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Knit A Square Barn 2021

From this... this... this...

...ending with full shelves.

Opening day at the KAS Barn is all about opening parcels and sorting the squares.  Bundling the squares to be sewn into blankets and then preparing blankets for distributions.

We hope that 2021 will be a year of great success for KAS and all the children of South Africa that receive KAS blankets.

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Thank you so much for you donation Sharon.  We can hope after the another large amount on Wednesday this week, that the post slows down a bit.

Another fabulous report from our reporter, Estelle.

The KASbarn Opening Day September 7 2021.

If it’s Tuesday it must be KAS opening day.

9:01am oh dear just looking at the post has made Ronda exhausted but fear not she found her second wind within minutes and was flat out for the next 4 hours.

Ronda opened this beautiful blanket and the toys from Mina Bell.

Some of our visitors today. Elaine Joubert just ‘popped in for a few minutes’ brought another stunning bundle of squares to be join and about 3 hours later she was helping Ath pack the blankets in her boot for Pafuri. They also examined Ath’s latest light weight FAVE.

Linda Francis brought her latest blanket made entirely out of recycled yarn and collected more recyclable yarn for her friend Liz Broderick to knit into super squares. Nothing is wasted in our barn.

Mike from The 100% Foundation in Benoni collected 100 blankets, toys and beanies which Ronda packed for them. This is the second time this year that KAS has been able to supply 100 blankets etc to them….thanks to our amazing contributors.

Mands opening a parcel from Japan.

No distributions today so Themba had a chance to give the KAS van a good wash.

Not much time for tidying shelves today but Ath managed to make a start…no after pic I’m afraid.

Viv trying to ‘sell’ her squares to us so that she would be able to clear her table. Nice try Viv!

We had some magnificent blankets come in today, we loved them all from Sharon B, Andreja’s team Croatia, Amy Pettigrew, Karen Gordon Linda McAllister and the list goes on. I’ll post as many as I can and please feel free to identify your squares and blankets - watch this space.

Great to have Wandi, Sue, Mands and Liz and all our regular volunteers in today.

Love the bear climbing out of your box Ath.

Ronda and Wands sewing our KAS labels onto 40 blankets that Mabel will collect from Themba for her distribution. Looking forward to seeing your photos Mabel.

I heard someone ask if Viv was a naughty child…we love your sense of humour Viv it’s great to have a good laugh.

Fabulous toys from Sharon B, so much LOVE from Amy and happiness is 88 perfect squares from Joy Evans.

Ath on her way home laden with blanket packs. One wonders how our slight friend can carry so many blankets and heavy bags. The packing for Pafuri has started in the Blue Bird.

Still so many packages left to be opened...

The shelves will be filled soon...

WOW!   What amazing pictures this week.  I do see my Big Flowers blanket in the mix.

Those darling, huggable toys are real treasures.   I wish I could take credit for them, but the credit goes to some other dedicated crafter.   The toys I sent were store-bought furry animals, still fun, but not with that adorable home-made quality.

That makes sense, Sharon - I wondered why you'd kept quiet about making all those beautiful dolls!

For sure, Patricia.   IF I had made those darling dolls, I would have been crowing from the rooftops!

Wow, so many beautiful squares, blankets, toys... and so many packages!! I love the LOVE squares - everyone is so clever with the fancy squares they make 

Wow, so many lovely blankets, squares and toys. Lovely to see lots of post is getting through now too, even if the volunteers don't have enough time to unpack it all. I sure wish I could be there to help.

More photos from Ronda;

From Liz Br.

What were you doing on September 14?

Here is Estelle's report from the Barn.

