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Knit A Square Barn 2021

From this... this... this...

...ending with full shelves.

Opening day at the KAS Barn is all about opening parcels and sorting the squares.  Bundling the squares to be sewn into blankets and then preparing blankets for distributions.

We hope that 2021 will be a year of great success for KAS and all the children of South Africa that receive KAS blankets.

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Thank you so much to everyone involved in sharing these wonderful photos of the activity at The Barn!!  

Special thanks to you, Estelle, for turning our squares into this gorgeous blanket to honour our dear friend Marilyn.  We are extremely thrilled with the result!

FYI, we used to have mountains of yarn donated to us and more often than not there was more white than anything else.  Everyone would choose some to make squares, but invariably the white would be the last to be chosen.  Our dear Marilyn would always tell us, "Use the white, too!"  She was one of the very first RJSK and a definite treasure. I just know that the white squares in this blanket would make her smile :)

And yes, Estelle, I Tunisian crocheted the centre doll panel.  Marilyn used to make the cutest little dolls.  We called her our Doll Lady :)  Here she is with some of her "little people".

Glo, a lovely photo of your friend Marilyn with her beautiful dolls. The memory blanket squares from the RJSK to honour her seems very appropriate, having read anout her thoughts on using up white and the inclusion of your lovely doll panel. x

A weekly report from The Barn is always a highlight.   Thank you so much for doing all the work, and taking the time to get pictures and descriptions for us.  We really do appreciate it.

So glad to see the lovely memory blanket from the River John Square Knitters.   They really know how to produce lovely squares, and remembering members who aren't there anymore is so thoughtful of them.

Another busy Tuesday in the Barn.  Thanks Estelle!

Opening day at the KASbarn September 28 2021.

Another productive, chatty day at the barn. No new post to greet us, thank goodness. Beautiful blankets came in from our volunteers, the post and the Gogo groups.

Sue joined Amy Pettigrew’s yellow squares, thanks for the perfect yellow yarn to edge it Amy. Next in our lineup is Audrey with Susanne Leverton’s  circus squares she joined with matching hat ( not in the pic).

Birdie was absolutely thrilled with her first Cath Riley blanket…afraid we have another person addicted to Cath’s squares. Birdie breezed in, showed us her masterpiece, choose 2 more of Cath’s bundles and was gone in a flash.

Liz with her lovely blanket (aSue Ferry?) and then….drumroll

Athelé  with her 4 masterpieces - one a few pics later…Amy centerpiece, Marion Davies FABULOUS FROGS, Marion’s counting lady bug and pink flowers, and Ada Brewer’s (?) No 2 square.

Sue Ferry is that your autumn coloured blanket?

48 fabulous beanies from Roni Owens and her sister.

We’re always excited to see Portia and Michael, their boot and car filled with lovely blankets.

Portia, Sue and Michael queuing to add the blankets to our brand new mountain of blankets.

Ana Forssman brought 50 fabulous blankets beautifully edged by Maureen Rugani. Here are your super squares Jill Lea, Ana has turned them into a fabulous blanket.

I love it when Ana visits us, her visit = my clear table.

Two parcels opened by Bongi and Sue, thank you Sandra Topping for these exquisite dolls - can you imagine the joy they will bring to two extremely needy little girls?

Our very own smiling Viv and later in the morning she’s sewing our KAS labels onto the blankets… I think you’ll be there till midnight darling.

There was much excitement about out new mountain of blankets. We arrived at the barn last week to find a clear green carpet. Today our mountain just grew and grew just showing Leanne Hunt about our tallest volunteer waving and Portia standing on tippy toes hardly visible.

Ath and I opened a box of 6 fabulous blankets from Judith Rose and her sister and found some beautiful squares and beanies from your parcel Adreja Jagacic.

Chris Chiplen we ended adding blankets to the mountain with your beautiful red,blue and white blanket as we thought that the 54 that Wandi brought in would topple it.

We definitely made a dent in the post today. Thanks for the pics Ath and all the love, help and care from all of you.

Couldn’t possibly leave Bella and her Mum out…just look at that adorable face. Once again thank you for all you do to keep this circle of love turning.

Other Photos taken today...

Blanket packs ready to be delivered to gogo group for stitching into blankets.

Empty shelves as the blankets have been packed are are ready for upcoming distributions.

Thank you Estelle and Amy for letting us share in the activities and delights in the Barn!
So many lovely, interesting photos, and seeing my blue, red and white blanket on top of the blanket cake was the icing on the cake for me, thank you!

Such a lovely 'cake' better than the kind you eat. Agree Chris's R,W & B blanket is the perfect cake topper!

Thanks for sharing these so quickly Amy. 

What a tremendous amount of work done!  Thank you all.

WOW!   WOW!   WOW!   

The amount of work accomplished.

The beautiful colors and textures of the squares and blankets.

The huge stack of blankets waiting for photos.   

Amazing .... every week I'm still amazed.   

Like everyone else, I’m  astounded at the amount of work accomplished at the Barn on a Tuesday. I’m thrilled to see some of my squares in Athele’s blankets. Well done to everyone and thank you for all the photos.

The start of a new month, and The KASBarn was a beehive of activity. Many Thanks for this report, Estelle!

Opening at the KASBarn October 5 2021.
Today we tried and managed to flatten the enormous mountain of blankets.
It was high for our photographer Ronda but it got higher and higher and higher.
The following 12 absolutely stunning picture blankets were all made by Sandra Jones from Australia. WOW Sandra WOW! These are masterpieces….can you just imagine a vulnerable child getting one these blankets.
Ronda with squares from Patricia Underwood and others.
One Ronda joined beautifully…squares from Wilma.
Susanne Leverton look what arrived.
Audrey with her blanket and Amy’s LOVE squares.
Beautiful fine knitted one that Ronda joined.
Birdie’s blanket using Cath’s squares.
Estelle's blanket with squares from Cath and block from Amy.
Not sure about this one Sue. Is it the one that was posted on 20 September 2021 from the UK and landed in the barn two weeks later?
So….the mountain on the green carpet got dangerously high for the photographer so Ath and I started new mountains on our chairs.
Thank goodness for Larry…by this stage of the morning we desperately needed coffee. Thanks Larry you’re welcome to come to the barn every week.
For the first time since May 2020 we had opened every parcel and counted every square. Well done volunteers. 🏅🏅🏅
Last month we processed over 24,000 squares! That’s quite an achievement considering how many there are of us and the hours we work.
And then Themba arrived with the post...
Viv got stuck in straight away.
Mands found that it’s possible to eat and count squares. Good to know Mandy.
Stunning beanies from Germany or The Netherlands?  What do you think Sue?
Ellie’s from one of you BIG bags Susanne.
What’s in there Wands?
Hiding behind more toys from Susanne...sweet Athele.

Great excitement Larry’s never seen such a BIG bag filled with wonderful goodies. Thank you Susanne.
Audrey can look up and still count to 35. Please note the empty shelves.
Wandi organized for Norma to come and see what KAS is all about. She loved what she saw and will join us again. Welcome Norma we hope you’ll become one of the gang.
Magic!!! The shelves at the end of the morning. Please note that these are not all the blankets that have arrived at the barn in the last couple of weeks. Hundreds have been counted and packed into bags straight from the mountain of blankets for distributions.
Once again many, many thanks to everyone who makes this possible and for this incredible charity to continue doing what we do.

I know we've seen Sandra's blankets before, but to see them all together one after the other like that is just amazing. Incredible work, Sandra. I love the way my cheeky monkeys have been incorporated into such a cheerful blanket - thank you.



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