Opening Days in the

Knit A Square Barn 2021

From this... this... this...

...ending with full shelves.

Opening day at the KAS Barn is all about opening parcels and sorting the squares.  Bundling the squares to be sewn into blankets and then preparing blankets for distributions.

We hope that 2021 will be a year of great success for KAS and all the children of South Africa that receive KAS blankets.

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Dear Amy, thank you so much for this inspiring BARN 2021 information page! What a great start and a wonderful surprise. The received blankets, squares, toys and other goodies are extraordinarily beautiful!!! It inspires me to make photos of my 2 blankets as soon as there is more daylight here! And I second Rebecca: and a huge thank you to all who were involved in the opening day!

Thank you Amy, for this most fabulous start to 2021!! A real lift to the spirits.  xo

A huge thanks to everyone who has had their fingers in top gear opening, sorting and packing the blankets...heroes, each and everyone.  xo

Thank you to all those who have continued crafting and have been able to get their parcels posted. The need is always there.  xo

Barn news from Estelle on January 26.

KIT A SQUARE Opening Day January 26. We had a fair amount of post today and at least 12 red and white bags from The Methodist Ladies’ College Australia. Mandy opened some of your bags and found beautifully knitted squares thank you.
Please DO NOT REGISTER the mail you send to KAS.
Audrey with one of the blankets she joined this week, the crocheted squares are from Judith Rose and her sister Kathy Schoeny. Thanks.
Audrey brought eats for our tea as we celebrated her birthday. We did sing to her but the video was too dreadful to post. No more blowing out of candles!
Thanks River John Knitters from Nova Scotia it was great receiving one of your pink parcels again.
Pauline Archer thank you for the teddies, hats and squares.
We had a delightful letter from the students and teachers of Ambrose Haračić High School Croatia.
They sent fabulous toys from the students and blankets from teachers and students...see the soft toys and the green and red striped blanket. Thank you.
Grace Weir your lovely blanket with c/c squares arrived. Thanks.
Mandy was flat out again today bundling blanket packs....she never stops, and Linda - no pic - just carries on, quite as a mouse!
Sheldon was a tremendous help again today. Today’s mission was packing bundles for the Gogos to try and clear the tables of the hundreds of squares we are receiving. We are really going to miss you when you return to university Sheldon.
Thank you so much Estelle for keeping us up to date with all the news from The Barn.  Glad that you and Athele were there working so diligently behind the scenes.

What a fabulous pile of parcels to open!  The RJSK will be happy to see that their parcels are once again arriving in SA.  Thank you for letting us know, Estelle :)

The collective project from students and teachers in Croatia is heartwarming.  With so much love coming to them from these dear crafters, the children can't help but be warmed by their gifts.  Thank you to all who participated in this effort ... xo

Wow! Such a bounty of love and warmth from all corners of the world.

Thamks sooo much Team SA for working so hard to get as much sorted, sewn and distributed, as possible. Young Sheldon...what a star!!!!

Fantastic opening day!  What a sight!!  Kudos to all the SA team!  And, please stay healthy.

Notes from Estelle on February 2, 2021.

Mandy was first to arrive at the KASbarn on cold and rainy opening day. All of volunteers today:
Joyce and Heather brought 42 lovely blankets from the Waterval group which they have completed since December.
I see squares from Mili Kus in one of Heathers blankets. shoes with one of Judith Roses blankets that she joined this week.
Liz arriving with her weeks work.
Ath admiring fabulous blankets from Theresa that Heather and Joyce brought in.
Audrey with Amy’s LOVE squares that she made into a fabulous blanket.
Ath showed Joyce and Heather the art of opening the post, checking the packing slips and how to record the contents of a parcel when there is NO packing slip. Thanks you were a great help this morning.
Sheldon did a fabulous job folding and packing heavy blankets and getting them onto the top shelves and packing bags for distributions.
Ath was delighted when she found a parcel from her cuz Wumf Tuxworth. Yay.
Some of the blankets that arrived in the post today were from Chris Chiplen, Jennifer Nesbit and Heather Mensah.
The parcels in front of the stacked post look like Karen Gordon’s, no time to open it all today.
On a personal was one year ago today that I was able to experience The Barn first hand.  So much love, activity and warm in one place.  I know that all the volunteers want to be able to get back to The Barn and back to work warming the children.
Thanks Estelle for another wonderful update.

What a heart warming cross section of bountiful goodies with so much colour, love and warmth unfolding.   Thanks so much for these pictures.   It makes my day actually - even more so as I see at least 3, if not 4 of my parcels have arrived too....High 5's to all you wonderful people!    I'll be like Tigger bouncing around with excitement in case they get opened next week, or the week after, really doesn't metter, just so nice to see they're with you and on their way to the needy children.

I love these updates!  Thank you, Estelle, for all the great "action" photos :)  Such a colorful and warm-looking bounty from so many crafters from so many countries.  Amazing!.

And thank you, Amy, for posting the pics here.  I remember when you traveled to Africa :) You brought us back some super photos, as I recall ... xo

Thank you to all the South Africa volunteers, and the crafters worldwide.   It is so inspiring and fun to see all these pictures.   We know it takes time and effort to get the photos and post them for us, extra work for you, but we sure appreciate it.   Hugs to all, from a Covid-safe distance.

The third picture down has some of my crochet squares, namely dark red and green mohair. Thank you, Estelle, for the mention, I didn't see them myself. 

I love Amy’s LOVE squares now nestled in a blanket.Great to see another of my blankets held up by Ath.

Thank you all for what you do!



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