Ever wonder what happens with all that mail that arrives in South Africa?  It goes to the KAS Barn where many volunteers SORT everything out to eventually be distributed to local children.

   Please check in here on a regular basis to see photos from all the activity in the KAS Barn during 2020.

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Wow, so many boxes, so many beautiful blankets and squares. Amy, your owl looks splendid and I just love your cute zebra and crocheted toys. Sue’s blanket is stunning and I love the Xmas blanket. It’s great to see everyone’s contributions arriving at the barn and all the volunteers.

Great news!  What a post!! Thank you Estelle.  It took two months to arrive as I posted from Slovenia, so this is post (how many ways can I use post) big lockdown.  

Oh bright and cheery news from The Barn today, and what a lot of mail!!   Incredible efforts by all again it seems, Kx

I'm excited to hear that my boxes arrived safely!  Love seeing all of the squares and blankets flowing into the barn for the precious children!

My parcels were posted in September so not much delay in arriving. Lovely to see the Barn so busy.

News from The Barn via Estelle on December 8:

The year is rapidly drawing to a close and we are all still flat out at the KASbarn.
Bernard brought post this morning but there wasn’t time to open too many parcels. I did notice one from you Susan Donaldson...lovely bright, colourful flower squares - thank you.
You might remember that Tracey helped organize the 1000 blanket distribution in April 2019, just weeks before having her baby.
Tracy - Jayne Timberlake arrived bright and early to help us try and clear the tables of masses of squares, and came armed with a delicious chocolate/ health tray bake if that’s possible. Thanks Tracy.
I now have 11 squares for Anne Powell’s memory blanket. These lemon ones are from Chris and Amy.
Mandy, Audrey and Linda never stop sorting and helping with us packing for distributions.
Athelé was very busy packing and with her first Christmas blanket which is gorgeous. Just love the holly square from Patricia Underwood.
Ronda was laughing so much that she nearly lost her mask.
It was lovely to see Tango and oh yes Leanne and Bongi. Leanne brought her lovely squares and they came to wish us a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday.
Ronda and Tracy....Tracy was one of KAS’s first volunteers many years ago. We really appreciate the time you spent with us this morning, thanks.
Audrey organized a distribution with The Dream Centre...Alicia very kindly came to collect the 70 blankets that Audrey packed for them.
Everyone appeared to be busy at the barn today...another productive, satisfying morning.
Our beloved Estelle was very busy, too.

How lovely to see that my holly square has found such a good home. A couple more of my squares in that blanket too.

Good to see the shelves filling up which means lots of distributions after christmas!

Wonderful to see that the post office is working at full steam.  And you, the SA volunteers, can dream of all the lovely combinations that can be made into blankets.  I am so glad for you that the year ended with such an abundance of handiwork in the KAS barn, ready to start the New Year with a bang.   

What a fantastic report!  It's so good to know that the squares and blankets are still arriving and piling up - ready to be passed on to the children.  Thank you to all the all volunteers who work so hard to get our things to their intended destinations. 

Estelle, thank you so very much for keeping track of the squares for Anne's blanket.  Your kindness and your patience are appreciated more than you know ... xo

Looks like a very busy and productive time was had by all.  Thank you for this report - I really enjoyed reading it and looking at all the lovely photos.

The last opening day for 2020.  Estelle and Athele saw lots of traffic through The Barn today.

From Estelle: (I am not sure I have all the right pictures associated with names)

This is how we started at the KASbarn today... a pile of blankets to be packed for Kids Haven in fact 185 blanket sets and toys...back breaking stuff. There was no new post today.
Joyce and Heather from Misfits Waterval visited us with many fabulous blankets as usual.
Liz Gyldenhuis popped in with her stunning blankets...love the way you found a home for Amy’s H, it’s so pretty.
Elaine Joubert brought another fabulous blanket pack.
Leigh- Ann Tonkin brought some super blankets...love the red one. Her husband told her not to bring any squares home but she eventually left with a garbage bag full of squares.
Mandy and Linda worked non stop, Mandy counting and sorting about five enormous boxes from Rita Samari from Frankfurt. Linda never taking a break packing blankets for Ath.
Maureen’s and Aths friend knitted these fantastic teddies which arrived just in time for one of Aths distributions. Just look at how beautifully these teddies are dressed. I think Ath was feeling like we all were at this stage it was an extremely busy morning but so satisfying to accomplish so much.
Audrey and Sheldon were as busy as ever and made a big dent in the odd sized squares.
Bethwell and Kelvin collected the 185 blanket sets etc for Kids Haven Benoni and Jeremiah 20 sets for Oasis Children’s Home in Randburg.
Athelé has been an absolute star ⭐️ organizing these distributions for all of these vulnerable children just in time to make their Christmas special. Thanks Ath you never stop organizing and then there’s all the physical stuff. We may feel finished by the end of the morning but it’s definitely worth it.
Ana flew in with her 40 lovely blankets, her massive boot wasn’t big enough to take her holiday work home!
And...this is how we ended, almost clear tables, no post to open and shelves crying out for blankets.
Athelé, Liz, Audrey, Linda, Mandy and I have had an unusual year at KAS, we must have handled thousands of squares and blankets which have warmed more than 3000 children and given them a special Christmas.
We and Ronda wish all of our contributors and supporters a Merry Christmas and a healthy, peaceful 2021.
Wear your masks!



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