On parcel opening day at Ronda's home, if she gets a chance she enjoys taking photographs of various items received from the Post Office.  Obviously, Ronda cannot be expected to take pics of everything, but it would be nice from time-to-time to see what arrives.  Many wonderful contributors do not feature their work on the Forum so we are likely to get a chance to see other interesting garments and squares!

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Wow!  Some of these squares are prize-winners!  Wonderful squares!!

So Cute & Creative!

How amazing What marvellous flights of imagination. I just love them.

Such lovely, lovely squares - every amazing patterned and textured square - and all the beautiful "plain janes" to surround them - what wonderful people KAS members are.

Oh My Gosh!  These are some of my squares!  Seems like so long ago that I made them, but it is wonderful to see that they have arrived safely in South Africa.  The little Nemo stuffed toy in a pocket on a square, the four seasons square, the cars on the road, the xylophone, sailboat, a stubby yellow pencil, music notes, the alien space ship, and my neighbor on her motorcycle.  How fun to remember them! 

I didn't make the beautiful and delicate butterflies, but I wish I had because they are stunning!

But also look at that lovely & bright stack of red squares!  What patience it must take to make a whole stack like that.

Thanks for making my day!  I sure hope the volunteers and especially the children enjoy them as much as I have.

Well done Sharon, such great squares you have sent and so exciting to see them there in SA.

Such lovely squares!  I admire and envy the talent of people who can knit pictures in as they go!  I love the squares with the crocheted butterflies, the one with the music notes and the one with the pocket and little fish, so clever and cute too.

I love the creativity going on here, the road square...Nemo...and the musical square...not to mention, those little butterflies look like the free fridge magnet pattern you can get online, you make the shape then fold it in half and presto--butterfly!  A great idea to add to a square.

I love seeing all the pictures!  

Me too. It's such a pleasure seeing all the contributions. I should have guessed that the squares would be yours, Sharon. So much inventiveness and happines for the eye. Bravo. And it's nice that you get the reward of seeing them photographed after they arrived.

More pics from recent opening sessions!

My goodness, some very gorgeous squares, some of them so cute...and some of them such unusual shapes too. I always like to think those rectangular ones got done by children who did all they could then skipped off to play.  I love that red teddy peeking out of the pocket, what a bonus for a child...so charming!



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