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Knit A Square Barn 2021

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...ending with full shelves.

Opening day at the KAS Barn is all about opening parcels and sorting the squares.  Bundling the squares to be sewn into blankets and then preparing blankets for distributions.

We hope that 2021 will be a year of great success for KAS and all the children of South Africa that receive KAS blankets.

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While Estelle and Ronda were away, Viv stepped in to save the day.  Here are two photos from  October 12.

Karla you’ll be thrilled to see that your parcel arrived. I can’t wait to see that stunning blanket that’s somewhere in that mountain of blankets.
Leanne and Bongi I’m sure that Chris Chiplen only made some of those squares this month and they arrived a week ago from North Wales.

Oh dear, all happy news! Thank you Amy. What a STUNNING blankets and so many! and the toys, so glad that there are always contributors who are able to send toys, the children will be thrilled to have a toy of their own!

Karla, I am speechless, what a special blanket!

Good to see Ronda in the bush :)

Thank you very much for all  pictures full of beautiful blankets. Yes Amy, I´m very glad that one of my three parcels I sent in July/August safely arrived. Thanks God.

Thank you Amy for sharing the photos and Viv for taking them. It’s lovely to see so many beautifully crafted blankets and other items; Karla, your blanket is quite amazing!

I am thrilled to see my rainbow blanket and picture squares! Although the photos have only appeared recently in the October theme, I made them earlier and sent them about 4 weeks ago (from South Wales), I still get excited when I see my blankets etc.  in the barn :))

The Christmas bells were jingling today in the barn as the volunteers started sorting squares for the upcoming annual Christmas ditribution.

You can read all about the news here in Estelle's amazing report.

Opening Day at the KASbarn October 26
As I have so few photos today I’ll start with a poem that I love. Amy Pettigrew posted it on the KAS October Snippets. Thanks Amy.
It was a busy morning as usual with so many visitors. Unfortunately I don’t have pics of all of them or of all the volunteers that came in today.
Although there was no post to open we decided to sort the Christmas squares which we have been collecting for months. Susan Lydford Bowen and Liz Gyldenhuis did an amazing job sorting and bundling them and hopefully the picture one’s we’ve seen arrive soon.
Audrey seem happy with her Christmas bundle.
Ronda photographed the balance of that mountain of blankets which went straight into bags for Wandi’s and Viv’s distributions.
Some of the beautiful blankets that came in today.
Liz did a fabulous job with Amy Pettigrew’s bird house.
Ronda Lowrie with two soft, fine blankets she brought in.
One of Athelé Oosterbroek’s blankets that was photographed today - Marion Davies truck and some yours Cath Riley.
The following three are from the Waterfall Hookers.
Mary Bostock’s ( Cath’s cousin) fabulous granny squares stitched together by Marioth Brown.
Another fabulous blanket made from scratch by Roni Rudman-Owens.
A Cath Riley joined by Barbara. Thanks Liz Murphy for always fetching and carrying these for The Waterfall team.
Some of our visitors Christine, Gwen ,Betty, Mary from Krugersdorp who came armed with baby cardigans, squares and a blanket. Sister Sue from Baragwanath hospital you chose the right day to visit us.
Smiling Viv and I’m so sorry that I didn’t pics of Ath, Mandy, Leanne Hunt, Bongi and Wands who all joined us today.
Bonnie from Rainbow & Smiles Foundation a NPO for children with cancer came to chat to us and see what we’re about as we’d like the give them some blankets before Christmas.

These photos were taken on October 26, by Athele.  She caught more activity in The Barn.

Norma is ready to tackle all the work on her table after striking a model pose.

The Dynamic Duo, Wandi and Viv are quite the team...

Estelle with Elaine Joubert.

The Blanket Cake with a beautiful blanket sewn together by Estelle, featuring one of Marion Davies' creations.  Ronda and Elaine having a brief chat, too.

Sue sorting more of more Christmas squares.  There are going to be some very lovely blankets this holiday season.

I’m always thrilled to see my squares in the Barn, thanks Athele and Estelle. Hopefully my Christmas squares will arrive soon, I sent them by air mail to make sure - fingers crossed!

We’re also holding thumbs that they’ll be in the post tomorrow.

More news from The Barn on November 2.

Opening Day at the KASbarn November 2 2021.
‘Tis the season to be merry and the Christmas blankets are starting to pour in. Beautiful reds, greens and a touch of white sprinkled with threads of gold…this is so exciting as the silly season has just started. Thanks for the fabulous squares and beautiful blankets.
Although there was a medium sized post we did receive two super boxes from Japan.
Sue had a wonderful time unpacking cuddly baby blankets and clothes, squares and toys.
She loved the two guys with their hands in their pockets.
Norma and Ath with their latest creations…you just get more and more artistic Ath.
We were thrilled to receive your super yellow squares Sharon and what an unexpected bonus to get the Christmas ones.
Thank you Mariette and your group for your support over the last 10 years. We appreciate the thousands of squares, love and blessings you have sent us. Stay safe.
Elaine Joubert and Ronda having a good old natter we’re hoping you’ll join us next year.
Elaine…looks like you enjoy visiting us, you’re always welcome.
Norma has fitted into the merry bunch of volunteers very quickly…we welcome your smiling face and work ethic.
Audrey, Liz and Sue flat out as usual.
Viv viewing today’s jackpot from Marion Davies. My goodness Marion certainly knows how to spoil us with her magnificent squares.
Ath with the fabulous whale was it from Andreja’s box?
Sue and I found the cute Ellie and C2C blankets in your box Andreja which I got to open. Lucky me…
Ronda and Norma also unpacked beautiful blankets from Eva Dvorakova from The Czech Republic.
These fine gents with their hands in their pockets can only be from Gloria Grandy from the River John Square Knitters.
Lesley King you’re going to be delighted to see that two of your blankets arrived today. We all fell in love with the yellow and blue one.
Once again Wandi came back drained after her distribution at Dlamini Early learning day care center. It was an extremely hot day so well done Wands and Themba.
Calling all Gogo groups….we have blankets for you to stitch together.
Thank you all for the support, love and exceptional blankets, squares and toys you send us.

Yay, so happy to see that our boxes arrived from Japan!! I knew they would get there eventually, but the way the postal system is at the moment, I thought it might take longer!

The squares with the felt animals sewn on are my friend, Yasuko's work (the plainer ones are mine, as are the dolls with their hand in their pockets). The last photo of the Snoopy toys and Teddies etc are from us too - a local lady runs an ongoing bazaar at the community centre to rise money to help stray cats and dogs (feeding and spaying/neutering and so on), and I buy any toys and yarn I see there from her. When she found out what they were for, her daughter donated 2 brand new big Snoopy toys she had but no longer wanted.

There are some truly stunning squares and blankets, as usual. I love scrolling through looking at everything.

Thanks for letting us know Sadie. I didn’t realize the boxes were from you. 

So happy to see that my parcel has arrived, although sad that I wasn't able to deliver the contents in person as I had hoped.  My plans to return to the UK, following my husband's death, have been postponed for several months due to an unexpected health problem, another major blow, but on the plus side I have more time to knit and crochet (trying to reduce my stash before shipping the remainder to England!), and being able to make a small contribution to the amazing work of KAS is helping to keep me positive. Thank you all for the wonderful work you do.



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