I would like to tell you of my best bargain. This little (but well stocked) wool shop always has a great range of yarns. They do follow fashions and as a result, there are always some oof 'last seasons' yarns on the sale rail - nice and cheap. Marjory also sells lovely balls of DK in bright, pastel, dark, and muted tones for £1.50 a 100g ball or 5 for £5. I have never yet bought only 1 or 2 balls at a time. Where else could you knit a childs jumper for £2, and of course the colours are fab for our squares too.

Marjorys Wool Shop · 0141 6494599
120 Holmlea Road, GLASGOW

What is your best local bargain?


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Hobby Crafts & Crafts for Christmas events coming up soon
SECC, Glasgow
22-25 October 2009
09.30-17.00 (Saturday 17.30)

2 of the stalls look like they might be worth a visit in particular. I am not familiar with either name but know that you can often get a very good buy in yarn at the event.

Bee Bee Wools - Fancy Yarn Specialists
www. rkmwools.co.uk

There is also often a sit and knit type of stall where people are encouraged to stop and have a go. i plan to print off some leaflets and take them with me.
Hi Jeni

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, seem to have been a bit busy recently!

To be honest, in West Lothian we don't really have any proper wool shops - there are a few which stock some wool, along with bits of everything else but their range is very limited. I do most of my shopping on the internet, either at Kemps or ebay where you can get some great cones of 100% wool at very reasonable prices. The only draw back is that I become bored of making squares in the same colours so have to buy more wool to give me a bit of variety!

I'd love to make it to the SECC but unfortuantely I work at the weekends and weekdays are out as I have to be back for the kids getting home from school. If you go, have a good time and good bargain hunting!

Hi Diane, did you see the post about Lidl selling wools this week? Yes, the food store but it will be part of their 'random stuff' department and the prices were very good. Don't know if you have one near by but might be worth a look.
SECC was full of great buys in yarn. They were selling balls from £1 and I have to admit that I did buy some. Do you remember the fancy knitted scarves that were all the rage for the last few years, well these have lost favour and been replaced with some crazy pompom yarn instead so all of the fluffy yarns are being sold off very cheaply now. I bought some for my nieces bed throwover and some more practical for KAS.
Best get stitching.
Glad you managed to get lots of bargains at the SECC, Jeni, wish I could have been there! Hadn't thought of using some of the fancy yarns for squares - I'll look forward to seeing your results! Never made it to Lidl but I do have quite a lot in my stash to keep me going! Diane

Some excellent buys from this Thursday. Check out their website to find a store near you. The colours look gorgeous too.

Thursday Special Buys 18th February 2010

DK Yarn
£3. 79 each pck (5 x 100g)

Baby Yarn
£2. 29 each (250g)

Aran Yarn
£3. 79 each (400g)

Knitting Yarn Scarf Kit
£2. 99 each (3 x 50g) Plus knitting needles and knitting pattern.

Prices for Robin DK is better here than anywhere else that I have seen. 99p for 100g and only £5 for 6 balls. They sell a good range of colours and also stock arrans, chunky and lots of others. Pricing seems very good. I just couldn't resist.

Kilmarnock Pram & Nursery Centre
2 New Mill Road, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire KA1 3JF
01563 520075
Thank you for this tip. I am new to the forum, and I live outside Glasgow, so I will be sure to check it out.
Hi Andria, the price has gone up since I posted that last message. i think it is £1.15 per ball or 5 for £5 which I still think is very good. There is alao a very large B&M store in East Kilbride and not for from the other Kilmarnock shop which sell DK for 89p per 100g ball.
Where abouts are you? I am in Newton Mearns.
Now I just want to go shopping for yarn! Those all sound like really good deals to me, I can't wait to check them out. I live in Johnstone, just outside of Paisley.
Okay, Paisley High Street, pedestrian area near Salvation Army shop, think it is called Pound Zone. Sells cheap yarn. The fancy textured ones like eyelash and feather are only 4 for a £1. I spent £5 recently and got stacks. Paisley 'In Shops' has a yarn stall/shop down stairs - some good deals to be had. She usually has some on at a sale price. Happy shopping. (I work in paisley)
Thanks for this tip Jeni. I will definitely have to check out those places in Paisley, as it is close. Last weekend I went to Gallowgate (not a great area) to the Bargain Wool Shop. It was great, 100g acrylic for 99p, and lots of wool blends. What is it about buying wool that is so addictive? I still haven't made it to Marjory's, I have to plan some other shopping in that area to make the trip worthwhile. It has been great to meet someone who knows all these great places to buy wool. Thanks!



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