and saw that we hadn't done neons in a long while.  There was also a challenge/theme called around the world way back in 2014.  With the Olympics moving to 2021 that might be fun.

You can put me down for hosting in 2021.

Some good ideas!

- What about adding cakes to the biscuits idea, I can visualise chocolate, lemon, angel, battenburg, iced buns, cup cakes and all sorts of pretty icing. It would be a chance to walk down memory lane and enjoy the sweet goodies without the calories and learn about each others sweet treats

- I loved the ’Favourites’  theme that we had, favourite yarn, colours,  patterns,  designs etc

- What about ‘Be Bold’, a chance to use bold, bright colours together.... this would be great theme for PJ’s, grannies, and stripes.

- If we were able to ask the children who receive our blankets what they would like, apart from warmth, I wonder what they would say? I can imagine all sorts of answers, but I guess the suggestions might include: animals, birds, fish and sea creatures, flowers, rainbows, cars, trucks, trains and planes, space, bright colours, abc, counting, and lots more. These are parts of themes that we often use, so if they are what the children enjoy, I reckon we should use these ‘regulars’.

Thanks Ladies for all your fab suggestions. I will begin to collate and put into intro in the next couple of days.  :))

Mili, you read my mind. I had been thinking of a set number of colours challenge. A family of children that I babysit for like to have what they call a 'three marker' challenge, where you have to colour in a picture using only three set colours....fun!!

Thank you Karen and Amy for offering to host.  :))



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