The DECEMBER 2018 Squares List is available.

Scroll down and go to the last page to see the December Squares List.


Important Reminder:


Please declare '0'  as the parcel value. If your postmaster insists on a value, please declare $1.00. Anything more incurs customs fees. Before mailing any parcels, be sure to read the instructions in the




1. Squares

                -pack flat                                  -tail neatly butterflied                             -bundled in 5/10


 2. Inside the parcel: Include the Packing Slip                                        3.Check Postage before mailing 




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The January 2018 Squares List is available. It is a short list because Ronda has been away. More to come in the February edition. The squares list has a new look, please read above.


Note: In the January list only the names from A to F appear. The remainder of the alphabeth will be published in February.  

The Revised January 2018 Squares List is available on http://www.knit-a-square.com , Click on "Received Squares".

Names/parcels received from A-Z are included now.



Whilst I fully appreciate the reasons for simplifying the Squares List, I've always found it really interesting to see the senders listed in countries. It somehow made you so aware of members all round the world taking their parcels to their local post offices, all for the same cause.

I agree that the new look is very stark. I loved seeing where all the squares came from also. However with the ever increasing number of squares arriving, I guess it's too time consuming to note everything.

Hi Patrica, yes you are right, I also have found it interesting to see the senders listed in countries. But the team in SA is so very busy, there is lack of time to administrate everything. Glad you appreciate the reasons for simplifying the Tally. Thank you.

I just checked the revised list and can't see my parcel from the beginning of January. As it travels airmail it should arrive in 8 days.

I'm worried because, for the very first time, 3 of my parcels were not accounted for last year. I've already sent off 25 kgs of squares and toys this year and have another 30 kgs at least to send. I think that I'll have to wait and see if any of my parcels will turn up.

With the revised list, It will be difficult to know which parcels turn up and which have gotten lost as we don't know the contents in the parcels.

2017 was the very first time there was any "loss" in the parcels which were sent.

Valerie, I hope your parcels show up soon :(  I agree that the new squares list is a bit light on info, making it impossible for those sending multiple parcels to track them. 

Patricia, I agree that we seem to have lost that lovely "global community" feeling since we have no way of knowing where in our great big world the parcels are coming from :(  xo

Hi Glo, the new Tally is indeed light on info and we all know why. The team is doing its utmost to get everything opened and sorted, preparing parcels for the Gogos, distribution plans and so on. I don't understand "making it impossible for those sending multiple parcels to track them", because the number of parcels  sent are mentioned in column 2. Or do I misunderstand your phrase? Please correct me if I am wrong.

Sorry, Anneke, I should have explained.  I am thinking of the people or groups who send multiple parcels continually ... like my RJSK who are also gatherers, for instance.  I know that Valerie also sends huge volumes as she is a gatherer, as well.  When we fill out our inventory sheets, we fill in the number of squares and everything else that is going into that parcel.  Many of us keep a copy for our records.

When the squares list is posted, we can look at the contents as listed and know exactly which of our parcels have arrived by checking the numbers against our own lists.

I certainly understand that documenting everything from so many is a huge job.  I am not for one minute suggesting that Ronda should do this herself.  She already does more than anyone can imagine and we love her for that.

So ... I have been thinking about this little problem.  Some of our members have spoken here (and there are others who feel the same but haven't spoken here) about missing the lovely detail we used to have.  I wonder about the possibility of outsourcing the inventory sheets to a Mod or several Mods.  What would happen is that on opening day, as the parcels are opened, the inventory sheets and any notes contained in the parcels would simply be laid aside in a separate basket (perhaps a basket at each opening station).  At the end of the day, the sheets and notes could be gathered up, slipped into an envelope, and mailed to a Mod or Mods who would receive them and do all the data entry from their end.  Details need to be worked out, but these Mods would have access to a common database where everyting would eventually end up.

This would take a huge load off Ronda's administration duties while keeping our very valuable contributors happy :)))  I'm sure there are Mods who would be happy to help out.  What do you think? xo

Ho Glo, Thanks so much for your explanation, now I understand. So it is important to mention the number of squares, that is how you can see which parcel arrived I believe most people look at the squares list this way, e.g. Valerie, indeed she sends very big and many parcels, like RJSK and other groups.

Re your idea of outsourcing, I will come back to that later. Apologies for that but I don't have a straight answer at the moment. Speak soon. xoxo 

Glo, I think your idea of outsourcing the data entry to the Mods is brilliant.  I am sure if the job was divided up between a few Mods who were willing to do it, it would be a win-win situation. It would take some of the pressure off the SA team and at the same time let us keep the more detailed format of the squares list that we are used to.  Sometimes things get a little out of whack and we end up with two hats for every blanket we distribute, or we run short of toys, so having those monthly figures of what's coming in plus the wonderful graphs that Anneke does help keep everything in perspective and keeps us aware of what is needed most at any given time.  I also find it very interesting to see all the countries who are participating and knowing we are truly a global community.



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