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Knit A Square Barn 2021

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...ending with full shelves.

Opening day at the KAS Barn is all about opening parcels and sorting the squares.  Bundling the squares to be sewn into blankets and then preparing blankets for distributions.

We hope that 2021 will be a year of great success for KAS and all the children of South Africa that receive KAS blankets.

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Photos from Ronda...

March 30, 2021

Opening day at the KASbarn... episode 1
I thought we would have a quite day at the barn today but it was like Grand Central Station with friends popping in with fabulous blankets, volunteers flat out opening post, building a “koppie” which is the Afrikaans name for a small mountain, clearing their tables and plenty of chatting.
We were all delighted to welcome Wandi back - I asked her and Viv to lower their masks just for the pics to see their fabulous smiles.
Wandi and Vivian
Our very first UBER parcel arrived today...thank you Vicky for ubering your 70 squares and matching yarn to us. The poor Uber driver must have thought I was nuts as I asked him so many questions about who the parcel was from until I realized he was just the Uber driver. (above with Wandi)
Thank you Kate Burton for the 140 beautifully knitted squares and Claire Leeson for posting the small oblong squares beautifully packed from the lovely gentleman who brought them to the Farmers Market in Kent 🇬🇧.
Mili your famous IKEA blue bags arrived bursting with 15 stunning blankets, about 200 squares, yarn, squares for Anne’s memory blanket, Christmas squares and really truly gold yarn. Wandi and Viv with some of your blankets. Thank you sooooo much!
Sue with the lovely warm blanket she joined this week, Liz with a blanket from Sue Ferry and Ath with one of the stunning blankets she sewed together this week. Patricia Underwood and Pam Zimmerman ( I think) will be delighted to see how Ath has incorporated some of their squares into this green/ blue blanket.
Audrey was not able to join us today but she sent your blanket Heather Mensah which she has joined and edging beautifully.
Another parcel arrived from Valerie Zalewski from France with the exquisite Pooh Bear, Smurf and Panda squares knitted by Mireille Legros and the surrounding squares from Mme Donmergue who has been a faithful contributor for many years. Thank you.
The beautiful pink blanket and the gorgeous soft toys were in a parcel from Kathleen Bergman.🙏🏻.
I love the way Jennifer Jacobsen has sent us a layout of the complete blanket she’d like. 🙏🏻.

March 30, 2021 part 2

Opening day at the KASbarn episode 2.
Leigh-Ann arriving with absolutely stunning blankets made from normal and different shaped squares. One can only say WOW! Leigh- Ann almost ready to go, but just wondering if she could fit more squares into her bulging boot. Great to see the paper bags and no plastic.
Ana arriving with her 40 blankets...what a star!⭐️ Combined effort adding the blankets to the pile and Viv desperately trying to add extra squares to Ana’s bursting bags before she leaves. What a fabulous team we have!
An absolutely exquisite blanket from Sally Patterson...I love those hearts floating up. 🙏🏻
Great to have Wandi back packing bundles for the Gogos and good to see your shiny almost clear table.
Sue couldn’t believe how many completed blankets arrived in the post and were delivered to the guys did an amazing job starting a new “ mountain “ .
We made a big dent in the post and managed to clear some of the tables. Can’t believe the white one is Aths ... I’m that impressed 🤪Thanks for always offering to help me Ath so that I can open a parcel. 🥰
Another successful fun day at the barn. Happy Easter 🐣 from all of us and stay safe.

Thanks once again for sharing so promptly Amy. 

My goodness what an exciting vibe I get reading this account,  and of course taking a really good look through the photographs - more than once!    I am in awe of your kind spirits and organisational skills.   Applause applause indeed ⭐

Another fabulous update, thanks Estelle and Amy.

WOW!  What a joy to see and read of the amazing group at The Barn!  You ladies and gentlemen are to be - as Karen has rightly stated - APPLAUDED!!  Thank you to everyone involved - from collecting our packages to wrapping a child - every task a valuable cog in the wheel.  It's wonderful to be able to see you all in action.  A blessed and Happy Easter to each and every one of you ... xo



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