Ever wonder what happens with all that mail that arrives in South Africa?  It goes to the KAS Barn where many volunteers SORT everything out to eventually be distributed to local children.

   Please check in here on a regular basis to see photos from all the activity in the KAS Barn during 2020.

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I am so glad that the children will be able to get something warm to wrap up in!  I hope that at least some of the bigger hats will be able to find heads to fit....... and thank goodness you will alll have some more sewing to do to keep you all occupied.  

I have been sorting through my knitting stuff, yarn so on.  I have come across odd squares here and there and am putting them all in the same place so I can start bundling into 10s ready to send when we can send things again.  I also plan to sew some into blankets as well as finishing sewing the "wrong size" squares blanket.  I had an idea tonight of a way to perhaps jolly it up as well as there is a lot of sky blue and grey in there.......

Lovely to see people in the KAS Barn again. Fingers crossed that all will return to normal soon.

So wonderful to hear news from the Barn!  Praying that everyone is well and will be able to get back to normal routines soon.

Thank you so much for this good news.   It must have tormented the "happiest when busy" folk to know there were squares waiting for attention and not being able to get your hands on them, and I'm so chuffed these have been rescued into busy hands now!   Bless you.

Ronda and Themba were able to collect post on Monday as things are slowly opening up.  There are many parcels that have been sitting there since the March shut down.  They were so excited to finally load up the van full of goodies.

Some of the ladies were able to go to the Barn on June 4.  

This is from Estelle:

Yesterday Ronda opened the KASbarn for us the open a few parcels and collect squares from our local friends. Athelé opened a parcel from ADA BREEUWER, NOORTJE PRONK and NEL STEENKS from Holland containing these magnificent blankets, squares, beautifully knitted jerseys and delightful dolls. Can’t wait to see the reaction from the children who get these warm blankets.
Thank you all so much....what a lovely parcel to open.

 YAY superb news.    Gosh the bounty in those packages is fabulous!

More news and photos from Estelle.

There was a lot of activity at the KASbarn yesterday morning. Ronda kindly opened for some of the volunteers to collect squares, drop blankets and open the post that had arrived before Lockdown.
Ronda with Linda Francis with stunning blankets she knitted with yarn that she unpicked from wonky squares.
Liz Geldenhuys with her sanitizer, Joyce Drake with bags of fabulous blankets, Athelé with a lovely warm blanket from Juliet Ashwin, Ana Forssman collecting squares and blankets to distribute. Di with Ronda and blankets I have from Judith Sullivan. The fabulous teddies and Elli from Judith Rose.

Thank you, thank you!   You've made my day posting these wonderful colourful pictures.   True spirit in every one ❤️

Beautiful pictures full of gorgeous toys and blankets! Thank you.

It’s great to see some activity in the barn again. Lovely photos. Thanks, Amy.

Several of the ladies were able to make it to The Barn on June 25.  They bundled up many items in hopes of a distribution.  As you can see the shelves are very empty.

Here are some thought from Estelle:

It was a busy morning with Ronda, Athelé and Liz at the KASbarn. We had a number of friends pop in with squares and blankets.
Pam from Impact collected baby blankets - some of those from your team Cath.

Sphiwe Mahlangu from the 100% Foundation brought a basket filled with yummy goodies as a thank you gift for the 250 toys and beanies and 50 blankets Ronda gave to them to be distributed to needy children.

Sphiwe helped with packing the bags which saved us a great deal of time as the squares, which needed to be sized and counted, just rolled in from our local contributors.

Ronda up the ladder clearing the top shelves...leaving just 42 blankets on the shelves, fortunately we found more bags of blankets so the cake started rising again.

More news from Estelle:

Sunél Botes and her husband from Centurion brought these 15 magnificent very warm blankets to KNIT A SQUARE bright and early this morning. These blankets are equivalent to 525 squares, you really have been busy during lock-down Sunél as you included beanies and hand warmers. Generous as ever, thank you for the 25 soft toys which the children will love.

I am loving this Hungry Catepillar.



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