Here is the KAS SQUARE MEASURE for members to download - printed onto card (double-sided), or, paper placed back-to-back they make great hand-outs for spreading-the-word about Knit-a-Square. Cut to the size of an 8x8inch, or, 20x20cm.

Thanks to Adelina, the KAS Square Measure.pdf file now has a dotted line to make cutting-out easier.

As members knit or crochet they can hold their work over the jig to keep an idea of the sizing, especially when it is nearly time to stop! Then they will be the exact size of square that KAS needs for the stitchers to turn into blankets.


They can be used as a flyer, for they contain all the information that anyone would need in order to start knitting or crocheting for KAS!

At the bottom of the page is the pdf.file for downloading.




KAS Square Measure.pdf


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Thanks Pam.  This will be so helpful to hand out to interested knitters/crocheters.

Hopefully Linda, it will make the lives of the stitchers sewing the blankets together easier. We will need the help of our wonderful members to spread-the-word, as the issue of square sizes is becoming a problem for the team in South Africa. The emphasis needs to be on the 8x8" or 20x20cm  -  as somehow, Chinese whispers have slipped around the world and too many varying shapes and sizes are being received!

It is wonderful that people care enough to send, but it is difficult to store some rectangles or extra-large sizes arrive until another similar 34 arrive!!  Sadly, some have to be frogged by the courageous Yvette.

I imagine the fact that there's a bit of 'give' in knitting particularly, and also in crochet, will compensate for that. As you say Dana, the ruler is a bit small but my white square is exactly 8" and that's easier to measure by. I think the aim is  to get people to make actual squares and not rectangles - of the ones I get given many are too short. These will make great handouts as they're very attractive.

Sorry Dana, I've added a note in red to see if we can solve this slight problem. We think that when the measures are turned into pdf.files they must shrink a fraction.

Your squares would have been used Dana as they were only a fraction out - the stitchers would have stretched them into place.

The problem occurs when Ronda receives 8x10" or more inches, and, sadly, it is on the increase - they simply are not square!  They have to be set aside until more of the same arrive, but it can be a long wait and in the end all that lovely work has to be frogged, so, at least the yarn gets used.

We will be creating a discussion page with photographs of some of the 'not-so-square-squares' and asking members for suggestions and solutions to this problem!

Hi Dana, sending squares that are 7.75 inches wouldn't be a problem for the sewers.   The problem is with squares that arrive which are 6 inches or 9 inches or unfortunately, too often,  not squares at all.  I have received donations of 'squares' that are beautifully made but for some reason are 8 inches wide and 10 inches long !   I know I asked her to make squares [and gave her a ruler] but somehow she made rectangles.  These are extremely difficult to fit into blankets.  I keep the rectangles until I have enough to make a Go-Over.

To make the ruler 8 inches I had to unclick the 'fit to page' setting. As you mentioned it has something to do with North American sized paper.

Thanks Linda, you have explained it a lot better then me!

It seems we were both typing at the same time :-)

Dana, I take that back about the ruler fitting !  I just printed a new copy of the Square Measure and it is 1/8 inch short !!!  I must have been thinking about the KASrulers :-(

However the measure is so close that it won't be a problem.  The Square Measure will give new knitters/crocheters a good idea that we need square squares.

It is OK Dana, you have probably given voice to what a lot of people may also have been thinking.  We need this debate to catch on!

I have found the comments very interesting. It answers some of the reasons that members have sent non-200mm squares. I like the idea of handing out the square.

My husband cut me out a 200x200mm square from a cereal box last year and he is still amazed when I pick it up to check my squares. It is such a useful tool. I also jot on the blank side how many stitches I need for certain wool because as you all know the ply can vary such a lot. If I get caught with a square being too narrow, I crochet or pick up and knit an edge on when I finish it.

The length is always right because of my cardboard square template.

Thank you Maudie, that is an excellent suggestion to make a note of how many stitches are required for each different yarn ply!  

Great idea, thank you - this is a nice way of gently telling our many knitters that this is the aim.  Now please can you invent something to say "please knit squares, not hats"! LOL This is our current problem - we are completely inundated by hats and I know Ronda is too.



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