to you all

for taking the time to read and offer suggestions for themes in 2021.

We now have a wonderful collection of varied ideas/themes

and also a new accompaniment to these themes, in the PJ-CoM.

Each month we will have a Colour of the Month, with which we

can make PJ (single coloured squares) in the colour that your host has suggested....an added bit of fun and variation.  :))

Here is our list of themes, hosts and PJCoMs.

January.... Safari Through Africa..... Amy....PJCom....Yellow/gold

February....Go Bold..... Karen....PJCoM.....Orange

March.....New to Me..... Gloria....PJCoM.....Pink

April.......Sweet Treats..... Bev.....PJCoM......Black

May.....Celebrations..... Valerie.....PJCoM....Green

June.....Hearts and Flowers......Patricia....PJCoM......Lilac

July.......Around the World....Bev....PJCoM....Blue

August....Va va Voom Variegateds and Spectacular Stripes...Rebecca....PJCoM....Yellow

September....Colour Memories.....Karen......PJCoM....Grey

October.....Waiting to be Chosen....Chris....PJCoM...Purple

November.....Two Colour Challenge....Susan....PJCoM....Brown

December....Free For All.....Patricia....PJCoM....Red

Each year, we like to gather our themes together under an

umbrella, keeping us mindful of whom we are creating our crafting for and what our mission is, in our contributions to 'our children'.

This year, our dear friend, Chris has created another thoughtful umbrella.

Our Umbrella Theme for 2021 is ….. FUN


Our children in South Africa have so little, and they have endured even more difficulties in 2020. Wouldn’t it be great if we could not only send them warmth, but a little FUN too?


So let us in 2021, with our needles, hooks, yarn, appliqués and imaginations, send......

Fun squares, hats, hand warmers and toys from our Unstoppable, creative members, who want to help Nurture vulnerable children in South Africa by sharing warmth and love and bring a little FUN into their lives.

Bear Under Umbrella, Umbrella Clipart, Umbrella, Bear PNG Transparent Clipart Image and PSD File for Free Download in 2020 | Clip art, Colorful umbrellas, Paint background

Please enjoy and take inspiration, if needed, from this collage of photos created by Chris, from our members creations.

Thank you all for the sunshine you have bought to the lives of the children this year, in your crafting.

Many thanks to those who are able to host a theme or two next year. It is going to be

F. U. N!!!!

Wishing you all Happy Holidays.... and hoping that you have been good gals and guys, so that the man in the big red suit might just pop a little something extra in your stocking.  xo



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Thank you for your time and persistence in preparing and presenting these themes, hosts and PJCom ideas Bev - it must take a lot of patience!

Roll on another creative year full of FUN.

Thanks Patricia, I am enjoying a quiet little bop to your tune. Was a fan of both bands, back in the 70s.  :))  Rick Parfitt was so cute....hahaha.

Bev and Chris, you have done an incredible job pulling this all together for a new year of FUN and creativity.

Thank you so much.

I am looking forward to 2021! I hope it's a much better year for everyone. :)

Me too, Megan.....we can only hope....and keep crafting.  :))

Dear Bev, thank you!  You have done an amazing job of pulling everything - and everyone! - together to come up with this intriguing list.  Looks like 2021 is going to be a FUN year for KAScrafters, too :))) ... xo

What a great job you all have done.   Special thanks to Bev for pulling it all together, and for Patricia for that FUN, FUN, FUN link (a version I had never seen before)   

But, do my eyes deceive me???   Gloria is doing pink, and Bev is doing blue!   Has Covid turned our lives completely upside down?   You are two brave souls!   And it will be fun!

LOL ... Sharon, you read it correctly so please let me explain.  You see, the theme I plan to host in March is "New to Me".  Since pink is the "newest to me" colour I could come up with, I eagerly chose ... or I guess not eagerly, but happily chose... er, well, maybe not happily but willingly ... or ... um ... oh, okay, so I grudgingly chose that dreaded "P" colour ... hehehe

Bev showing up in blue in Snippets was purely inadvertent ... maybe not exactly inadvertent, but accidental ... well, perhaps not truly accidental, but unintentional ... or maybe not completely unintentional, but ... um .. oh ... well ... you know what I mean ... hahaha ... xo

Thanks so much for the explanation, Gloria.   Now I understand completely.   Well, maybe not completely, but surely ... ok, not really, but I'm sure I understand somewhat,   Or maybe I really don't understand at all, but I'm sure it will be clear by the time those months roll around.  Well, maybe not clear, but perhaps translucent, or ... um, maybe just a bit fuzzy .... but still FUN!

You got it!  I knew you'd understand ... ... ... xo

Oh Glo and Sharon, your banter has me laughing, as my head is totally mush (and surely I'm not the only one) at the moment....your explanations are beginning to make sense....not....hahaha



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