Hello dear KasFolk,

After a gap of way too long, you will shortly receive the first ever Square Circle Video Ezine (that is if you are a subscriber to Square Circle).  You can join here.

We have been thinking for some time about the best way to get you regular news of the work you do as it unfolds in South Africa, and now Zimbabwe, that does not tie up our limited resources.

This first video is a start.  It's more efficient for Ronda to send short video clips and for me, shortly with the help of Leanne, to compile them this end, then the lengthy written ezines and coding that went to put the ezines of old together.

The other great aspect of the video version of the ezine is that You Tube is great for searches and will find us more stitchers, who I hope will join our ever-growing KasCommunity.

Please will use this discussion to give us your feedback (bearing in mind that I am an amateur film maker!) 

Let us know too, your thoughts about what you'd really like to see in the future.  

We look forward to receiving video from you too.  Especially if you are involved in a knitting group, school or church.  Using your iphone makes it so easy these days and all you have to do is send it to sandy@knit-a-square.com

I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed making it for you.   The wonderful singing at the beginning and end is the Phiri Parish Choir of which Lindiwe is a member in Soweto. 

With warmest wishes and grateful thanks for all you do.

Sandy and the KasTeam

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Sandy - I just saw the video, and it is WONDERFUL!!!

It was so nice to hear your lovely voice!

And, I saw a sweater and a couple of hats I made - what fun!

I have no suggestions, just keep on making the videos. We love seeing what is happening in South Africa.

I have "shared" the video on twitter and facebook!

Thank you, as always, for everything you do!

Oh that is so exciting Mary that you saw something you made.  I really believe this will make it easy to get the news out to everyone.  THANK YOU, for everything you do!

Sandy - my only suggestion would be to add a link to the video in the intro above so that folks on the forum can go directly to it from here.

From what Mary just said, the video sounds great.  Unfortunately, I cannot watch it because I (and perhaps other KASfolk) are on dial-up and watching videos is impossible.  I hope to visit my daughter in the next couple of days and since she is on high speed, hopefully I can see it then.

Hi Anne, there was a link, right in the top line, but I might not have made it that obvious.   I am so sorry you can't watch it.  Can you watch any You Tube videos, if so I can just send you the link perhaps?  I know you would love it as your KasKids square is heavily featured!

Thanks, Sandy.  I'll just have to wait until I get to a high speed computer....... You Tube isn't an option on dial-up either.  Can hardly wait to see it!

Hi Sandy
Just watched the video and was moved to tears at the sight of all those beautiful children. I spotted a couple of things I'd sent ( including my first ever KAS cuddle), so it was lovely to see them being put to good use
During the summer, I have been unable to knit, due to trying to support several members of my husbands family who have ongoing health problems. Seeing this video has given me the incentive and determination to pick my needles up again! So thank you for that, and please keep up the good work

I am so glad Pamela that it moved you.  What moves me is how readily the children smile and how they sing about being happy.  It really grounds one.  How fantastic that it was your KasCuddle, that's great.

It was a lovely surprise to hear your voice Sandy. So much like Ronda's soft voice.

54 countries now, I think you said, that is wonderful.

Sometime in the future I would love to see some children with the Wool-Girl books we have sent.

Maybe one day one of the helpers (Mbali) at the orphanages might have time to make some Wool-Girl cousins from the template and join their hands around the world.

Wasn't that baby in the Cuddle wonderful!!!

I have shared the video on facebook. The previous one I have copied onto my images link on my website.

OK better go to bed - knitting is waiting for tomorrow.

Thank you 

Dear Sandy,

I just watched the video and saw the state of Ronda's living room.  I would dearly love to help financially, however it was unclear as to which has the priority, the van or storage space.  Perhaps if we had a fundraising for a specific project with a goal to be attained, we would be more generous now that tax yearend ia approaching. 

I really loved the singing and thank you for the acknowledgement above.  Lindiwe, keep on singing!



Agreed Mili, the plan is to set a targeted appeal, but the video was really just to put a context around it.   We were at the service with that singing, it was spine tinglingly beautiful.

Sandy, I have just watched the video.  How exciting!  Lovely to see the children and the adults that help you with your work.

I am afraid I have no suggestions for improvements, it looked very good to me.  Loved the singing.

It has inspired me to knit a little quicker and get my next parcel posted!!!!

I am not on you tube or face book but I will let my friends know.

Thank you to you and your team for all the work you do for these children

kind regards


That's wonderful Penny and thanks for letting your friends know.



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