Hi Everyone.

My apologies for posting this discussion a little late this year. There has not been enough hours in the day, of late.

Thankfully, a few weeks back, our dear friend, Chris Chiplen contacted me regarding an idea for our 'umbrella'. Our umbrella is the theme/thought that connects our monthly themes together and inspires us to create squares, hats, toys and handwarmers for 'our' children in South Africa.

You may recall that Chris provided our 'umbrella'  for this year....."Think Like A Kid', which has had us creating squares, toys, handwarmers and hats that a child would love and enjoy. Personally, I think Chris has outdone herself for the coming year......and here it is...our KAS Umbrella for 2018........


Lots of squares, blankets, hand warmers hat and toys.
Our love and care in every stitch.
Volume...... so there are always enough items for every needy child.
Every child receiving our knitted and crocheted items will know that they are valued and loved.
Well, being so impressed and more than a little cheeky, I asked Chris if she would like to suggest some monthly themes....what a gal....she provided heaps!  Along with some very good suggestions from our Mods, I have compiled a list for you all consider. I would also LOVE it if you would provide feedback on the list.....AND provide some suggestions of your own, where possible. (I know I've lost my 'thinking cap' at the moment!)
Bearing in mind that I am rather late getting this 'out there' and that some folk like to organize themselves for a few months or a year ahead when planning their crafting, or yarn purchases, I will look to finalizing a list of themes on November 20th.
Mother Nature's Marvels - the seasons, oceans, gardens, flowers, birds, 
     animals etc.
All things African - Nelson Mandela, African colours, Flag, African animals, 
      Football team, etc
     (Theme early in the year to reach SA in plenty of time for squares to be sewn    
     into blankets for Mandela Day in July)
 Celebrating Yarn - textures, weights, plain colours, variegated, neon etc
 Love at Christmas - All things Christmas (Made in time to reach SA and be
      included in blankets before December).
Sharing Our Favourites - whether it be a pattern, stitch, technique, colour, 
      or embellishment (can include all favourites...grannies, CtoC, Tunisian etc).
Think Girls! Colours and 'girly' embellishments 
Think Boys! -  Colours, cars, trains, planes etc
 The Nations of the World - flags and national emblems, perhaps other  
      things that we associate with a particular country e.g. Africa / lion;  India / 
      snake; Canada / bear etc.
The Wonder of Learning -  counting, ABC, colours etc. 
Jewels - precious or semi precious stones (I'm thinking of the variety of 
      colours of the stones and using them to make jewelled blankets, hand 
      warmers etc). Ruby reds, emerald green, sapphire blues, violet amethyst
Plain Jane Boost! - Let us boost the numbers of PJ's, the backbone of KAS.
Happy Scrappies - using up scraps from our yarn stash to make room for new stash 
       for the New year!
Bold and Bright - Bring out all your neons and super bright colours to make those blankets really POP! 
 Autumn Glory -  reds, oranges, yellows and browns.....and/or pic sqs that reflect Autumn.
Teddy Bears Picnic - Toys, teddy squares...
Warm Hands, Warm Hearts - Handwarmers, 'heart' squares, pjs in pink and red.
Dazzling Diagonals and Stunning Stripes - Diagonals and striped squares add pizzazz to any blanket
Thanking you in advance for your support and participation.
Bev xo

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I'm feeling inspired by all of these, Bev, and already planning ahead!  Another suggestion, though 'I Do Like to be Beside the Seaside' - sea, sand, sun and all manner of sea creatures?

Some awe inspiring ideas here, well done Bev, Chris and the Mods. I love the idea of Happy Scrappies and Boost the Plain Jane's combined, this could produce some amazing squares.

Thanks Ladies for your positive feedback and great suggestions. Already I have 'I do like to be beside the seaside' running through my head, this will make falling asleep interesting, as I am just heading off to bed.....lol.

Couldn't resist, I had to find it on youtube. A fun memory from my (long ago) childhood.


Seaside rock colours as well...........?

Rebecca, this is a very neat idea to add to a theme.  Perhaps the "Jewels" theme ??  They are, after all, jewels of the sea:)  Or the "Mother Nature" theme, since the wave action Mother Nature creates always brings a new display of these little treasures to the shore.  Or the PJ theme ... there would be a wide variety of colors to choose from.

One naturally thinks of rocks being ... well ... grey.  Not so!  Depending on where you live in the world, the rocks, stones, and pebbles you will find at the water's edge can be a wide range of colors.  And sea glass, too!  The beaches along our north shore yield a very different collection of color than those on the eastern or southern shores ...xo

Aha - that has not translated out into USA English.......... Seaside rock is a hard boiled candy in sticks that is sold at the seaside in the UK.  It comes in a wide variety of colours and even stripes - very pretty and an essential part of going to the seaside as a child :)

Here (I hope) is a link - look it up on Google to see all the amazing pictures of the colours.

Seaside Rock

Rebecca, I must admit that in spite of being brought up with traditional seaside rock, I interpreted your suggestion in the same way as Gloria :))  I suppose on visits to the coasts of Northumberland and Western Scotland in recent years I've been more attracted to the rocks than the 'rock'!  But when it comes to colours for squares, etc, I guess both would work!

LOL ... lost in the translation!  Sorry, Rebecca, but I didn't know about the candy :)))  The colors really are gorgeous!  We can take inspiration from so many things around us.  I agree, Lesley, that our inspiration can come from either :) xo

I must have a sweet tooth - "seaside rock" only meant "candy" to me!

Yes, I'm afraid it didn't translate for me here in Oz, either. I was thinking beige with a little grey thrown in....much prefer the type of rock you were meaning, Rebecca...gorgeous colours!!  :))

Some super ideas. I was drawn to Sharing our Favourites as it's always interesting to see other people's preferences whereas each contributor is working on whatever they enjoy the most - win/win.



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