If you want a peek inside the barn on opening days, this is where you'll find it. I'm Leanne Hunt and I've been attending opening days twice a month since 2017 with my driver Bongi and my guide dog Tango. Here is where I record what I see and hear for the benefit of overseas members who don't have the opportunity I do. I trust you'll find it interesting.

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That is an amazing monetary contribution, Sue!! Thank you to yourself and your church for choosing KAS to bestow such an amazing gift on.

Thank you for the update. Great target for 2020, all round numbers.

Thank you so much, Leanne, for giving us an up to the minute report. You all sound refreshed and ready to tackle another year.

I will get on, in the coming weeks and get a mountain of squares and toys in the mail.  :))

Thank you Leanne for keeping us informed about the wonderful things happening at the KASBarn.

3 blankets will be on their way this week...along with 3 hats and a number of teddies.

Now I shall visit the Shop and make a purchase towards the Customs Handling Fee.

Thank you, Leanne. I always enjoy reading your reports from the Kas Barn.

Hi everyone!

What do you all think about the idea of a Knit-a-Square podcast?

I’ve been wanting to start a podcast for several months and recently received a fancy microphone for Christmas from my husband. I’ve been gathering information and ideas, but the one thing that is standing in my way is finding a co-host who can handle the production side. Obviously, with my visual impairment, it’s hard to use unfamiliar editing software, But a sighted person who is interested in that sort of thing could download free software and manage the task quite easily.

With our wonderful and widespread community, it seems there must be someone out there who could help me. The knitting podcasts currently out there, such as “Two Ewes Fibre Adventures” and “The Two Knitlit Chicks”, attract a very loyal following because knitters and crocheters typically like listening to podcasts while using their hands. Our community is already so motivated that I think we could put together a wonderful show, comprising interviews with volunteers and members overseas, news items about the creches and orphanages we serve, and general tips and inspiration for patterns and designs.

If anybody is interested in jumping on board, please reply to this post and I’ll get in touch. Otherwise, if you know anybody who could offer technical help, please direct them here. This would be an entirely voluntary role, a way of contributing to Knit-a-Square by donating your time and expertise to spreading the message of KAS around the world.

Here’s hoping for a good result!

I've replied to this on the facebook post so just thought I'd comment here that I think this is a really good idea and seems like the next step to spread information and hopefully raise money.  Good luck.
Hope you find someone with the technical skills you need.

For those not in the know, the word "podcast" comes from the words iPod and broadcasting. It's an audio file that you listen to from the internet and can cover a wide variety of topics.

I think it's an amazing idea and I wish I was good at editing audio. I'm more on the graphics side. I really hope we find someone who can help because I think this would benefit KAS greatly.

It did originally but it is now used for YouTube and other videos as well (I think since Ricky Gervais' podcasts - which were originally on iphones but then put on YouTube).
Leanne has now clarified that it is not going to be video though, so hopefully it will be easier to find someone who can help.

Since posting this appeal, I've spoken to my young nephew who is in music production and he has expressed an interest in helping on the technical side. If I can't find a KAS member who is already clued-up and wants to be involved, I could enlist his help.

In that case, I would be looking for a co-host who can join me on the show, chatting about WIPs, what's happening on the forum, and pattern ideas. Perhaps do some interviews too, although no prior experience is necessary. We would be learning together. Podcasting is so new that most podcasts start out quite randomly with not too much preparation, and gradually find their focus in response to what the audience enjoys.

Again, if you think you might enjoy being a presenter with me and have the time to work on preparation and recording, I'd love to hear from you.

Today was a very exciting day in the barn. Amy Petigru, who runs the Square Circle Forum and the Knit-a-Square Facebook page, was visiting with her husband Richard from the United States. They are on a tour of several African countries and made a special stop in Johannesburg to spend the morning volunteering. They were accompanied by Phil, their tour operator. While Amy lent a hand sorting squares and took photographs for the website, Richard and Phil mended Ronda’s desk drawers and hung a banner on the wall. It was very special to have them participate and to be able to express with hugs our appreciation for the fabulous  work Amy does behind the scenes.

We had a full contingent of volunteers present. Mabel appeared very quiet, and when i asked if she was all right, she confided that she was preparing to cater lunch for 300 people for a German car company. Impressive! Liz brought in some blankets she had sewn up but only stayed a short time because she had her young granddaughter with her who was unwell. Elaine, a local contributor who admits to hating the cold and the thought of children shivering in winter, popped in to drop off 35 matching squares. A couple of gentleman came in from one of the Gogo groups, bringing with them several bags of completed blankets.

Blankets also came in from Estelle’s group and more were unpacked from the Knit For Life boxes. Somehow, the blanket cake just continued to grow and grow until it was almost at shoulder height. It was so high that Ronda had to climb a ladder to photograph the blankets!

As I previously wrote, I am gathering material for a dedicated Knit-a-Square podcast, so my visit to the barn was useful in that regard. I managed to nab Amy for 10 minutes, and we sat in Phil the tour guide’s car to record a short interview. I’m excited about bringing the voices and sounds of the barn to you through the medium of podcasting and hope to connect with members far afield to gather stories, news and pattern ideas.

We had no distributions scheduled for today. February is an extremely hot month, So it makes sense to focus on stocking our shelves. Ath and Estelle packed blankets in bags for a distribution they are doing at an enormous squatter camp in Kya Sands  on Thursday. Beyond this, Bongi has booked a distribution for early in March at an orphanage in central Johannesburg, and Ath wants to return to Clarens to hand out blankets, beanies and toys to the children who missed out the first time around.

To those who are still huddling under knee-rugs and shawls in front of heaters and fireplaces, enjoy your cosy knitting/crocheting time! We are so grateful for your ongoing commitment to keeping the orphaned and vulnerable children of South Africa warm.



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