Opening Days in the

Knit A Square Barn 2021

From this... this... this...

...ending with full shelves.

Opening day at the KAS Barn is all about opening parcels and sorting the squares.  Bundling the squares to be sewn into blankets and then preparing blankets for distributions.

We hope that 2021 will be a year of great success for KAS and all the children of South Africa that receive KAS blankets.

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Lovely! I think Heather Mensah's rainbow stripes blanket is gorgeous too, so bright and colourful. Love the crocheted blanket with the panel in the middle too.

Cant' take credit for the beautiful rainbow stripes, Wendy - this one is  Lorraine Yelland's. Mine is the one above my name.

Another of my blankets! It has been a great day today catching up on the blanket room, many thanks Amy for

sharing these lovely photos. I have spotted so many of your amazing creations, its a nice feeling isn’t it?

For a whole range of reasons, it's a long time since I've been on this thread -or, indeed, on the forum. It's lovely to see my work arriving, along with so many other stunning contributions.

Thank you so much for news of these two very busy active opening days at the Barn.   I just love to see all the colourful generous creations X

oh I'm so glad Gogos can meet up again! 

Thank you Estelle for this marvelous update for the last day of February...

Opening day at the KASbarn Tuesday 23. We had a fair amount of post but once again didn’t get through it all. There are always so many distractions...photographs to take of the blankets, folding, packing, sorting and bundling. However I think that we are managing very well thanks to all of our regular hardworking volunteers.
Audrey with her fabulous A B C blanket - the squares only arrived last week from Karen Gordon.
Ana with her fantastic Mandela Day blanket using Amy’s fabulous SA flag square. Ana worked flat out this morning. Thanks for staying and accomplishing so much.
Liz with her amazing Penguin blanket using Amy’s cute penguin surrounded by squares from our local very loyal supporter Antoinette and her team.
Lesley Robinson I’m sure you’ll be happy to see that your beautiful, soft Alphabet squares arrived today. I hope you can see the pic, I know that there are gremlins in your forum link.
Oops not sure who sent these dear little hats.
Isn’t this doll adorable? She and her nurse friend are from Sandra Topping from Northern Island.
All the squares wrapped in plastic on my table are from Dobruśka in The Czech Reuplic. We received 6 enormous parcels from the Czech group. Many many thanks 🙏 to all of you.
I must apologize to all of our Croatian ladies...last week I said that these parcels were from Croatia as I read Dubrovnik instead of Dobruśka. So sorry about my senior moment.
Ath and Linda working on the hundreds of Czech squares.
Sheldon and Audrey bundling squares from the River John knitters.
Thank you Gloria for your contribution towards Anne Powell's memory blanket the pile is growing. I love all the thought and different crochet stitches you used making these squares.
Themba brought Kedibone to the barn to deliver her 45 blankets and collect squares for her Gogo group. We haven’t seen Themba since our first lockdown in March 2020. I think he was pleased to be involved again.
My eagle eyes spotted these beautiful, soft, same sized squares from Patricia Underwood as we were leaving the barn. Thanks Patricia for including squares for Anne’s memory blanket.
It sounds like is was another busy day in The Barn!

Thanks again for the great photos.  Even though they're short-staffed, it looks like things are in full swing and running smoothly at The Barn :)

Thank you, Estelle, for taking such care to collect Anne's squares for us.  You're a gem ... xo

A veritable hive of activity! Lovely to see everyone safe and well. 

Always happy to see that parcels have arrived. Now to keep an eye open as to where my squares will find a home!

I’m very much looking forward to seeing Anne’s memory blanket, thank you Estelle for sorting it. Lots of beautiful work displayed, Amy’s SA flag heart stand’s out.

I love spotting the work of others, Estelle you have made this so much easier, thank you!

Nice to see Patricia and Karen’s work in this batch too.

Opening day March 2 at the KASbarn.
I can’t believe that we are in the third month of the year and we have had hundreds of squares from our wonderful contributors around the globe 🌎 once again there was a “ large” post, the majority coming from the UK.
Our new volunteer Sue Bowen brought her most attractive yellow/green blanket made from Pam Zimmerman’s squares.
Linda with her latest creation- squares from The Chez Republic.
Bongi unpacked a stunning blanket and the cutes toys.
A stunning crocheted much work but worth every stitch arrived from Amy Pettigrew. Love it!
Two more fabulous warm blankets from Heather Mensah plus squares for a 3rd one... you have been a busy bee Heather.
Sue has fitting in quickly having made great dents into the piles of odd squares on the tables 🤩however she has also learnt that one does not leave the barn with one or two bundles of blanket packs, that is an enormous pink bag! Happy sewing Sue.
Bongi working with beautiful squares Leanne brought in today...just love your colour combinations Leanne.
Ronda sorting our supply of yarn. Thank you for all the donations of yarn we receive.
The ladies hard at work.
Leanne explaining to Ath that the crocheted squares that she was working with, were from one of the numerous parcels from Trish Gribble. These squares were beautifully made by a lady who wanted to learn how to crochet so she could help the children.
Ana arriving with some of the 50 blankets that she had made, photographed,packed and labeled for Ronda’s donation of 500 blankets. Thanks Ana you have no idea how much time and back breaking packing you saved us.
Leanne sorting these 34 lovely bright beanies and 6 pairs of hand warmers made by her friend Moira Thompson.
Love your daisies and hedgehogs Karen Gordon.
Looking snappy Ath got lucky with some fabulous knitted items, squares and soft toys. We loved the picture squares especially the kitty and navy teddie from Pat Winscott from the USA.
Hey Mands what are you hiding in that pillow case?
Don’t you just love Amy’s giraffe, zebra and all the goodies that came in her parcel?
So...looking at the unopened post at the end of the morning I think that was a productive, busy and successful morning. Thanks guys!



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