What an eventful week it has been for KAS!

Firstly, we must wish Sandy and her family all the very best as they embark on their new ventures knowing that they will always be an integral part of the KAS family.  Then, you are hearing from me this week because Ronda is enjoying a well-deserved break and is spending some time up near the Kruger National Park.  She will be returning next week.


The temperatures have warmed up somewhat in South Africa and as such we are not distributing blankets every week.  We do have a few more distributions planned for this year and expect a busy few weeks ahead of Christmas – can you believe it is nearly the end of the year?  At this slightly quieter time, we are concentrating on putting in place plans to address our current backlog which exists in the making up of blankets.  I met with a lovely lady last week who works for an organisation called CABSA.  Lyn had some wonderful ideas of ways in which they could assist KAS and she is going to put us in touch with homes that care for the elderly in the Johannesburg area in the hope that we can establish relationships with them and get some of the residents to help stitch together blankets.  We need to ensure that every blanket pack currently in our “Blanket Pack Room” is made up and ready to be distributed ahead of winter 2014.


On that note, I must just tell you about a lady we know only as “Doreen’s mom”.  She is one of our star stitchers and manages to make up, on average, 20 blankets a week!  That is quite something and I am going to make a point of driving to Vanderbijlpark, where she lives, to meet her so that I can share her story with you!


Last week a group of us volunteers met at the KAS office for our first crochet lesson!  It really was a scream and we had a wonderful time.    I don’t for one second believe that we will be churning out the beautiful squares we receive from you, but it certainly is a very useful skill to have and one we will definitely use in making up the blankets.  Sadly we were concentrating so hard in class that no one took any photos!


I wondered what photos to share with you this week as I literally have hundreds of them and I have decide to reminisce a little and share some of my favourite photos taken over the years.  I hope you enjoy these and that they are a reminder of why we do what we do!


Have a wonderful week!



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Thank you Wendy for such adorable pictures! I love the one of the little girl asleep, she looks so peaceful. Thank you also for filling Ronda's place while she's gone.

Thanks for an interesting report and the wonderful photos, Wendy.

I assume from what you said, that blanket distributions slow down a wee bit during your very hot season and you are all busy assembling and stockpiling blankets for the onset of the next cold season.  I hope, with our Reaching the Heights Challenge in full swing, we will be able to deluge you with squares and keep you very busy!

In January we will be starting the Ronda's Winter Drive Challenge and for four months (until April) we will be trying to make, in addition to squares,  as many long sleeve sweaters, Go-Overs etc. as possible, and get them sent off to arrive in time for the next cold season.

It is good to know that, with the new facility, you will have room to store them all until they are needed.

Stockpile many squares - a great problem to have!  Thank goodness you have people like Doreen's Mum on the case.  Well done everyone for trying to master the art of crochet!

Thank you for your  interesting update Wendy. It is very nice of you to see we don't miss out! Let's hope you get some more sewing volunteers from he retirement homes. Give our love and gratitude to Doreen's Mum. 20 blankets is amazing. She must be really skilled and fast !

I agree with Sue and everyone else, what an interesting report, Wendy, thank you!  Doreen's Mum sounds like a super KAS angel...wow 20 blankets a week...only someone with a very big and loving heart for the children could push to sew together 20 blankets a week.  God bless her!  

The idea of enrolling senior citizens in care homes in sewing together squares is a great idea.  So many seniors around the world are loving being able to knit and crochet up squares and sweaters that this will be like coming full circle...beginning and ending with our lovely "golden agers"!  

I thoroughly enjoy these pictures.  The little one asleep atop their teddy and covered in blankets is my favorite, my wish for every child.

I am happy to hear from Anne Powell that we will soon be concentrating on making sweaters too as I have some large balls of yarn ideally suited for that purpose and it takes me a while to make one. So that is now definitely on my "to do" list.

Thanks for the report Wendy!  Great pictures as well.  I want to see one of your crochet lesson squares soon :-))

Like all the others, I can only repeat Thank You, Wendy for sharing the weekly news with us.   (So glad Ronda gets the occasional break and hope you do, too).  

I'm always blown away by the work that people do for KAS, and Doreen's Mom has done it this week --- 20 blankets a week!  Wow!   And so glad always to hear that you have new and exciting plans to keep the project growing and moving along by using seniors to help sew blankets... I'll bet that many will be thrilled to help once they get started and find how useful they are.

Wendy, what an uplifting report!  In your photos, there are children EVERYWHERE.  The work that we do will affect them for years to come.  Thank you to you, the team in SA, and all your future volunteers.

Thank you for taking the time to write this report and share it with us Wendy.  As ever, very much appreciated and enjoyed - thank you :o)

Thank you for the wonderful photos and lovely report Wendy. Doreen's Mum is certainly a marvel as are all of you that keep things moving is Sth Africa. Your constant effort for this cause inspires us knitters and keeps us clicking along.

Thank you for that report & all your work Wendy, and for sharing edifying stories such as Doreen's mom... 20 blankets per week???? Thats is unbelievable!

I really like the picture with the sleeping baby covered with a blanket in shades of blue, green and yellow. it really sums up the aim and success of KAS!



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