April is (nearly) here (although my garden doesn't yet think so), and it's time to announce this months challenge!

If you were with us this time last year then you will remember that April was the first month that was made into a challenge, a tradition that has held on right the way around the calendar again. For those who we missed in April last year, here’s what April is all about in KAS.

“The April Challenge” is set up to be a personal challenge where you are in a race against yourself. The idea was brought upon my own ‘square a day’ pledge, where in order to keep up with my pledge I found myself making squares at school, on the bus, while studying – anywhere where I could grab enough time to add another row. April is all about finding and using those extra five minutes – it could be while the pot is boiling, in waiting rooms or on public transit, anywhere where you suddenly find yourself with a couple moments and not much else to do. You may be amazed at how fast those squares grow when you start looking for and using those little pockets of time.

This month, set up a pledge for you – it can be a square a day, a hat a week, two slip-overs in the month, three squares every weekend – whatever is workable for you, so long as it’s a pledge that pushes you slightly more than usual (barring any injuries please!) Now try to keep up with it -try to maximize the time you have available to you and start to look for those few minutes during the day where you could be working towards your goal. The April Challenge is all about knitting and crocheting in weird places! I knew of a woman who used to keep her knitting in the car and knitted at red lights.

And just to give you an idea of what sort of numbers are achievable by just a small amount of people, last year we made 763 items in the April Challenge, and the number of members we had at that point was no even a quarter of the number of members that we have this year, I think we should have no problem exceeding that number this year.

As of April 1st the Challenge is on. Keep me posted on the number of items you have made and we'll continue the count right through until the last day of the month. This is being posted in Ravelry as well, so if you are also a Ravelry member please do not count the same items twice.

total items so far: 1081


Kyla - 18 squares

Paulette Pronk - 110 squares, 1 go-over, 3 slipovers, 29 hats, 3 neck scarfs, 1 pair of socks

Anne Powell - 60 squares, 1 KAScuddle

Christine Johnson - 84 squares

Elizabeth - 7 beanies, 3 slipovers

Margaret Wakefield - 10 squares, 4 beanies, 2 vests, 2 jumpers and a poncho

Alice Reynolds - 29 squares 

Sue Gillman - 47 squares

Jeanne - 16 squares, 5 hats, 1 KAScuddle

Laurie C Hake - 67 squares

Rona - 32 squares, 5 hats

Elizabeth Pickering - 36 squares

Gelareh Taj - 3 squares, 4 toys 

Jeni - 70 squares 

Linda Maltby and David - 63 squares, 3 go-overs

J Wayne Scherffius - 6 squares 

Cathy - 15 squares 

Keli Jean - 12 squares 

Connie - 20 squares, 3 hats

Suzanne DeFalco - 1 large go over, 1 baby sweater

Nina Vandervaart - nearly 2 go-overs, 3 hats, 9 squares 

Linda Simmons and Edna - 23 squares

Jen Phillips - 11 squares and 8 hats

Diane McTigue - 50 squares, 1 hat 

Jacqueline Sousa - 12 squares,1 go-over
Jacqueline Sousa's group - 80 squares, 2 baby blanket

Duane Kubiak - 30 squares

Margaret Wakefield - 28 squares, 13 beanies, 6 vests, 5 jumpers and 1 poncho

Ann Glendinning - 8 squares

Elaine Jones - 20 squares

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I seems to be first up. I challenge myself to 30 squares one for each day which will be a mssion but I am on a squares roll at the mment with 25 done over the last few weeks. I will also challenge myself to 6 more patterned squares which is slower for me but a bit of fun!
April already!
I am on a hats roll, so I may continue with those, although I tend to choose my projects depending upon the yarn I find. If I find good yarn for a go over, I'll make one!
I will definitely apply myself to crocheting in strange places, in honor of the April Challenge.
Hmmmm, as someone who is just recovering from years of overcommitting herself, I need to be cautious with things like this! I'll pledge two small items (squares or beanies) or one larger item (eg slipover) a week. I may do more that this, will let you know. I'll be spending over 20 hours in the car in the next two weeks as a passenger, so hopefully I can get a lot done then. I'm interested to see what everyone else is challenging themselves with. I also keep knitting in the car - but only for when I'm a passenger!
Oh Alison - you DO make me chuckle!! Just a jumper a week AND a fundraising event??? Do you ever sleep, woman?? Maybe you should teach that machine of yours to knit money... and if they catch you for counterfieting and throw you in jail... at least you'll have lots of time to knit!!
"Do you ever sleep, woman?"

Um, hello Anne, I'm thinking of a story about a pot and a kettle... How many go overs have you done? hee hee hee. Both of you are amazing!
I've been neglecting my square-making so that's what I plan to make. I can't believe it's April already but I'm looking forward to commemorating my 1st anniversary with Knit-a-Square! Happy anniversary, everyone! :o)
Aww thanks everyone for taking to this one so fast.

I'm trying to finish my 360 squares before Cordelia gets here, which at this rate is about two squares a day. I plan to keep up with two squares a day throughout April provided that it doesn't start to cause injury.
I'm planning to just do squares too, ones with hearts on I thought. I will say 50 although my personal challenge to myself is higher than that.
Housework? What's that? It just gets in the way of more fun stuff. However, my new mantra is: "Husband has top priority, housework comes next and knitting is relegated to whenever!" but I have to make myself work to rule. That said, I pledge 2 hats and 2 beanies a week.
Isn't housework moving all the wool off the couch so someone can sit there... LOL
I am so relieved that other people have housewok problems and tons of wool about the place. I did a blitz of the living area on the weekend-in time for the April challenge! LOL.
Yep. That's the definition in my dictionary!



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