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Knit A Square Barn 2021

From this... this... this...

...ending with full shelves.

Opening day at the KAS Barn is all about opening parcels and sorting the squares.  Bundling the squares to be sewn into blankets and then preparing blankets for distributions.

We hope that 2021 will be a year of great success for KAS and all the children of South Africa that receive KAS blankets.

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Thanks for showing another of my blankets - it's always exciting to see them arrive!

Amy thanks once again for sharing our open day. I’ve been waiting for memories of a year ago when you visited us laden with yarn, KAS bags, needles and anything else that you could get into your luggage, to pop up on my Facebook page so that we can relive the morning we spent together. 

Karen I saw your parcels and mentioned it somewhere most probably on Facebook. We will definitely open them next week...get your dancing shoes out. 

I should posted these last week, Feb. 2, from Estelle.  The mail from Croatia is finally making its way into The Barn.  So many pictures that will delight the senses.

What a bounty of toys!

Super news and pictures.   These toys sure will attract a load of love, chatter and cuddles ❤️

What a pretty cardigan, what will keep a child nice and warm.

Sorry this is late.

News from Estelle in The Barn, February 9, 2021

Opening day February 9. We didn’t receive post today, our aim was to concentrated on sorting bundles for the Gogos, packing blankets for distributions and clearing the green carpet of blankets that still needed to be folded or photographed.  These parcels are from Karen Gordon.
It was great to see Ronda, she immediately sorted some of the admin and then got stuck into packing blankets for a donation of 500 blankets. Unfortunately Sheldon’s arm was in a sling but it didn’t stop him being as eager as ever to help us.
Leigh Ann and her friend Sue spent the morning with us and settled into the tasks from sorting to bundling, to packing in no time.
Portia was the first gogo to visit us since Lockdown started in March 2020. She brought 25 lovely blankets and took 10 bags which is equivalent to 90 blankets. She is fortunate that her husband Michael can transport her to the barn. The remaining bags looking a lot neater.
Caroline Jacobs delivered all the brown toys to the barn.
We managed to clear the green carpet. 🤩
Linda with her fabulous Mandela Day flag blanket...another one of Amy’s flag squares.
Leigh Ann always tells us that she isn’t taking ONE square home...well she usually needs a pantechnicon, however she does return with most exquisite blankets.
We did manage to open a few parcels, we received beautiful blankets and toys from Jeanie Bond and the Glenview Community Church, Nina Bell from County Durham and Jennifer Nesbit who has supported us for many, many years and Sandy Hills.
Then we got to Karen Gordon’s 4 parcels Numbers 72 78 80 81. I actually put your parcels on my table to photograph them. I can’t believe that your neon squares have arrived and all of the fabulous toys.
Ath with Nina’s beautiful blue blanket, Jennifer’s blankets and Karen’s blanket. We love your alphabet blanket Karen.
Thank you all so much for your beautiful blankets and squares.
Finally Mands who is always first to arrive at the barn and works nonstop all morning is ready leave in her car laden with extra warm blanket for a Middleburg distribution.

Thank you Estelle for this fabulous write up about all the activity in The Barn!

Thank you for sharing these Amy. 

The Barn - February 16, 2021

There was plenty of post to open this morning. 6 large bags from the Udruga VELIKO SRCE Croatian team and a cascade of pink parcels from the River John Square Knitters plus many others.
We spent most of the morning trying to clear the tables of different sized squares and bundle them for the Gogos to collect.
Our only visitors were Leanne Hunt, Bongi and Tango. Leanne brought beautifully knitted and crocheted squares which she managed to do during the Christmas break.
We received some stunning blankets and toys and just before we closed.
A Nina Bell creation
Another beauty from Chris Chiplen
Just look at the blanket that Heather Mensah  made this time
These wonderful stripes come from Lorraine Yelland
Toys from Karen Gordon
These stuffed cuties are from Sandra Golden
Athelé, Linda and Sue opened one of the Croatian parcels. We were delighted at what we found...beautiful squares all ready to be sorted next week.

It is so nice to see the Barn abuzz with packages, squares, blankets, toys!   I love seeing what those creative Croatians have sent -- their work is always amazing.    And multiple packages from River John -- what fun!



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