Opening Days in the

Knit A Square Barn 2021

From this... this... this...

...ending with full shelves.

Opening day at the KAS Barn is all about opening parcels and sorting the squares.  Bundling the squares to be sewn into blankets and then preparing blankets for distributions.

We hope that 2021 will be a year of great success for KAS and all the children of South Africa that receive KAS blankets.

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Those two monkeys are just too cute for words.  Love that you put them together on a square.

It just shows you how one picture square can brighten up a blanket.

I am A-GOG!!    These pictures really relay to us looking on just how much and how very conscientiously The Barn volunteers can turn mountains around.    I have goosebumps in fact.    What a monumental team effort.   Every stitch sent with love and handled with such respect.  

A M A Z I N G!!   Thank you all. X

Wow, so many gorgeous blankets. Love all the beautiful picture blankets Sandra made, they are sure to delight the recipient.

Lovely to see all the toys and those cosy fluffy hats look so soft and cuddly!

Well done everyone for clearing the decks, even if they got filled again with the new post!

Oh Amy & Estelle

What a great way for me to start my day.  I am so happy and very relieved to see that both my parcels arrived on the same day.  The first was posted November last year and the other May this year and both arrived on the same day.  Hopefully they will be out the door and given to children pretty quickly.  Let's hope the backlog of mail is working itself out with Customs etc.


Sandra your blankets brought everyone to a standstill yesterday. It was one magnificent blanket coming out of your bag after another, thank you so so much. There was a lot of post from Aussie yesterday and we were delighted to see how well yours and Susanne’s were packed and secured with masking tape as they travel such a long way. As your blankets are so special we thought that we’d like to keep them for our Christmas distribution. We try and make these a bit smaller so that each child is presented with a similar package….just loved your Christmas trees! 

Wowee, my blanket only took 2 weeks to get to SA!!!  It is the one beneath the blanket of Cath Riley and Amy's squares.  Thrilled to say the least:)

Estelle was back in the Barn on October 19, after a much deserved holiday.

Here are some amazing photos and a great recap of the activity today.

Opening day at the KASbarn October Tuesday 19 2021.

My previous visit to the barn two weeks ago the green carpet was totally clear of blankets, when I arrived this morning the mountain was waist high. What an incredible job our ‘skeleton staff’ did. Thanks Sue, Viv, Norma, Audrey and Wandi.
This morning flew as we opened the ten boxes from KNIT FOR LIFE 🇬🇧 thank you Pam Johnson and Elaine Jones, we appreciate your support and beautifully packed bundles that save us masses of time.
Sue and Mandy had a wonderful time putting these blankets from KFL together. They did a fabulous job matching the colours…backbreaking job!
We also managed to open all of the post.
Heather and Hilke with one of the 27 blankets they brought. You’re all stars ⭐️ your target was 200 for the year and you’re at 220…it’s only the middle of October. WELL DONE MISFITS.
This masterpiece is from Carol from Waterval.
Norma, one of our newer volunteers, with one she joined.
Norma one from KNIT FOR LIFE.
Everyone examining the beautiful blanket that Norma joined. Clear Lakes famous squares.
Well done Audrey you finish the Springbok blanket.
Sharon Rains Bedgood's fabulous squares thanks.
Cath Riley's POP squares loved working with them.
Cath Riley joined by Melanie.
Fabulous Cath Riley stitched together by Marioth Brown.
Another beauty…squares and blanket made by Roni Rudman-Owens and Beryl Berman.
Athele Oosterbroek with her latest masterpiece. 
Ana Forssman with one of the 30 blankets she brought in today.
It seemed to be TOY day. We received 28 fabulous toys from Darian Turner from the USA. 
A reindeer for Christmas.
Meet Bertie isn’t he fabulous and what about his change of clothes even with a zip
Viv with another snuggly toy.
More toys….
Thank you Heather Regenass and Linda for clearing our not so squares squares today. More space for our Christmas squares we better get cracking on those.
We need you Gogos.
Bundles and more bundles...
Beautiful baby blankets.
Ana Forssman wasn’t taking one square home today…..ha ha! Thanks for the pic Athelé Oosterbroek
Thank you Liz for the delicious egg sandwiches they kept us going all morning.
Audrey and Teddy Henry.
Wandi with her cup of tea and a muffin.
I’m always amazed how incredibly tireless and determined our volunteers are who carry on until the job is done.
Many, many thanks to all who make this possible.
Ronda is currently in the bush.

Thank you for sharing Amy. 

My pleasure...looks like it was a very busy and productive day in the Barn.


The volunteers in SA really amaze me with the amount of handmade items passing over their desks and piling high around them, and all with happy smiles too.   Hats off to you all.    I'm very impressed!

Lovely to see so many Beautiful blankets and toys. Mum and I both adore the little doll with his change of outfit, so cute. I love all the bright and beautiful granny square blankets too.



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