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Knit A Square Barn 2021

From this... this... this...

...ending with full shelves.

Opening day at the KAS Barn is all about opening parcels and sorting the squares.  Bundling the squares to be sewn into blankets and then preparing blankets for distributions.

We hope that 2021 will be a year of great success for KAS and all the children of South Africa that receive KAS blankets.

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Many of you follow the podcast and may have noticed that the last episode wasn't displayed on the podcast page. This is because of technical difficulties which are still being worked on. If you don't have a podcast app on your phone you can go directly to the hosting platform for the latest episodes. The link is

Episode 5 of season 2 featured an interview with Gloria Grandy and today's episode contains interviews with teachers from the Northern Cape who received blankets from Knit-a-Square. They share their feelings about the distributions and give some insight into the struggles that the children and their families face, especially at this time of COVID.

Thank you Leanne for letting us know about the technical difficulties and also how to access the podcasts via another door! I haven’t yet listened to today’s episode, but I have listened to your interview with Gloria. I really enjoyed listening in and feeling a connection to such an inspirational, caring KAS sister. 
Through the forum we are able to get to know other KAS sisters who are kindred spirits, thank you Leanne for enabling us to hear them too. X

Thank you!I live listening to the Podcast!So interesting!

Ups!That should say:I love 

From our precious Barn reporter, Estelle:

Opening day at the KASbarn April 20.
Wow what a day! We seem to get busier each week but we have obviously have become more efficient.
Once again we opened all the post, received 545 blankets and photographed, rolled and packed another 97 blankets with matching beanies and hand warmers.
Thank you Brenda for the special thank you letter. We are thrilled that the 170 blankets we contributed will warm the Diepsloot children.
Viv and Sue had a backbreaking job displaying the Spoor and Fischer blanket sets ready to be photographed.
Then Sue and Mandy rolled and folded the blankets once they had been photographed. It looks quite simple but it was hilarious as they got out of sync.
Mandy loved your squares Kate Burton. I think she has taken these home to stitch together.
Karla from The Czech Republic 🇨🇿 thank you for the beautiful butterfly blanket and all the extra goodies included in your parcel. Just love the car and truck square.
Sue brought three blankets today...the first two joined by Melissa and Mum, the yellow/ pinkish squares knitted by Ann Caton from 🇬🇧.
Great to see Bongi, Sipho with his smiling eyes, and Leanne sizing squares for us. Ronda and Leanne having a serious conversation...wonder if it was about those neon colours- which we love.
More stash for Mands to take home.
A lovely knitted blanket arrived from Alison Greenwood, oops...out of focus blanket that Sipho is holding up, most attractive cream and red one from Clare Leeson.
These fabulous, soft, cuddly toys - just look at their smiling faces - were in Amy’s box today.
Now the fun begins...the first 100 odd blankets were packed into bags then Mimi arrived with her 106 blankets.
Seems like one needs at least 4 people to build a mountain.
Then Portia, Michael and Kedibone arrived with their 96 blankets.
Please note that mountain of blankets has grown from the green carpet to knee high then waist high.
Wandi and Themba arrived back from the Soweto Gogos with 345 blankets. Thank goodness we had opened all the post so that we had space for their blankets.
Unfortunately there was no time to add them to the mountain but watch this space....
Mandy is the most energetic person I know - she ploughs through any task at the rate of knots I was waiting for her to jump into the van to collect the rest of the blankets.
Finally...HAPPINESS IS a mountain of blankets! The entire group are never ceased to be amazed at the love and generosity we receive from our KAS family.
We and the children of South Africa are truly blessed. Thank you.

Astounding achievement!!!   What a great team you all make.   Thank you for taking pictures amongst this amazing busy-ness ♥️

Without the incredible support from all of you Karen this would not be possible. Thank you for your fabulous knitted squares and thanks to all of your friends for their amazing toys. 

Thank you for all great pictures full of beautiful blankets from all over the world.

Thank you Karla for your fabulous parcel filled with so many interesting things.

Karla, your butterfly blanket is amazing!  Well done ... xo

Thank you to everyone involved in allowing us to 'walk through' an opening day.  What a lovely treat it is to see how much love pours into The Barn each week.  The volunteers are absolutely amazing and you are all appreciated so much by all of us out here who trust our work to your hands.  Thank you to each and every one of you ... xo

What great work from both the contributors and volunteers. So much warmth and love. I love these reports.



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