Opening day at the KASbarn September 14 2021.
Another productive morning…packing for distributions, distributions going out, local contributors bringing stunning blankets and the volunteers doing what they do best opening post and counting to 35.
Viv and Wandi packing the van for Wandi’s distribution at Phiri Primary Specialized School in Phiri, Soweto. Viv has all the bags lined up to pass to Wandi inside the van. Good planning there Viv.
Liz arrived with her 6 fabulous blankets - I love the way Liz wonders around our tables with her pile of squares looking for those last few which have to be a perfect match.
It was great having Audrey back at the barn. She has been rather busy sewing and brought her 20 beautiful blankets for her show and tell.
Heather and Joyce from Misfits arrived with their 21 new blankets and 11 put- together blankets made from recycling and odd squares. That’s a total of 193 blankets this year only 7 to go to reach 200. Perhaps you should reset your target to 400. 🤣😂. Well done Misfits your blankets are beautiful and given joy and warmth to so many of our children. We do love your visits.
We were delighted to receive a parcel from the teachers and students of Ambroz Haračić High School Croatia. They sent us 33 soft toys and 5 amazing blankets. 
I had to include this masterpiece from Clear Lake Methodist Church. The colours and design are magnificent and we love the way it was finished with that beautiful border.
The blanket packs are growing by the day…we still do not have our full complement of Gogos since lockdown to sew these squares together.
All our regular volunteers were in today except Athelé. We missed you but you’re forgiven as you have just completely an amazing, successful distribution in dusty Pafuri. Well done.
It was great to have Leanne and Bongi helping with formidable pile of post. It is gradually getting smaller.
Ronda opened a box from The Griffith’s Town Primary school from South Wales. Besides squares she found beautiful knitted and crocheted toys. Thank you Mrs Lynton we loved the teddies with their jumpers and pants for the men, my favourite was the lady with the variegated blue dress, bows in hair and the corded belt. Thank you and your pupils.
We’re doing well as our shelves are almost clear and the pallet which usually has 10 bags - 100 ready to go blankets is clear…till next week.
Viv has been doing a lot of packing, she’s all ready for her distribution next week.
Wands and Themba arrived back after an exhausting morning. They delivered 21 blanket packs to Gogos , did their distribution and collected blankets. Well done. 
(See more photos in distributions)
Ronda and I had a chance to refold some blankets and tidy the yarn shelves. Oops I see that I’ve repeated the pink and turquoise, I better dash in their next Tuesday and change it. 
Thanks to all of our contributors, volunteers and supporters who keep this Incredible Charity going.

Wowza!   It is still morning on Sept 14 for me, but I am already tired after reading about all the good work that got done in the barn!   The team in South Africa is amazing!

Woot...woot.  It was a very busy day in the Barn.  Here is another blockbuster report from Estelle:
Opening day at the KASbarn September 21 2021.
We are truly blessed as our post keeps on rolling in. Great excitement this week as we received 20 big boxes from Cath Riley. I’ve duplicated the pic of all the boxes for those who don’t follow Facebook but will see it on The Forum.
It was a different kind of day, we seemed to open masses of parcels filled with squares, not many toys or complete blankets but we managed to bundle plenty of packs for the Gogos.
Five completed blankets from Cath - not sure if there are more as we haven’t opened all of the boxes- plus four blanket packs from Cath’s cousin Mary Bostock.
There are hundreds of squares and goodies in these boxes which should all be counted soon. Star ⭐️ type lady.
Viv and Wands building a brand new cake with the blankets Wandi collected from Rockville last week. Well done Gogos there are some magnificent blankets there.
Ronda’ niece Leigh Anne from Zimbabwe, their cousin Birdie, Leigh-Ann Tolkin and Kate were our only visitors today- lousy pic. 
Leigh Ann adding her beautiful NOT A SQUARE blanket to the pile.
The rest of the gang Liz, Sue, Ath hiding, Mands and Audrey flat out again.
No wonder our backs ache when we leave the barn.
Conscience Sue, photogenic Ath and always smiling Wands with a landslide of blanket packs about to happen!
We loved your box Amy with your beautiful blanket, about 140 squares, yarn and the stunning square I shared with Athelé. She has already managed to find quite a few to add to it.
We have a new photographer in our midst…thanks for your pics Viv and yours Ath.
I was asked by the River John Square Knitters to join their squares for a blanket in memory of Marilyn. I think the centre panel was crocheted by Gloria Grandy.
As you can see the pallet that was empty last week is full of blankets ready to go for a distribution. There are 10 blankets in each pink bag.
We received some beautiful blankets today they will all be photographed next week to be posted on The Blanket Room. I couldn’t resist a pic of your red, white and blue one Patricia Underwood we loved it and the one from Diane Burns.
Viv arrived exhausted back at the barn after her distribution at AB Xuma Pre-School in Orlando East, Soweto. I believe the grade R’s were a hand full. I had to ‘borrow’ one of you pics Viv. One can see how happy these children are… those smiling eyes. Well done Viv and Themba.
I’ve run out of words to thank everyone every week….we are grateful,blessed and feel loved by all the support and kindness we get from our World Wide KAS family.

Estelle, so grateful to you for posting each week's pics so soon.  What a tremendous amount of work being done by all the KAS volunteers in SA.  A great joy to see your good spirits and devotion to KAS.



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