Hello everyone, I know you've been waiting for ages, so I'm pleased to tell you that I finally got the latest lists up today.


Here's the link:




Thank you again for your patience!

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I am a little concerned because I don't see my squares on there. I mailed them out in the end of June and was told they'd take a week to arrive. Is it normal that they wouldn't be there yet? Thanks,

Hi Kalai,

Thank you, good to see some updates, I have been obsessively checking the lists every day hoping for these.

Just wondering though if perhaps there might be some data missing from some of the latest lists?  I don't see any contributions from Australia at all on some of them?

Just curious as I have sent about 10 parcels that should have arrived by now but see my name on just 2 of the lists?  One of them indicates 14 squares, but this also does not match any of the numbers of squares I have sent, (perhaps it should actually be 34 as I have sent 2 bundles with this number).  I also sent at least 5 other parcels prior to the one's that are on the lists.

I wonder too, if some of my squares are not on the lists as initially I didn't send a note along with them indicating what was sent, (though I did have a return address label on the outside of the parcel).

Thanks Kalai.


Hi Wendy, any parcels which do not have a note inside have to be added to the list as Anon - this is probably what happened to your early stuff.  A couple of the June & July lists also got a bit muddled which hasn't helped. Occasionally, people get listed in the wrong country too!  Hardly any have ever gone astray.

Thanks for the tip Pam,

I have been back through all the lists now from the end of May, and checked for all countries 'Anons', but there too, none of the numbers given for these match any of the parcels I have sent.....

I looked under Anon and in different countries for mine and can't find anything resembling what I sent. I sincerely hope nothing got lost.


Elyse please see my reply to Wendy. Thank you!

Hi Wendy


Often Ronda and her team open "countries" so there will be nothing from Australia on those days as they opened UK, or USA etc. Please don't be concerned about your parcels. It is really rare that anything goes missing, most of the time we have found that if the parcels haven't been listed it is due to human error, as we have so many thousands and such a small team of volunteers. In the very unlikely case that a parcel does go missing, it will be due to pilferage which means that regardless the items will be put to good use due to there being so many needy people in South Africa.


I hope that this alleviates your worries. However, keep checking the lists as I'm sure your parcels will be listed soon.

You guys do an amazing job of keeping track of all the packages that arrive!


Thank you!!!


xoxoxoxo !!!

Thank you Mary x x x

Hi Kalai, just thought I would mention that a package of 12 squares sent July 2010 and a package of 25 squares sent May 2011 do not appear on any of the lists.  They were sent airmail.  The one sent in July last year was sent via the recording system that you were trying out!  Thanks. Angela x

Just checking Angela - do you enclose a note with details of contents including your name?  Many parcels only have items noted on the outside of the parcels and often in the opening process it gets lost.  All items without an internal note get entered as anon.  Also do not waste your valuable pennies by sending air mail - there is such a volume of squares etc arriving all the time now.
Pam, yes, I do put a note inside my parcels, which includes my name, address and number of items, etc .  I have been sending to KAS SA since pretty much the begining of KAS and have had this happen before.  The reason I send via airmail is because items have much less time to 'get lost' and I regard the little extra cost is probably worth it.  However, I was going to 'write off' the July 10 parcel but when my next parcel was also 'lost' or 'missing' I felt that something needed to be recorded ... who knows how many others are going unrecorded or missing!  Kind regards.  Angela.



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