Here is the list folks.....and a HUMONGOUS THANK YOU to all of you able to host a theme in 2019. It really is much appreciated and Team SA were really chuffed to have been consulted for theme ideas. Thank you to our forum members who also provided some fun ideas.  :))

JANUARY...TOYS - CUTE, CUDDLY, HUGGABLE LOVE......time to fill up the KASBarn toy chest again, with lovingly made or caringly selected new and pre-loved toys. Squares in toy colours, picture squares or patterned that are representative of.

Hosted by Amy.

FEBRUARY.....A SLICE OF AFRICA....African-fabric-inspired designs/colours, traditional houses, cooking implements, flora and fauna unique to or commonly found, in Africa. Mandela Day. Hosted by Amy

MARCH.....A IS FOR APPLE.......Educational squares using colours, letters, numbers, short words, appliques/pics. Anything that stimulates learning.

Hosted by Gloria

APRIL....LOVE IS IN THE AIR......Colours of love....stripes of red, pink and white, appliques and knitted/crocheted-in hearts, cupids, etc. Hosted by Valerie

MAY....TOE TAPPIN' FINGER SNAPPIN' MUSIC........Djembe drums and other African musical instruments, piano keys, guitars, trumpets, musical notes, etc. and colour squares representative of. Hosted by Bev

JUNE...SEASONAL DELIGHTS.........Squares in colours/designs that celebrate your favourite or least favourite season. Fruits, trees, flowers of South Africa. Hosted by Lesley

JULY....EMOJI FUN.......emoji smiley faces and others.....or representative colours. Hosted by Karen G.

AUGUST...ON THE FARM....Farm animals, barns, machinery, scenes, colours that remind you of farms. Hosted by Rebecca

SEPTEMBER....CELESTIAL SENSATIONS......Planets, stars, moon, sun, rainbows, clouds, sky. Appliques, knitted/crocheted-in designs, colours of. Astrological star signs. Hosted by Sue G.

OCTOBER....LUCKY CELEBRATIONS.......This could include lucky symbols e.g. shamrock for St. Patrick's OR a solid green square, numbers, dice, horseshoe, or anniversaries using golden yellow/silver grey colours (or a motif). It could cover birthday, Christmas, International Days (flags), festival days, etc., with picture squares, solid or patterned squares. Hosted by Susan D.

NOVEMBER.....ROAD SAFETY......(colours of) traffic lights, stop/go (and other) road signs, driving/roadway scenes. Hosted by Bev

DECEMBER......CLEAR THE DECKS......Yes, it's approaching year's end. Time to clear the decks with some stashbusting squares that are going to make room for your (yarn) Christmas pressies. Hosted by Patricia

Thank you to Chris Chiplen for inspiring us with a beautiful, mindful umbrella.....

Our Umbrella Theme for 2019 is….. CHILDREN ….. for they are the focus of all that we do!

C Colour….. We can help bring colour into the lives of children with all that we make and send.

H Happiness….We hope that what we send brings each child warmth and a little happiness.

I I can make a small, but significant difference to the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children, from the comfort of my own home.

L Love…. We hope the children feel the love and care crafted into every stitch.

D Delivery …. We all need to make and send as much as we are able, to ensure that every needy child has a blanket, hat, hand warmers and a toy delivered to them by Ronda and her wonderful team.

R Remember that whenever Ronda receives a parcel from each of us, whether it be large or small she has to pay the same post office charge. So one larger parcel is better than two smaller ones!

E Every time we send a parcel, please put a zero value on the custom form, or Ronda will be charged a custom duty that she can’t afford.

N May the caring hearts and hands of our KAS members, from the many nations of the world, continue to work together in 2019 to help bring warmth and a little joy to vulnerable children in South Africa.

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Thank you All....and happy crafting in 2019.  xo

Thank YOU, Bev for all you do for KAS - so many hats -  And hosting twice next year?!?!? You're a GEM as Amy said it so well. Thanks again. This is a GREAT list for 2019. 

Oh wow Bev, I only posted a couple of days ago about looking forward to the 2019 theme list as I hadn’t contributed much this year, (busy with others things) and what do you know..... here it is. Thank you........Shall start thinking!!!!!!!

Thank you so much Bev for co-ordinating the themes list and hosts for next year....... not an easy task! Some interesting new themes too :))

A great list, but what a task...and thank you, Bev, for including my theme.

Lots to think about for next year, although mustn't get ahead of myself seeing as I still have squares to finish off from earlier themes...note to self: clear the decks first ;)

Well I just happen to have wool that can be used for each month's theme, some of it was gifted!  I should really start now lol xxxx



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