I would like to tell you of my best bargain. This little (but well stocked) wool shop always has a great range of yarns. They do follow fashions and as a result, there are always some oof 'last seasons' yarns on the sale rail - nice and cheap. Marjory also sells lovely balls of DK in bright, pastel, dark, and muted tones for £1.50 a 100g ball or 5 for £5. I have never yet bought only 1 or 2 balls at a time. Where else could you knit a childs jumper for £2, and of course the colours are fab for our squares too.

Marjorys Wool Shop · 0141 6494599
120 Holmlea Road, GLASGOW

What is your best local bargain?


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Hi Andria. Yes, I have also used the one in Gallowgate. She is another one good for a few really cheap bargains in her sale rack. Wouldn't be the first time I popped in for a look and came out with 2 bags full.
If you find yourself out at the Forge Market any time, there is also a stall there. It sells some good 400g and 500g balls of Robin arran for £5.
Of course PoundStretchers also have some great prices - Paisley Road West in Cardonald is my one of choice.

Well I think that knitting and crochet must definately be having a bit of a revival. Pretty much every pound shop or similar seems to be selling at least a small range of yarn colours. They may be rather bright and not the best or softest for you to make yourself a sweater but for blanket stock, it is perfect. Happy shopping folks.


Abakhan website special offer - spend £35v or more and you get free p&p. Lots of fancy yarns, fluffy yarns and such for really excellent prices and lots of nice good quality ones too.

Have a look if your yarn store can handle it.

I am looking forward to my delivery arriving soon.


I've also found a bargain shop, and at the Sue Ryder charity shop in St. Andrews.


Balls of yarn from £1.69.


Opposite St. Andrews Library.

found another bargain on Friday.  our red cross charity shop is selliing dk yarn for £1.50 per ball, in very tempting colours......I know this, cos I bought 2 !


Cupar Red Cross shop

I love buying yarn from charity shops to do charity knitting. It seems like a win/win for everyone.


I buy yarn and toys as long as there's not ball stuffing - I give these to my beagle, who loves them, they last about 20 minutes and I consider it a good deal, the charity gets some cash, I save cash and my best beagle gets some enjoyment. A definite win win situation ;)
It is such a small world!- Marjory's is the local wool shop for my mum and sister who live in Newlands, Glasgow,so I can picture exactly where it is! You are right, it is quite small but absolutely packed with goodies. I am lucky too as although I live in a small Cornish town we have a very nice little wool shop(called The Wool Shop! -in Pike Street, Liskeard) which has a good stock and lovely friendly people working there. I have been buying wool from them for abou 23 years-and am still using some of the original balls!! We also have Trago Mills near us which anyone who has visited this part of Cornwall knows is a mind-bogglingly large discount store, with some good bargains in wool, though it is difficult to walk out of without buying lots of other things you don't really need!

Hey folks, Abakhan website is offering free p&p on orders over £35. And did you know, Hobby Craft and Sainsburys are both doing own brand yarns now. Good prices and quite accessable for many of us.


Poundstretchers in some shops has wool for £1 ! acrylic large balls and quite nice cheery colours. The St James Centre branch in Edinburgh has it.

The Perth shop has it too Mary. I've not checked out the Dunfermline shop yet.

Is it only in the Large Sainsbury shops? We have a small Sainsbury's in Kinross, but I've never seen any knitting yarn there.



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